Soup of belly clujana

Soup of belly clujana

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put the beef bone to boil with all the vegetables and a few peppercorns, add salt.

let it boil for about 40-50 min.

strain the soup and remove the vegetables well, leaving only the soup.

put it back on the fire.

the belly is washed well and cut into slices according to preference and added to the soup. I use ready boiled so there is no need to boil it. if you make it with pre-cooked belly, boil it separately first and then add it to the soup.

crush the garlic well and add it to the soup,

put a hot pepper, and a little juice but be careful not to be too hot ... you see depending on how hot the peppers are ...

squeeze the lemons well and add to the soup.

let it boil for about 10-15 minutes max. take the soup off the heat and let it print a little, about 15 minutes.

from yolks and sour cream (keep a little more sour cream for when you serve, in such a soup) make a mayonnaise, mix well, thin with the soup and then add to the soup. if you put it when the soup is too hot, it will shrink and give it an unpleasant appearance. it is also suitable for salt and sour, possibly with vinegar.

at the table it can be served with sour cream and hot peppers. to taste.

good appetite!

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