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Pui Sultanica

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The chicken is cut into suitable pieces, washed and wiped with a paper napkin, it is browned in a pan, after we have seasoned it. We brown it on all sides, then we take it out of the pan, we turn the oil over and we replace it with butter, which we let melt.

Add the chicken pieces again, pour the wine and brandy on top and let it boil for about an hour if it is homemade chicken. If necessary, add a little chicken soup.

After the chicken is ready, add 150 ml of sour cream and let it boil for a few minutes over low heat.

Beat the yolks well with the remaining sour cream and pour them over the chicken with sour cream.

Stir quickly and do not let it boil.

Sprinkle chopped green parsley on top.

We prepare the polenta, with which we will serve the chicken.

Have a great appetite!

Incidents. Romanians.

I accidentally landed in a supermarket. In front of us & # 8211 a middle-aged man. It smelled of horse urine. Everyone's nose is crooked. How many days have you not seen water, soap and deodorant? He didn't look poor, since the basket was full of drink.

A lady was crying that she didn't have money for I don't know what expertise. Angry, she asked the officials to solve the payment to her institution, because she was only going to inherit about 5 hectares of forest. The gold chains, rings and bracelets pulled her down so she could fall. Of course, she was moaning that she was very poor.

A cat with platforms sat bored and supported the table at the cafe. She was pretty and clean. He had a coffee in front of him. She sat like that, she kept turning her phone. Finally, he called. I can't reproduce what was in her mouth. Less than 5 minutes passed and he showed up. He was at least twice the age of the girl, with a thick neck, a chain and a cannonball. He almost dragged her hair out.

A lady of respectable age screams where she can. She is believed to be the savior of her city and trembles with hatred that not all the former mayors gave her a house. He also hates the current one. Of course he forgets to say he had one, which he sold.

At the corner of the block, on a bench, people are sowing seeds, normally - the shells thrown on the ground, as if in enmity. Who should collect them ?!

In the field, women and men were no longer busy. At the tavern in the village, more people than in the field. That's good, I say!

You look to see the grades that teachers get at various competitions. It scares you. Then, what other demands should you have from poor children?

Does it still make sense to marvel at what politicians or celebrities do ?!

4 answers

& # 8230..on halite halesc only nehalitii, & # 8230..seeds are hammered, broken. & # 8230. Otherwise that's it & # 8230. We are all poor limited sociopaths & # 8230 yes on different levels & # 8230.

I went to the neighborhood kiosk. In front of me, a lady with a child. She asked for bread, the child said he wanted chocolate. The child insisted. My mother counted the money from her minimum wage in the economy and then bought another chocolate and a kilogram of apples…

I accidentally landed in a supermarket. In front of us - a middle-aged man. It smelled like counterfeit deodorant. Everyone noticed that it smelled more vivid than the scents on the shelves. How many days and nights did he drive a truck on the highways of Europe, because he was very busy? It didn't look rich, since the basket was full of products at the end of the shelf life taken from the discount area.

A lady was complaining that she had to pay a 1.5 lei tax on finances. He humbly asked the officials not to walk her from one office to another because she had to get home until the postwoman passed with her survivor's pension because she had no inheritance. A few hundred lei for forty years of work. The nets with a loaf of bread, three tomatoes, five potatoes and half a kilo of Parisian pulled her down to fall. Of course, she is not whining about poverty but about the humiliation she is subjected to.

A young woman was sitting on a bench in the park. She was pretty and clean. He had in front of him the statue of Eminescu. She sat like that, kept checking her phone and putting it in her bag. Finally, he opened a book of poems. I can't describe the light on her face. Less than 5 minutes passed and he showed up. He was a handsome young man, dressed simply, sportily, and had a sly hat on his eyes. He kissed her on the cheek and they walked lazily.

A lady of respectable age tells everyone how the company gave her a nice apartment when she got married. She speaks lovingly of her bosses back then. He no longer watches Antena 3, since then he has regained his peace and he no longer hates anyone. She certainly doesn't forget to say that now both her son-in-law and her daughter-in-law and three grandchildren are with her. In the same apartment. He believes that saving the city lies in a new generation.

At the corner of the block, on a bench, women gossip about cake recipes and men discuss politics or football in a friendly way. Before dusk, I repair and paint the benches on all the stairs of the block and then wet the green area. Who should do this if it is not an election campaign ?!

In the factories, women and men were no longer busy with work. Many people in the field and more equipment. That's good, I say!
You look to see the prizes that students take at various competitions. You have admiration for the new generation. The poor teachers put so much work and passion into their work….

What's the point of wondering what politicians or celebrities are doing ?!

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