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Cognac at home

Cognac at home

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Ingredients for making cognac at home

  1. Vodka (alcohol 40%) 3 l
  2. Oak bark 4 tea spoons
  3. Cloves 10 buds
  4. Black tea (leaf, without flavoring) 3 teas. spoons
  5. Sugar 1.5 table. spoons
  6. Vanillin 0. 3 tea. spoons
  7. Ground nutmeg 0.3 teaspoon. spoons
  • Main ingredients: Vodka, Sugar
  • Serving 10 Servings


Jar or bulk bottle, Measuring cup, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Gauze, Aluminum Saucepan (bowl, frying pan), Culinary spatula, Stove, Carafe and glasses

Cooking cognac at home:

Step 1: Cook the burnt sugar.

In order to give a unique caramel flavor to our cognac, it is better to fry sugar. You can skip this step if you do not want to spend time on it, but then homemade cognac will slightly lose its taste. To prepare the burnt sugar, we need a stove and aluminum utensils, preferably with thick walls. Pour the indicated amount of sugar into it and turn on the burner, setting a slow fire. In order for sugar to melt as soon as possible, you can add a couple of drops of water, but it is better to be patient and wait for it to caramelize on its own. Be sure to stir it constantly to prevent burning.

Step 2: Cooking brandy at home.

The process of making brandy at home is simple - combine the ingredients, mix and leave to infuse. However, according to the original classic recipe, cognac is one of the most complex and time-consuming alcoholic beverages in its preparation. Take a jar or a large bottle in which all our ingredients will fit. The mixing order is unimportant, so we pack all the ingredients as you like best - alcohol, oak bark, tea, cloves, nutmeg, brown sugar and vanilla. Mix the resulting mixture properly, close the jar tightly cover and put it in a cool dark placeso that the cognac is infused within 3-4 weeks.

Step 3: Serve homemade cognac.

When the cognac is infused, you need to open the can and strain the drink through a double layer of gauze. Pour the finished cognac into the decanter and serve it to guests at a gala dinner. When serving, it should be at room temperature; it should not be heated. Pour cognac should be in a special "pot-bellied" glasses. As for snacks for cognac, opinions differ here. Someone thinks that citrus fruits and chocolate are great, someone who has exactly the opposite opinion and believes that nothing but good cigars and coffee can fully reveal the whole fragrant bouquet. Therefore, choose the snacks you want. Possessing a pleasant caramel aroma and beautiful amber color, you and your guests will like homemade cognac no less than you bought it. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can buy oak bark in a pharmacy, but it is better to collect the bark of young oak branches on your own in June, and then dry it properly. From such a bark, cognac will be more aromatic.

- - Buy only the vodka you are sure of. Good brandy will not work out of bad vodka, and health should be protected.

- - Do not abuse alcoholic beverages, even those that you have prepared yourself.