The forester's roll

The forester's roll

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1. Whipped butter, bread soaked in milk and drained, egg, parsley and chopped mushrooms season with salt and pepper and add breadcrumbs to make a thick paste only good to spread on slices.

2. Spread this paste on the slices, roll them and tie them with string (I gathered them like sarmalute).

3. Place them in the oil pan and fry them on one side and on the other.

4. Add water (1/2 l) mixed with a tablespoon of flour and whole mushrooms and bring to a boil.

5. Add the rest of the chopped mushrooms, the red wine and let it boil again in the oven for about 45 minutes, greasing the sauce from time to time.

Roll 5 & # 2155 with jam

Roll 5 & # 2155 with jam it's a roll from my mother's notebook that has been being prepared in our house for a long time, but I had simply forgotten about it! Now that I've found the "Mother Lucia" notebook, I said it's a must to share it with you!

Why Roll 5 & # 2155 with jam? Because there are 5 ingredients: eggs, sugar, vanilla, flour, jam. All ingredients are multiples of 5, so the recipe is very easy to remember and you can prepare it anytime and anywhere, without having the recipe at hand!

Roll 5 & # 2155 with jam - everything you need to know about the recipe:

  • Bake the roll in the large oven tray or the tray with which it is provided.
  • It is important to work very quickly, with the hot sheet, so that it does not break.
  • Bake the dough just enough to make a crust. If we bake it too much, it becomes crispy and can no longer be rolled.
  • For the composition we use our favorite jam or a spreadable cream. For the version with less sugar, we can replace the sugar in the composition with a sweetener (just not to be a liquid one, but one that is also suitable for baking). For the filling we can use sugar-free magic.
  • I highly recommend jams and jams for the filling Our room, from LIDL stores. The magician is GE-NI-AL!
  • Over the jam we can add ground walnuts, before rolling the dough sheet.
  • For a cocoa roll, put in the recipe only 100g of flour and add 25g of bitter cocoa.

5x5 roll with jam - Ingredients for 20 slices

  • 5 large eggs (L or XL)
  • 125g old cough
  • old vanilla Belbake
  • 125g flour
  • 125g jam from our room
  • old Belbake powder (optional)

All the ingredients needed to prepare the recipe for "Roll 5 & # 2155 with jam" are waiting for you LIDL stores from all over the country!

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. We line the largest oven tray with baking paper.

Put eggs in a large bowl. Add caster sugar and vanilla sugar. Mix with the mixer at high speed until the eggs double in quantity and are frothy.

Add flour, mix again until you have a homogeneous dough. About 1 minute with the mixer is enough.

Pour the dough into the pan. Level in a thin and uniform layer, using a spatula.

Bake for 10-12 minutes or until the dough has a crust.

In the meantime, we prepare a clean towel on the work table. Pour the hot dough on the towel, powder a little sugar. Cover with cling film and roll as tight as we can. Leave in the foil for 15-20 minutes.

Unwrap the dough lightly and grease with jam, in a thin layer. Don't worry if the dough breaks, we will "glue" it back with jam. We run again, as weird as we can, with the help of food foil. Leave in the fridge for 30 minutes before slicing.

Roll 5 & # 2155 with jam it is ready and can be sliced! It's a delight: so fluffy and goes perfectly with breakfast, along with milk or tea! May you be the best!

Shocking. What happens to the forester's daughter killed by wood thieves!

Liviu Pop, the forester from the Maramureș Forestry Department, who was killed last week by wood thieves, left three children orphaned by their father and a wife devastated by grief.

Liviu was 30 years old, married and had three small children, a 6-year-old girl and two other one-year-old twins. Few know that the family of the killed forester was in mourning: the man's father had died only 6 months ago, dying of a relentless disease, writes stirilekanald.ro.

Relatives say the woman is desperate and because she doesn't know how to deal with the big girl. The little girl was suffering terribly after her grandfather's death just six months ago, and her father's disappearance could shock her.

The forester's widow asked the advice of those close to her to find out how best to give the child terrible news and how to help her get over this unimaginable shock for a child under 6 years old.

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Maramures. Blunder at the boarding house. The family of the forester Liviu Pop left without a survivor's pension

The family of the forester Liviu Pop was abandoned by the state. The death of the forester left 3 children without a father. He was abducted in mid-October last year by wood thieves. Those responsible are still at large. Among them is the son of an important prosecutor from Tărgu Lăpuş. They stated that the forester shot himself, the wife, together with the 3 children, was forced to move from the house where they lived, to the children's grandmother, for financial reasons.

All because in the survivor's pension document, next to the death, it is noted that the man died due to a common disease. This is despite the fact that the death certificate clearly states in a paragraph that an autopsy revealed an "internal hemorrhage from a shot to the chest".

Anamaria Pop, the wife of the killed forester, told what happened in an interview for B1TV: “I think they want to make fun of us, you know. What infuriates me the most and hurts me is the cause of death. The Maramureş Pension House, at a perfectly healthy man, at the age of 30, shot, wrote the cause of death, a common disease ", said Anamaria Pop, reports ziarmm.ro

The woman asks the state to prove that she can bring such criminals to justice and accuses the prosecutors of not keeping her informed of the investigation. She says she found out from the press that the case has been moved to the General Prosecutor's Office.

Easter roll

Separate the eggs, mix the yolks with 4 tablespoons of water, sugar and vanilla sugar until a cream is obtained. Whisk the egg whites and incorporate. Flour, starch and baking powder are sieved in this mixture. Pour the dough into a tray lined with baking paper and bake in the preheated oven at 200 ° C, approx. 10-12 minutes. Turn over on a cloth sprinkled with sugar, remove the paper, roll the top with the cloth and leave to cool.

The gelatin softens. The mango fruit is peeled, the pulp is detached from the stone by notching and cut into cubes. Mix the whipped milk with the sugar. The gelatin dissolves according to the instructions on the package, but in the mango juice, it is mixed with the beaten milk and left to cool. Beat 200 ml of sour cream and as soon as the cream starts to set, carefully incorporate the cream and the mango pieces.

Carefully remove the top from the cloth, fill with the rhyme, roll again and leave to cool for approx. 1 hour. The rest of the cream is beaten hard, poured into a posh with a star-shaped tip, applied to rolls, decorated with sugar eggs and served.

The General Prosecutor's Office takes over the case of the forester killed by wood thieves in Maramureș. Initiated as a result of a petition signed by over 30,000 people

The General Prosecutor, Bogdan Licu, ordered the Criminal Investigation and Forensic Section to take over the case of the forester killed in October in the Strâmbu Băiuț forest canton in Maramureș County.

& # 8222 Considering the petition initiated by the Declic community, signed by over 30,000 people, as well as the need to quickly administer the means of proof, in the context of the special gravity of the crime that is the subject of the case & # 8211 murder committed against a civil servant who fulfills a position involving the exercise of state authority, in the exercise of official duties at the time of death, during today, November 22, 2019, pursuant to art. 325 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the General Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Mr. Dimitrie-Bogdan Licu, ordered by ordinance the taking over by the Criminal Investigation and Forensic Section, in order to carry out the criminal investigation, the file on the killing of a forester, during October, in Maramureș County, within the forest canton of Strâmbu Băiuţ & # 8221, is shown in a communiqué of the Prosecutor's Office
attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

The case was initially registered with the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Maramureș Tribunal, being ordered to start the criminal investigation in rem for outrage, murder and use of a weapon without right.

In October, Liviu Pop, a forester within the Maramureș Forestry Department, was shot dead, while trying to prevent the illegal cutting of trees, Romsilva representatives said. The 30-year-old man is married and has three children.

The forester was found dead after being shot in a mountainous area near Lăpușul Românesc and Rogoz.

Home to the Wife

But for the cases in which the recipe was one of game pie, the head, the feathered wings and the tailed tails were kept, to be put back as a trophy, above the pies.

For example, a pheasant pie is illustrated in an 1890s edition of the cookbook, authored by Mrs. Beeton, as a breakfast dish.

The forester's pie it was made in more unusual forms. The dough for this preparation was high, like a bowl, with a lid. His role was to keep the sauces inside, because the pie contained both meat and vegetables, which were baked in this crust, resulting rather in what we today call cooked food with sauce, stew! The pie contained several types of meat, the aroma was given by grapes and cloves. Particular attention was paid to the lid, specifying exactly how it should be cut

Lasagna has always been associated with Italian cuisine, but a few years ago, historian Maurice Bacon and his team of researchers discovered the first published recipe for lasagna in a British cookbook!

How Romsilva helps the three children of the dead forester in Maramureş

The Romsilva National Forests Directorate provides full financial support to the family of the Maramures Forestry Department deceased during the exercise of his duties, according to a statement from the institution.

The three children will receive from Romsilva a minimum salary per economy, in gross amount, until the completion of their studies, but not more than 26 years of age. Currently, each child receives 2,080 lei per month, the payments for November, November and December being already paid.

We present the communiqué sent by Romsilva:

„The National Directorate of Forests - Romsilva provides the full financial support to the family of the forester Liviu Pop, who lost his life on October 16 a.c. within the Strambu Baiut Forest District within the Maramures Forestry Directorate, while trying to prevent illegal logging in a guarded forest.
Liviu Pop was 30 years old, married and had three minor children.

In addition to the survivor's pension, already circulated in the public space, according to article 144 of the Collective Labor Agreement and following the approval by the general director of the National Forests Authority - Romsilva, Gheorghe MIHAILESCU, within the internal procedure, the three minor children of the family Pop will receive a minimum wage per economy, in gross amount, until the completion of their studies, but not more than 26 years of age.

At this moment, the financial support granted by the National Directorate of Forests - Romsilva is 2,080 lei per month for each of the three minor children of the Pop family.

Thus, the first payments, in a total amount of 6,240 lei per month, have already been made in November and December to the family of the forester Liviu Pop, and the three minor children will benefit every month from the financial support of the National Forests Authority - Romsilva, until upon completion of studies.

In addition, the family will receive annually 6 cubic meters of wood shaped for heating the house, according to article 180 of the Collective Labor Agreement, concluded between the National Directorate of Forests - Romsilva and the Federation of Forestry Trade Unions "Silva", in force from July 1, 2019.

The National Directorate of Forests - Romsilva has approximately 16,500 employees and is an institution that promotes a policy of social responsibility towards employees, offering a safe and healthy working environment, training and professional development, but also protection of employees in cases where they intervene. accidents during the exercise of duties ”.

The case of the forester shot. Prosecutor: Several variants of investigation are being considered

The spokesman of the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Maramureș Tribunal, Bogdan Gabor, declared, on Friday, to the MEDIAFAX correspondent, that until this moment, in the case of the shot forester, there are no persons detained after the hearings.

"Regarding the case of the shot forester, there are no detained people, no action has been taken against any person following the hearings. Several variants of investigation are taken into account, we are working on this case very seriously and very carefully, the interest being to clarify the situation in all aspects, regardless of what was there, how many people were there and what each one did. At this moment, we cannot draw any clear conclusion about what happened, any manipulation harming even the investigation ", said Gabor.

According to him, the preliminary conclusions from Forensic Medicine show that the death of the forester was caused by a gunshot wound, being found a massive internal hemorrhage as a result of lung ruptures.

Chicken in a cauldron (Radu Anton Roman's recipe)

A leitmotif, another landmark of what restaurants rightly consider Roman cuisine, with one shy remark: chicken, if boiled & icircn oil, comes out bland and floury like a zero star hotel towel.

And the wine, at the bardaca, if we are near the Danube, only Babeasca Neagra from Calafat can be musty, sour and cat - because, he allows himself, whatever he does is still seen to be of good lineage!

But, at the house of the forester Ionica from Hunia-Maglavit - at the same table with a senile and fallen Petrache Lupu, who was happily bathing his angelic visions - -and with those cattle there, like only a thousand one or picket aren't they ?!) who could stand with their foreheads up next to any Romanian red wine (and not only).

Anyway, with the cock (two kilos!) Made by Ionica in goose and duck butter.

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