Williamsburg's Brooklyn Star Reopens

Williamsburg's Brooklyn Star Reopens

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A year after fire shut down the cozy, popular Southern restaurant in Williamsburg, the restaurant is set to reopen.

Arthur Bovino

View of Havemeyer Street from the Front of the Old Brooklyn Star.

It was a little more than a year ago, the night after visiting Brooklyn Star for the second consecutive heartily enjoyable meal, that a fire shut it down. Well, Chef Joaquin Baca is set to reopen in a larger space, but with several old favorites on the menu — at least according to the preview Eater scored.

If you never made it to this tiny spot here's the rundown. Their biscuits filled the restaurant with the smell of butter, and they pleasantly returned to dough form in your mouth. The tripe chili with Fritos was a great winter meal, the fried pig tails served as Williamsburg’s offal wings, the country fried steak made you wonder about where it might stack up against New York City's top five renditions, and you could slather butter and honey on the cast-iron cooked, jalapeño and bacon cornbread, drop ice cream on it, and call it dessert. All in all, it was a success.

For a preview of what you might expect with the reopening, or just a reminder of what we've been missing, check out these photos of some of Brooklyn Star's best dishes.

Click for the Brooklyn Star Menu Preview Slideshow.

Watch the video: WILLIAMSBURG BROOKLYN (July 2022).


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