Salad "Ambassadorial"

Salad "Ambassadorial"

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Ingredients for the preparation of salad "Ambassadorial"

  1. 6 pcs tomatoes (Cherry tomatoes are used, or small tomatoes are used)
  2. fresh lettuce 1 bunch
  3. 1 pc cucumber (a long Chinese cucumber is required)
  4. onion 1 pc (take red sweet onion)
  5. quail eggs 4 pcs
  6. crackers 1 packet
  7. 1/2 caviar cans
  8. sweet pepper 1 pc (grade paprika)
  9. olive oil to taste
  • Main Ingredients Tomato
  • Serving 2 servings


knife, cutting board, salad bowl, egg pan

Cooking Salad "Ambassadorial":

Step 1: Shred the ingredients.

Rinse all products. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half, boil the quail eggs and also cut into 2 parts. Peel sweet bell peppers from seeds and cut into thin strips. Cut red onion and cucumber into rings.

Step 2: Serve.

Beautifully cover the plate with lettuce leaves, lay the lettuce on top, sprinkle with crackers and garnish with caviar. Salt and pour olive oil. The dish is ready. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Caviar can be replaced with shrimp or seaweed.

- - Low-fat salad, ideal for diets.

- - You can garnish with soy sauce and herbs.


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