Nefertiti Salad in Banana Peel

Nefertiti Salad in Banana Peel

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Ingredients for the preparation of salad "Nefertiti" in a banana peel

  1. Ripe bananas 2 pcs.
  2. Red apples 2 pcs.
  3. Celery root 1 pc.
  4. Lemon -1pcs. taste
  5. Green salad 2 sheets
  6. Unsweetened yogurt 3 tbsp
  • Main Ingredients: Banana
  • Serving 2 servings


Knife, Cutting Board, Plate

Preparation of salad "Nefertiti" in a banana peel:

Step 1: Cut the banana.

Bananas must be thoroughly washed under running water, after which they must be dried. To do this, they can even be wiped dry with a clean kitchen towel or napkin. Next, bananas need to be cooled: for this, it is enough for 10-15 minutes to leave them in the refrigerator. When these steps are completed, you need to carefully cut the peel of the banana carefully with a sharp knife along from its "legs" to the base. After that, carefully remove the pulp so as not to damage the integrity of the peel. In order to keep your peel in shape in the future, you need to put it in a cool place.

Step 2: Cook the ingredients.

The banana pulp must be cut with a sharp knife along and in half, after which cut it into narrow slices. In order to make the slices beautiful during the cutting process, you can moisten the knife in cold water. Apples must be thoroughly washed in water and dried dry. After that, apples must be cut into small cubes. To do this, it is best to cut the apple in half, remove the core, and then cut into cubes. Celery root must also be washed and peeled. Then it needs to be cut into thin strips. Lettuce must be washed and dried well. Then it is necessary to cut off rough veins from it.

Step 3: Cooking the Salad.

All salad ingredients (sliced ​​bananas, apples, celery root) must be carefully mixed and drizzled with lemon juice. To do this, you can take a slice of lemon and squeezing your fingers dynamically squeeze the juice into the dish, not stopping at a certain part. In this case, the lemon juice is distributed evenly throughout the salad. In the resulting mass of salad, you need to add 3 tablespoons of yogurt. You should choose a light yogurt for the salad, not sweet in taste. Mix everything thoroughly.

Step 4: Serve the Nefertiti Salad.

Put the banana peel on a plate and put salad leaves in it. After that, the seasoned salad is laid out in the form. It is worth noting that the salad can be consumed simply in a plate, without using a banana peel. But just such a serving of salad on the table is original and creative, and the banana peel itself represents the ark of the sun. Bon appetit and positive solar energy!

Recipe Tips:

- - If desired, salad dressing can be replaced with neutral mayonnaise, olive oil or melted cheese. You can also add other fruits to this salad to taste: kiwi, tangerines, pineapple.

- - If desired, the salad can be decorated with chopped parsley.

- - Salad is ideal as a light and healthy breakfast for children and adults, as well as before or after sports training.