Salad "Forest clearing"

Salad "Forest clearing"

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Ingredients for the preparation of the forest glade salad

  1. Boiled chicken fillet-250g; taste
  2. Honey mushrooms pickled; taste
  3. Spicy Korean carrots - 200 g; taste
  4. Cheese-70g; taste
  5. Cherry tomatoes; taste
  6. Cucumber, for decoration; taste
  7. Dill to taste
  8. Mayonnaise to taste
  • Main ingredients: Chicken, Mushrooms
  • Serving 6 servings


Plates ;, Knife ;, Cutting board.

Cooking Forest Glade Salad:

Step 1: To get started, let's do an easy job: let's deal with the mushrooms.

We have to wash the mushrooms, it is advisable not to break them. Then we take a plate and put the ingredient in sweetened water (1 tsp sugar per glass of water). Leave to brew for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Now take the chicken fillet.

First, boil our chicken. After which the regimen is her small cubes or straws (to your taste).

Step 3: Let's start slicing the cheese.

We also cut the cheese into cubes. If you chopped meat into strips, then do the same with cheese so as not to ruin the combination of lettuce.

Step 4: And now we have come to an end.

Lettuce will be laid out in layers. Our dish is called a salad-changeling, and in order to turn it over without problems, you need to grease a plate with sunflower oil. The first layer must necessarily be mushrooms, because after we turn it over, they will remain on top. Then we make a thin net with mayonnaise. The second layer is cheese. Distribute it evenly on a plate and also lubricate with mayonnaise. The third layer is dill. Grind it finely and finely and sprinkle on top of the cheese. Just do it for sure. dill will give you a smell. Mayonnaise is not watered, because dill absorbs the previous layer. The fourth layer is carrot. A product that is not difficult to prepare, because we bought it ready. And make our mesh. Finally, we have come to an end. Cover with chicken and close the salad with a flat plate. Put the salad on the plate and let it brew. For this, 30 minutes is enough if you are in a hurry, and if not, you can leave it overnight. And decorate it. That's what we get. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - We can decorate the salad in different ways. Instead of cherry tomatoes, you can use ordinary ones and lay them out with a rose, or cut a carrot beautifully.

- - Such a dish can also be laid out in a deeper plate, then it will look like a cake.

- - Who does not prefer mushrooms mushrooms, use champignons. Just be sure to pay attention to how you put them. (Mushrooms should be turned upside down).