Fresh squid and cucumber salad

Fresh squid and cucumber salad

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Ingredients for Squid and Fresh Cucumber Salad Preparation

  1. Squid - 2pcs. (Medium); taste
  2. Fresh cucumbers - 2 pcs.; taste
  3. Mayonnaise-2 tablespoons; taste
  4. Onion -1pcs. taste
  • Main ingredients: Squid, Cucumber
  • Serving 4 servings


Saucepan ;, Knife ;, Cutting board ;, Spoon.

Cooking squid and fresh cucumber salad:

Step 1: Cook the squid.

We arrange the frozen squids on a plate and fill them with warm water in order to defrost them faster. Then we clear this mass from the skin. Then boil them in a separate pan, in which salt, bay leaf and pepper (peas) are added in advance. As the water boils, immediately throw the squid. We will not cook for long, we will do the following process: We throw the baby in boiling water, count to 10 and quickly take it out. After that we do such actions with the rest. When the squids have cooled, cut them into thin strips.

Step 2: Take the bow.

Let's peel the onions first, and then cut into half rings. Now take the salt and beat the onion with it. Then knead it slightly so that it splits. Allow the onion to brew a bit, and then rinse with running water and put in a sieve, so that all excess liquid will drain from it. We have done this so that the onion does not have a pungent smell, and it does not interrupt the delicate taste of squid.

Step 3: Let's move on to the pickles.

Our cucumbers are fresh, juicy and meaty, mmm. We cut them into thin strips. And we can even eat one cucumber.

Step 4: Season with mayonnaise and serve.

We put all our products in a separate plate and mix, after which we pour them with mayonnaise. Add salt, pepper to taste. Our salad is ready. We decorate it with cucumbers, in this case, and serve. Such a salad can even be put in cheese baskets. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - After the squids begin to boil, rinse them again with cold water.

- - Instead of cucumbers, you can throw tomatoes or both.

- - You can steal with salad, and even better in it, and serve, but on a plate naturally.