Candied hawthorn

Candied hawthorn

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Ingredients for making candied hawthorn

  1. Fruits of hawthorn 1 kilogram.
  2. Granulated sugar or powdered sugar 1 kilogram.
  • Main Ingredients Hawthorn
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Bowl deep, Glass containers, Colander, Sharp knife, Piece of gauze, Roll of food parchment paper, Paper towels

Cooking candied hawthorn:

Step 1: take the berries of hawthorn.

For sugaring hawthorn, we recommend choosing fully ripened fruits, but not overripe. These fruits should be carefully sorted, selected not damaged by rot, insects or black fruit. Even slightly spoiled berries should be discarded, since this recipe requires only whole and unharmed fruits. Then, using a sharp knife, hawthorn berries should be peeled of peduncles and sepals, washed thoroughly under running water in a bowl or colander, and poured onto a spread dry kitchen waffle towel in a row for further drying.

Step 2: sugar hawthorn.

Already dried fruits should be thoroughly crushed in granulated sugar or icing sugar, and then pour them in small portions with a spoon into a wide-necked bottle with a cap on a twist. Each time you pour fruit with sugar into a bottle, you should vigorously tap on something soft (for example, a felt pad). This is done so that the berries of the hawthorn are firmly packed together with sugar in a jar and there are no extra voids left there. Hawthorn berries should be poured into the bottle only on 3/4, but 1/4 on top of the remaining space just covered with granulated sugar or icing. As a result, you should get such a layer in height 5 cm Next, the glass bottle should be covered with a piece of gauze (preferably folded in several layers) and tie the neck of the bottle 2 layers food parchment paper. Then the bottle should be put in a cool dark place on 8-10 weeks.

Step 3: serve the candied hawthorn.

After the elapsed time, this rather sweet and very tasty delicacy will be completely ready. In a dry and fairly cool place (for example, in the pantry or refrigerator), you can store such a delicacy for a very long time. If you are going to store candied hawthorn in the refrigerator, then when it is infused - put on a glass bottle either a cap with a twist or a plastic cap. Then the bottle should be put for long-term storage and infusion in the refrigerator (if you do not have a cellar or pantry). This, of course, if you do not eat it right away. You can stock up on this dish until the next fall to please yourself and your body tea with candied hawthorn, because in addition to tea that tastes good, you still help your body recover from atherosclerosis and many other diseases. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - By the way, the Chinese have a tradition of stringing candied hawthorn on a wooden stick, which appeared in the XII century. Subsequently, they gave this healing treat a name - “tanhulu”. From Chinese to Russian, the word "tanhulu" means "candied fruit on a stick."

- - In winter, all over Beijing, these "very sweet kebabs" are sold at every turn. They are considered truly the most beloved delicacy, both children and adults.

- - besides this, hawthorn is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine and is considered almost a real panacea for various diseases.

- - due to the rather high content of many vitamins and other very useful substances in hawthorn berries, any recipes for hawthorn are quite popular and are widely used everywhere.