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Pie "Grandma’s Changeling"

Pie "Grandma’s Changeling"

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Ingredients for making the cake "Grandma’s Changeling"

  1. Premium wheat flour 500 gr
  2. Sugar 500 gr
  3. 5 eggs
  4. Baking soda 1 tsp
  5. Vinegar (diluted) 1/2 tsp
  6. Fresh or canned fruit of your choice
  • Main ingredients: Pineapple, Sponge cake, Sugar
  • Serving 10 Servings
  • World Cuisine


Capacity for kneading dough, Mixer, Shovel, Colander (if the fruit is still fresh), Towel (all for the same fresh fruit), Baking tray, Oven

Cooking the cake "Grandma’s Changeling":

Step 1: prepare the dough.

Break eggs into a container for kneading dough, add sugar and beat until white foam. pour butter there - at room temperature! without melting, pour flour and whisk. Add slaked soda and continue whisking until the oil breaks and dissolves. Changeling dough should be very dense, creamy. As soon as we realized that there’s nowhere to “beat”, we set the mixer aside and check the dough: it should contain a spoon! If it’s standing, it means that the dough falls out onto a greased baking sheet and evenly distributed with a spatula, aligning the edges. But keep in mind! You should have enough dough and cover for the filling! Both dough and place on a baking sheet for a layer of fruit. Once finished, go to the filling.

Step 2: filling ...

As I already wrote, in the filling you can put not only canned fruits, but also fresh ones. What is needed for that? With canned food, everything is simple: to get, if necessary, cut into slices and put on the dough. With fresh a little harder - they must be thoroughly washed and rinsed with boiling water. The fact is that very often fruits come to the market or to stores processed with some substances that preserve the “brightness” of the fruit and prevent it from aging for several days. When we scald fruit, this processing departs and it is powerful to observe it in the form of flakes in the sediment. So be careful. Next - if there is a skin, it must be removed. Of course, if the fruit is hard. If there is a core with seeds, cut it out. Naturally, we save cherries or cherries from the seeds. Well and so on. Each fruit has its own procedure. Dense fruits are cut into circles or half circles, the berries can not be cut (just "stick" into the dough. The more berries - the juicier and tastier the pie, do not forget! When the layer of filling is laid out, cover the top with the last layer of dough and level it.

Step 3: bake and serve.

Bake the cake "Grandma Changeling" in pre preheated to 170 * oven for 30-40 minutes. When ready, take out the baking sheet and let it cool down! And now the most important thing is to turn the cake over and remove the pan from it! Here he is - a changeling! It lends itself to cutting only from the "bottom" side, for which it was nicknamed the "changeling". We cut in portions and serve. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can sprinkle the finished cake with icing sugar;

- - It will be very interesting to combine sour berry with the sweetness of the cake itself;

- - The berry can be pushed deeper, then the pie in the section will be brighter;

- - You can serve the table with whipped cream or light cream.


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