Dried sweet and hot peppers

Dried sweet and hot peppers

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Ingredients for Making Dried Sweet and Hot Peppers

  1. Sweet pepper (any grade) 1kg.
  2. Hot pepper (chili) 1 kg.
  • Main Ingredients Pepper
  • Serving15 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Knife., Cutting board., Oven., Casserole., Colander., Baking tray., Baking paper., Banks., Thread.

Cooking dried sweet and hot peppers:

Step 1: Dry the bell peppers in the oven.

Wash sweet peppers, peel, cut the membranes and cut the pepper into small pieces of about 4 to 4 centimeters. We put a pot on the stove and pour water, set it on fire and wait for it to boil. When the water boils, pour chopped peppers into a colander and dip in hot water for 3 minutes. After time, we take out the pepper and let it drain. In the meantime, set the oven to 50 degrees. While the oven is heating you have a little time. Take a baking sheet, spread the baking paper in it and place the washed chopped pepper on it. When the oven has warmed up up to 50 degreesput the pan. Drying peppers is best in an open oven. The drying time of pepper depends on its meatiness. On average, approximately 8 ocloc'k. But if you saw that the pepper had dried earlier, take it out. Place dried pepper in clean, dry jars and cover with a lid.

Step 2: Dry the hot pepper ...

First you need to select the ripe fruits of hot pepper. Spread the pepper for a few days in a warm room - it should sag. Then tie the fruits by the stalks and hang them in a sunny, ventilated place. Pepper fruits should not touch each other! Keep this in mind when hanging peppers. When the pepper has dried, remove it, cut the stalk and rub in a mortar or just chop finely. Place dried pepper in clean, dry jars and cover with a lid.

Step 3: Serve the dried sweet and hot peppers.

The pungency and aroma of dried pepper made it one of the most popular spices in India. And not in vain. This is a very versatile product. With it, you can always make any dish sharper, more aromatic and more beautiful. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can dry pepper both in the oven and in a special dryer.

- - If you cut sweet pepper in large pieces, you can wither it and pour oil with seasonings. Keep such a product in the refrigerator.

- - After drying, you can combine finely chopped hot and sweet peppers and get a universal seasoning for any dish.