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Tilapia in Avocado Sauce

Tilapia in Avocado Sauce

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Ingredients for Tilapia in Avocado Sauce

Ingredients for fish:

  1. Frozen tilapia fillet 4 pieces
  2. Premium wheat flour 50 grams
  3. Olive oil 100 grams
  4. Ground black pepper to taste
  5. Salt to taste

Sauce Ingredients:

  1. Avocado 1 piece
  2. Cilantro greens 1 bunch
  3. Onion 1 head
  4. Chili pepper 2 pieces (2-3 centimeters in length)
  5. Lemon 1 piece
  6. Olive oil 3 tablespoons
  7. 2 cloves of garlic
  8. Distilled pure water 200 grams
  9. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredientsTilapia, Avocado
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Knife - 2 pieces (for fish and other ingredients), Deep bowl - 2 pieces, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Garlic gum, Measuring cup for water, Tablespoon, Plate - 2 pieces, Frying pan, Stove, Kitchen spatula

Making tilapia in avocado sauce:

Step 1: prepare the avocado and prepare the sauce.

Everything ingenious is simple! And today we will prepare a brilliant, but very simple meal! We will start by making the sauce. To start, clean 1 avocado. We take the green fruit in our hand, and with a knife we ​​make an incision along the longitudinal center. We introduce the knife so that it reaches the bone and make a circular incision around the entire fruit. Then gently with your hands we unwrap 2 halves of the avocado in different directions from each other. Now we have 2 halves and one of them with a bone, which we absolutely do not need. Gently insert the knife into the soft avocado bone and apply slight pressure to the arm forward so that the bone unfolds into the dimples of the avocado. Then pull the knife towards you, and you will see how the bone easily leaves the fossa and remains on the knife. Then take a tablespoon and pry off the flesh of the avocado, which runs right next to its skin. Gently pull the skin and remove it from the fetus, you will still have the flesh of an avocado in your hands. Break the 2 halves of the fruit into pieces, place in a deep bowl and grind with a hand blender. Then 1 bunch of fresh cilantro rinse under running water, shake excess water above the sink, finely chop on a cutting board with a knife and add to the bowl with avocado. One onion peel, rinse under running water. Lay on a cutting board and cut into a cube of any size. Two hot chili peppers 2 to 3 centimeters in length, rinse in running water, on a cutting board, cut it into 2 halves with a knife, pull out the seeds, cut into thin strips and chop finely. And add to the bowl to all other ingredients. Then take a lemon, rinse under running water. Cut it in your hands into two halves, set aside one of them, you will need it for fish, with the second squeeze lemon juice in a bowl to all the ingredients. Then add 3 tablespoons of olive oil. The thing is small, add a little salt to the sauce, but do not forget that we have to cook fish, which will also be seasoned with salt. Clean 2 garlic cloves and squeeze them through a garlic press into a bowl of sauce. Then add 200 milliliters of pure distilled water. Stir the ingredients with a tablespoon and the sauce is ready.

Step 2: prepare tilapia in avocado sauce.

Now prepare tilapia. Take 4 frozen tilapia fillets and put them in a deep bowl with cold running water, thaw the fish in this way for 20 to 30 minutes and then cut it into portioned slices from about 100 to 250 grams. You can simply cut each filet into 2 parts. Rub the chopped fish with a small amount of salt, sprinkle with black pepper and lay on a plate. Let the fish stand in this form for 5-10 minutes, so that the pieces are better saturated with salt. Pour into a bowl 50 grams of wheat flour. Then put on the stove on a strong level, when the pan is hot, pour 100 grams of olive oil into it and heat it. Envelop pieces of fish in wheat flour and place in a pan with heated oil. Fry fish on both sides until golden brown, periodically turning over with a kitchen spatula. Tilapia should not be dark brown and not caramel, namely golden, one might say yellowish. When the fish has turned yellow, pour avocado sauce on it and boil for 10 - 12 minutes over low heat. Be careful, the avocado sauce thickens before your eyes, look carefully so that it does not burn. In the process, you will see how the thickened sauce puts pieces of fried fish in a “light green coat”. Put the finished fish with a spatula on a plate, pour with thickened sauce, garnish with greens and lemon sliced ​​into slices or rings.

Step 3: serve tilapia in avocado sauce.

Tilapia in avocado sauce served hot on a flat plate. This dish is decorated with parsley or dill. Boiled rice, fried or boiled potatoes are served with such fish as a side dish. The taste of fish is very good combined with mashed potatoes or stewed vegetables. Such a dish can be prepared for any occasion, and believe me, it will become an invaluable decoration on your table. I hope you and your family have enjoyed the taste of tilapia in avocado sauce. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - In this way you can cook any boneless fish, it can be pangasius, tilapia, trout, pikeperch and many other boneless fish species. - Never cut vegetables fruits and fish with one knife! Raw fish, and raw meat, contain various microorganisms that, when exposed to moisture, can begin to multiply. Knives for raw meat, fish and vegetable products should be separate, as well as cutting boards! - You can add any spices you like to this dish - When buying fresh tilapia, do not forget that the carcass should be clean, its surface should be free of mucus, eyes should be convex and transparent. The gills should fit snugly on the cheeks and their color should be bright red. The smell of fish should not be a sharp and strongly supersaturated aroma of iodine or tina. If all the items listed are in the fish of your choice, then you can safely buy it, it is fresh! - If you do not like spicy food, you better refrain and put 1 hot pepper in avocado sauce, and not two, or not put at all. - Often, basil is added to avocado sauce, but do not forget that the aroma of such greens is very strong and it can kill the whole combination of smells. - If you do not have a blender, use the potato ginger or a regular table fork to mash an avocado.