Tagliatelle with salmon

Ingredients for making tagliatelle with salmon

  1. Tagliatelle pasta 200 gr.
  2. Onions 1-2 pcs.
  3. Salmon (lightly salted) 250 gr.
  4. Cheese (Parmesan) 100 gr.
  5. Premium wheat flour 1 tablespoon
  6. Cream (25%) 50 ml.
  7. Lemon 0.5 pcs.
  8. Martini (Vermouth) 20 ml.
  9. Caspers 20 gr.
  10. Butter 1 tablespoon
  11. Salt to taste
  12. Ground black pepper to taste
  13. Parsley to taste
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Saucepan, Frying Pan, Colander, Cutting Board, Kitchen Knife, Tablespoon, Serving Dishes

Cooking tagliatelle with salmon:

Step 1: Cut the salmon.

Since the dish is prepared literally in a matter of minutes, the first thing we put on a medium heat is to heat a pot of water (about 1 liter), in which we will then cook the noodles. While it is boiling, take light-salted salmon and cut it into cubes or small cubes (not very thick). And put it aside for now.

Step 2: Prepare the sauce.

At the same time, we put on a neighboring burner a deep pan, on which we melt a piece of butter. We quickly peel the onion and chop it finely, after which we spread it and fry it in a pan. Once it becomes transparent, add incomplete spoon of flour, mix it well with onions, pour in the lemon juice (squeezed in advance from half the citrus) and martini, and continue stirring. Stew mass about 5 minutes. At this time, we quickly rub the cheese on a fine grater and chop the parsley (washed in advance under cold running water). Then add cream, cheese, caspers and greens to the pan. And cook the sauce until it thickens (about 10 minutes) In the end, do not forget to salt, pepper to taste and remove from heat.

Step 3: Cook the tagliatelle with salmon.

The water is already starting to boil, so lightly salt it and spread our Italian noodles. During cooking, do not forget to stir it. As soon as she becomes soft (literally minutes after 3-4), filter it with a colander and mix with chopped salmon.

Step 4: Serve the tagliatelle with salmon.

Arrange the cooked noodles with salmon on portioned plates and pour the sauce on top. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can serve such a dish just the same with a bottle of martini (vermouth), which has a mild aroma, with a touch of spices and vanilla.

- - You can decorate the dish with either red caviar or lemon slices.

- - Cream can be replaced with fat sour cream.