Mushroom preservation

Mushroom preservation

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Ingredients for the preparation of mushroom canning

  1. Mushrooms 1 kilogram
  2. Salt 30 grams
  3. Sweet peas 5 pieces
  4. Bay leaf 2 pieces
  5. Cloves 3 peas
  6. Cinnamon 2 small pieces
  7. Star anise 2 slices
  8. Acetic essence 7 milliliters per 1 liter of water
  • Main Ingredients Mushrooms
  • Serving 8-10
  • World Cuisine


Large bucket or large pan, Glass jars, Lids for cans, Seaming machine, Waffle or dish towel, Mushroom bowl, Spoon, Cooker, Serving plate

Cooking mushroom canning:

Step 1: fill the mushrooms with water.

All mushrooms must be placed in a large bucket, in which it is necessary to pour water in such an amount that it covers all the mushrooms, then place a small load on the bucket.

Step 2: peel the mushrooms.

After a few minutes, drain the water. Mushrooms must be cleaned of litter, leaves. Be sure to cut the roots in order to get rid of the mycelium. Then very thoroughly rinse the mushrooms in water, place them in a pan with water. Then add all the spices to the pan.

Step 3: sterilize cans.

Jars used for canning mushrooms must be steam sterilized. Many housewives use this method, for it, you need to take a large pan, pour water into it, put any limiter for cans on top. Banks need to be turned upside down. If the container is large enough, it is convenient to install several cans on it at the same time. This method consists in the fact that when the water in the pan boils, then on the surface of the cans, drops of water are formed, which in about 15 minutes begin to flow down, after which the cans can be set, while not turning on a clean cloth (preferably pre-ironed on both sides).

Step 4: put the mushrooms in jars.

Arrange boiled mushrooms in sterile jars. In the mushroom broth that remained in the pan, add the required amount of vinegar essence at the rate of 7 ml we lay the mushrooms in a banker. This solution needs to be filled with jars of mushrooms, then cover them with lids for canning.

Step 5: sterilize and roll up the cans.

Then the cans must be sterilized in boiling water for half an hour. To do this, at the bottom of a large pan, you need to put a wooden board or grate, put cans on top of it. Then pour water into the pan, so that the container would be completely covered. To establish banks, it is necessary far from each other, in order to avoid their blows against each other. After one and a half hours, it is necessary to remove the banks without waiting for them to cool. After that, they can be rolled up and turned over until they cool down completely.

Step 6: serve canned mushrooms.

For a holiday or just like that in winter, you can always enjoy your own canned mushrooms. To do this, you will only need to get the jar from the pantry, open and put the canned mushrooms in a serving plate. Everything is ready, you can serve it on the table. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - it is best to preserve fresh mushrooms collected on the same day,

- - the mushrooms used for preservation must be medium or small,

- - mushrooms must be of good quality, without any damage,

- - in one teaspoon contains 5 milliliters of vinegar essence,

- - special care must be taken when preserving russula and champignon.

- - You cannot cook or preserve different types of mushrooms together.