Quick salting saffron mushrooms

Quick salting saffron mushrooms

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Ingredients for making quick salted mushrooms

  1. Redheads 1 kilogram.
  2. Salt 40 grams.
  • Main Ingredients Mushrooms
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Enamel pan, Large pan, Deep bowl, Kitchen towel, Brush, Plate, 0.5 L can, Colander

Cooking quick salting mushrooms:

Step 1. We prepare the dishes for salting.

For salting mushrooms, it is better to choose an enameled pan and a deep bowl. I carefully wash the selected dishes in water. Then wipe dry with a towel.

Step 2. Prepare the mushrooms.

It is better to choose small mushrooms. To begin with, use a brush to clean the mushrooms from dirt, fill it with cold water. Leave them in the water for half an hour.

Step 3. Mix the ingredients.

After soaking the mushrooms, we lay them out one by one in a prepared pan or bowl (with the plates up, that is, the hats to the bottom). First, one layer of mushrooms, salt (they are not afraid of salt, so salt them well), then the second layer, salt again. Now we cover the mushrooms with the bottom of the plate, put on top of the plate half liter jar with water and leave for a day in a cool dark place.

Step 4. Serve the mushrooms.

Serve as a cold snack. Before use, mushrooms should be put in a colander and washed in running water, allowing it to drain. Laying in a deep plate, season with vegetable oil and add onions, sliced ​​in rings or slices. Such mushrooms go well with boiled or fried potatoes. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - if you decide to cook mushrooms in this way, then know that they will not be able to be stored for a long time, they will deteriorate, so do not salt too much.

- - young saffron mushrooms - most preferred for salting.

- - You do not need to add spices with this type of salting. Without them, mushrooms retain a natural aroma and taste that is unique to them: they smell of autumn forest edge, young pines, and clear morning air.

- - In addition to the fact that saffron mushrooms are tasty, they are also incredibly useful. These mushrooms are not bitter and can be eaten even raw, without any fear for their health.

- - there is an express recipe for salting mushrooms, after which they can be consumed after 1.5 hours. The truth about the long-term storage of such a product is out of the question, and we will salt the mushrooms so that we can enjoy them all through the cold winter.

- - saffron mushrooms are classified as multivitamin mushrooms, and in terms of certain vitamins in them they are not inferior to many vegetables and fruits, and not a single mushroom in the world can be compared with saffron milk.


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