Quick Pickled Mushrooms

Quick Pickled Mushrooms

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Ingredients for Cooking Quick Pickled Mushrooms

  1. Mushrooms 1 kilogram.
  2. Water 2 cups.
  3. 30% acetic acid 3 tablespoons.
  4. Salt 3 teaspoons.
  5. Pepper 15 peas.
  6. Bay leaf 2 pieces.
  7. Onion 1 piece.
  8. Carrot 1 piece.
  • Main Ingredients: Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


Glass jars, Lids, Brush, Cooker, Colander, Kettle, Large pan, Medium pan for lid sterilization, Cutting board, wooden or plastic, Tablespoon

Cooking quick pickled mushrooms:

Step 1. We sterilize the cans and lids.

First, the glass jars are thoroughly washed with soap and water with a brush and then rinsed. After that, boil water in a pan. In boiling water, lower the lids and boil 10-15 minutes. And the cans are kept in the oven at a temperature 110-120 degrees same 10-15 minutes. After which we leave the banks to cool directly in the oven.

Step 2. Prepare the mushrooms.

Carefully sort out the mushrooms, laying aside young and not wormy, cut out all the defects. We try to sort mushrooms by type. It is not recommended, for example, to boil boletus with oils, since the latter will get an unpleasant dark color. Large mushrooms can be cut into two parts. Then put in a colander and rinse under clean running water.

Step 3. Cook the mushrooms.

Then we put the mushrooms in an enameled pan, pour clean water and put on fire. When boiling, remove the foam. It is advisable to boil mushrooms by type. Boil mushrooms for 30 minutes. Dense mushrooms, such as ceps, boletus and boletus, should not be boiled with mushrooms that have a softer structure, because they require different cooking times. In addition, it should be borne in mind that large hats boil longer than small ones, so do not lay them in the dishes at the same time.

Step 4. Cook the marinade.

First, onions and carrots must be peeled and cut into circles on a cutting board. Then take another pan where you pour the recommended amount of water, add salt, spices, chopped onions and carrots and boil it all 10 minutes. Before cooking, add acetic acid.

Step 5. Cook the mushrooms in the marinade.

From the pot with the prepared mushrooms, drain the broth, put the mushrooms in a colander and rinse under water. Then dip the mushrooms in the prepared marinade and cook in it 15 minutes.

Step 6. We lay out the ready-made mushrooms in jars.

We carefully take the cans and lids and sterilize in the way you like. I chose to sterilize cans for a couple. for this we put a kettle on the stove, and when the water boils in it, we install a jar on top of it. In this way we sterilize the cans 10-15 minutes until inside the bank sweat. I separately sterilized the covers in a pot of water. Then transfer them to sterilized jars, pour the marinade so that they are completely covered with it. Stacking mushrooms very tightly is not recommended. Close the banks immediately and take them to a cool place.

Step 7. Serve the quick pickled mushrooms.

Served as a cold snack. Laying in a deep plate, you can season with vegetable oil and add onions, sliced ​​in rings or slices. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - pigs and valuys require initial soaking in cold water for several hours. Then boiled and washed in cold water. Only after that they are ready for pickling.

- - the taste of mushrooms depends on the correctly prepared marinade, to which vinegar, spices and spices are added strictly according to the recipe.

- - pickling of mushrooms should be carried out in an adapted room, because when performing these works, the purity of the product and the sterilization of the container are very important.