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Khichin Balkar

Khichin Balkar

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Ingredients for cooking hichin balkar

  1. Butter 100 grams
  2. Water 200 milliliters
  3. Wheat flour 500-600 grams
  4. Homemade cottage cheese or feta cheese 500 grams
  5. Potato 1 kilogram
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Ground black pepper to taste
  • The main ingredients of cottage cheese, flour
  • Serving 12 Servings
  • World cuisine


Meat grinder or medium grater, Cutting board, Large pan, Knife, Three deep bowls, Mashed potato, Table spoon, Cloth towel, Rolling pin, Pancake frying pan, Fork, Cloth potholders, Kitchen table, Glass, Serving platter, Kitchen stove

Cooking Hichin Balkar:

Step 1: prepare the potatoes.

Potatoes for this dish can be prepared in different ways. But the most delicious filling will be the one that was prepared from potatoes in uniforms. So, we wash the vegetable well under running water and put it in a deep pan. Fill the container with water and put on a large fire. When the water boils, make a medium heat and cook 30-40 minutes depending on the type of potato and its size. Attention: from time to time check the component with a fork so that it does not digest with us. When the potatoes are cooked, turn off the burner and drain the water, holding the lid with the pan with cloth tacks. Using a knife on a cutting board, peel the potatoes and spread them in a deep bowl. We need to chop the potatoes. We can do this in three ways, and this can be done using a meat grinder, a medium grater, or mash the ingredient directly in a bowl with a pusher.

Step 2: prepare the cottage cheese.

Be sure to take home-made cottage cheese or feta cheese. It is only important to pay attention to the taste and texture of the ingredient. The taste of cheese should not be either very salty or very fresh. The same goes for feta cheese! The component must be fresh and of medium fat content. And also on what it is worth paying attention to - cottage cheese should be crumbly. Using a meat grinder, grind the cottage cheese again. As for the feta cheese, you can use both the first inventory and the medium grater. The shredded component is transferred to a deep bowl.

Step 3: prepare the filling for the dish.

We spread the crushed milk product with potatoes in one bowl and a spoon mix well. If desired, you can salt and pepper the filling to taste. The main thing to adhere to the ratio of cheese to potatoes in proportions 1 to 2. Well, there at your discretion. If you like cottage cheese to be more in dishes, then its quantity can be increased.

Step 4: prepare the dough.

It is very important to prepare a good elastic dough! It is not necessary to adhere to the proportions of water and flour in the recipe, as it still depends on the quality of the flour. The main thing in the mixing process - Feel the density of the dough with your hands. It should not be cool and should stretch well. So, in a deep bowl or on the kitchen table we make a slide out of flour. Using your fingers, make a small depression on the flour top and pour water into it with a glass. Hands begin to gradually knead the dough. The key to elastic dough is long and intensive kneading! After the test ingredient is ready, cover it with a cloth towel so that it is a little infused.

Step 5: prepare Hichina Balkar.

Hand-roll small balls of filling and dough the size of a palm. In this case, the test should be less than the fillings. So, first of all with our hands we press the test kolobok on the table into a flat cake. After that, we form a flat circle, kneading it with your fingers or rolling out using a rolling pin on the kitchen table. Put the ball from the filling on the test cake. And now we need to wrap the filling in the dough. To do this, we carefully begin to collect the edges of the test cake with our hands, making a bag out of it. Attention: Be sure to press the edges with your fingers so that they do not disperse and our filling does not fall out. After that, we press the palm on the resulting bag on the table so that it becomes a little flattened. We leave it in this state for several minutes, and in the meantime we proceed to form the following bags. Now, using a rolling pin on the kitchen table, gently roll out a flat cake from a flattened bag. We try to make a cake as thin as possible. Hichin spread on a preheated pan. Attention: It is very important to use only a cast-iron frying pan or a Teflon-coated pan. In another case, the dough will stick and stick to the bottom of the inventory. Fry on both sides over medium heat literally 2-3 minutes. We determine the readiness of the dish by the formation of brown, fried and small-sized spots on the surface of the dough. When you flip Hichin to the other side, he may begin to swell during the frying process. Do not worry! Just pierce it with a knife in the center of the bulge so that it does not tear and all the filling does not leak into the pan. Remove the prepared cake immediately after cooking from the stove and put it on a serving dish. Without delay, until Khichin has cooled down, we coat it with butter, starting from the edges and right up to the very center. We spread the next Hichins on top of the previous ones.

Step 6: serve Hichina Balkar.

And we serve such a delicious dish right on the table with the heat and the heat! Delicious Hichina with meat broth or with a glass of fresh fresh milk. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you are not sure about the flour, then it is better to knead the dough, gradually adding the flour product.

- - If a hole is formed on the surface of the cake, you can easily fix it by sprinkling this place with water and sprinkling flour.

- - Before preparing the dough, if you decide to use the kitchen table, be sure to prepare it. Dry with a cloth and sprinkle with flour.


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