Soup with fish meatballs.

Soup with fish meatballs.

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Ingredients for making fish meatball soup.

  1. Canned fish meatballs - 1 can; taste
  2. Potatoes - 3-4 pcs.; taste
  3. 1 small carrot; taste
  4. Onion-1 pc.; taste
  5. Bay leaves, dill greens (can be dried), allspice, black peas, several coriander peas. taste
  6. Cooking oil for frying; taste
  7. Salt to taste. taste
  • Main Ingredients Potato
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World Cuisine


Casserole ;, Knife ;, Plate ;, Frying pan.

Cooking Fish Meatball Soup:

Step 1: Cook the vegetables.

Peel our potatoes and cut them into cubes. Sent to the pan, then fill it with water. After which we set to cook on the stove. While the potatoes are boiling, we will do the following: fry the onions and carrots. We clean, of course, onions and carrots from the skins. We cut the onion into cubes, but the carrots can either be grated or cut into small cubes too. Fill the pan with oil, and this is necessary so that the vegetables do not burn, and pour over the fry. You just do not forget to laugh.

Step 2: Cook all the finished ingredients.

When the potatoes are boiling, we can take for meatballs. We open the jar and throw fish meat into the water 5 minutes before the end of cooking, if we throw them earlier they simply fall apart, because they are already boiled ... There are not many pieces, but they are large, so you can break them into a couple little things. Together with the meatballs, we’ll also season the seasonings, of course, according to your taste. For such a soup, I used dried dill, one bay leaf, a pair of allspice peppers and black pepper, and also added a few coriander peas.

Step 3: Serve the long-awaited soup.

We cook the soup for another 5 minutes and remove from the stove. The soup is ready, now you can feed your relatives. As far as you know, soups must be consumed once or twice a day, because their liquid allows the intestines to work faster. So learn to cook with us. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Watch do not salt the soup. You use canned fish, and it already contains salt. Therefore, add salt at the very end.

- - You can also cook the stuffing yourself. To do this, you will need a fish fillet (any to your taste). Then you skip it through a meat grinder, and with it, you can skip onions as well. Then make small balls and toss in the soup, but not at the end, but after the potatoes are ready.

- - Also, if you want, use a fresh dill.