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Indochina Cocktail

Indochina Cocktail

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Ingredients for making an Indochinese cocktail

  1. Grenadine Syrup 2 Tbsp
  2. Vodka 60 milliliters
  3. Blue liquor 60 milliliters
  • Main ingredients: Vodka, Liquor
  • Serving 1 serving


Cocktail glass, Measuring cup, Tablespoon, Teaspoon

Preparation of the Indochina cocktail:

Step 1: prepare the Indochina Cocktail.

At the bottom of the glass we pour, measuring the necessary amount with a tablespoon, Grenadine syrup. Then, in order for us to get a Cocktail in layers, first of all, it is necessary to adhere to the golden rule - to pour layers from a higher density to a lower one. Grenadine is denser than liquor, so we can do it! But on one condition - you need to use a teaspoon. To make our cocktail, there are two ways to properly pour the layers. First: pour liquor into a teaspoon so that the drink does not overflow over the edge, and then gently pour the liquor from the spoon onto the first layer literally drop by drop, closer to the walls of the glass. And the second way - place a spoon over the Grenadine layer with the convex side up and pour the liquor from the measuring cup with a thin stream so that it flows evenly over the surface of the spoon closer to the walls of the glass. In the same way, pour vodka on top of the second layer.

Step 2: serve the Indochinese Cocktail.

The Indochinese cocktail is ready! You can serve it with different snacks, for example, olives, olives, cheese and meat slices or just like that! In any case, it is very tasty. But, of course, this type of cocktail can most be attributed to "short drinks" (shot drinks). It is better to drink it in one sip, just then you will feel how alcohol pleasantly burns the throat and leaves a fragrant aftertaste. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you cool the drink that will go in the first layer - Grenadine, then you will be more likely to pour the second layer on top of the first.

- - The liquor for this drink can be chosen according to your taste, the main thing is that it is blue.

- - To pour the second layer on the first, you can use a knife with a wide blade instead of a teaspoon. To do this, lower the inventory into the glass above the first layer closer to the walls of the glass and gently pour the drink along the blade.

- - If you have bar equipment on hand, then it is best to put a special dispenser on the neck of the bottle. Thanks to him, alcoholic drinks pour in a thin stream.