Dried cherry

Dried cherry

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Dried Cherry Ingredients

  1. Fresh cherry 3-4 kilograms
  2. Sugar 800 grams
  3. Purified water 1 liter
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings


Colander, Medium saucepan, Cooker, Deep bowl - 3 pieces, Juice tube, Scoop, Tablespoon, Baking tray, Oven, Baking paper, Sterilized glass jar - 3-4 pieces, Sterilized lids for cans - 3-4 pieces

Cooking Dried Cherries:

Step 1: Prepare the Cherry

To begin with, we select with our hands ripe cherries from rotten and crushed. We spread the first in a deep bowl and put under running water. Gently wash the berries with your hands. And since we have a lot of ingredient, you can do this in batches. Transfer the washed cherry to another deep bowl and set aside. And so we do until we wash the whole berry under water. Now, in order to clear the cherry from the seeds, first we remove the stalks with our hands. Then, using an ordinary juice straw, we pierce the cherry with it in the place where the stem was and, having touched the bone, we get the straw back. This is a very convenient way, which will not only facilitate the task of cleaning cherries, but also preserve the beautiful appearance of the main component of the dish. The processed berry is transferred to a clean free bowl.

Step 2: prepare the syrup.

Pour purified water into a medium saucepan and put on a large fire. When the water begins to boil, add all the sugar with a tablespoon and then mix everything thoroughly with the same spoon until the sugar component is completely dissolved. That's it, sugar syrup is ready, so we can move on to the very process of drying cherries.

Step 3: prepare the dried cherries.

As sugar syrup boils, we do not turn off the burner, but just make an average fire. Gently lay the cherries in small portions in a pan and cook for 5-8 minutes. After that, with the help of a scoop, we catch the berries from the container and transfer them to a colander directly above a clean deep bowl. We leave them in this state until the syrup completely drains from them. Meanwhile, we lower the next portion of peeled cherries into boiling syrup. After the syrup completely drains from boiled cherries, we transfer the main ingredient to a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Put the dish in the oven to the upper level and cook for 3 hours at a temperature 165 ° C. Then lower the oven temperature up to 135 ° C and dry the cherries 16-24 hours. Attention: the oven door must always be slightly ajar so that there is not much moisture left in the dried product. The finished dish should be elastic, wrinkled and dark brown.

Step 4: serve the dried cherries.

Immediately after we dried the cherry, it can be served to the table. And so the dish is best stored in sterilized jars under a tightly closed lid. Such a treat can simply be served with tea or decorate them with all kinds of sweet dishes. Also, after drying, the berry retains the beneficial substances and vitamins of groups A, PP and C, so it is very useful to eat it, given the fact that it is a natural product without preservatives. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects on our body, which is very useful in the cold season. Therefore, enjoy dried cherries and ... Bon appetit!

Recipe Tips:

- - If it is inconvenient for you to get a bone using a juice tube, then the most ordinary medium-sized paper clip or pin can come to your aid. To do this, we pod a bone with improvised inventory, selling them the flesh of a cherry in the place where the stalk was.

- - Also, to surprise guests and loved ones, dried cherry can be dipped in melted chocolate and left aside to cool to room temperature. Thus, you get an exquisite treat.

- - If you have a summer house or a house, then you can also dry the cherries in the fresh air. The main thing is that the process proceeds away from the carriageway, where there are practically no cars. To do this, put the processed cherry on a baking sheet or preferably on a large flat sieve and leave it on the sunny side for the whole day. By evening, the berry should be brought into the room, and the next day, repeat the drying procedure again. And so it should take 3-4 days, depending on the size of the cherry.

- - In order for the dried cherry to turn out both tasty and beautiful, it is necessary to select only ripe berries, dark red in color and preferably large varieties.

- - After you sorted out the cherries, do not throw out the overripe berries, as you can make delicious compote or jelly from them.