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Crumbly rice with vegetables

Crumbly rice with vegetables

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Ingredients for the preparation of friable rice with vegetables

  1. Ras long-grain 1.5 cups
  2. Water 3 cups
  3. Onion 1 piece
  4. Carrot 1 piece
  5. Vegetable oil for frying
  6. Soy sauce 2 tablespoons or to taste
  7. Ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon
  8. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Onion, Carrot, Rice
  • Portion 3 - 4


Cooker, Saucepan with Lid, Frying Pan, Plates, Colander, Knife, Cutting Board, Kitchen Shovel, Tablespoon, Serving Dish

Preparation of friable rice with vegetables:

Step 1: prepare the pic.

In order for the rice to turn out friable, it must be prepared before cooking. We pour the necessary amount onto a clean table and sort out from foreign inclusions and dry grains. After we cleaned the rice, transfer it to a deep plate and pour cold running water into it so that it completely covers the whole rice. Then mix it with your hands until the water becomes cloudy. When this happens, pour out the whitened water and pour the clear water again. Then mix again, and merge again. We do this until the water eventually ceases to be cloudy. It is necessary to approach this step very responsibly, because by doing so we wash out excess starch, which glues rice during cooking. Turning it into a mushy mass. After we washed the whole rice, put it in a colander and leave it to dry for a while.

Step 2: boil rice.

Turn on the temperature of the stove to a high level. Pour clean water into the pan and put on the burner. After the water boils, add salt and a little vegetable oil, mix with a tablespoon. Then, from a colander, carefully pour pure rice into boiling water. Then we mix so that the rice does not have time to stick to the walls of the container and close the lid. In this state, boil the rice for 3-4 minutes until the water boils again, then reduce the temperature of the stove to an average level and cook for another 10 minutes, while it does not need to be mixed. Next, reduce the temperature of the stove to a minimum and cook until fully cooked. Rice should completely absorb all the water and cook at the same time. If there was almost no water left in the pan, and the rice did not have time to boil. Push it aside with a tablespoon, freeing the center and add a little water to the bottom. Then mix everything and cover. We leave the pan with the finished rice aside and go to the vegetables.

Step 3: prepare the vegetables.

Peel the onion and rinse under cold running water. Then we transfer it to a cutting board, rinse the knife under cold water and finely chop it into pieces of arbitrary shape up to 1 centimeter. The crushed component is placed in a plate. Now we’ll take care of the carrots, peel them under running water. If you have a special knife for peeling vegetables, then you can use it, if not, then carefully peel the peel with an ordinary knife. Next, on a cutting board, chop a carrot with a cube about 1 centimeter in size. And put the pieces on a plate to the onion.

Step 4: fry the vegetables.

Turn on the temperature of the plate to an average level. Pour a little vegetable oil into the pan, both sunflower and olive are suitable. We put the container on the burner and after the fat has warmed up, add chopped onions and carrots. Fry vegetables to a beautiful rosy color for about 3 to 4 minutes, while periodically mix them with a kitchen spatula so that they do not burn.

Step 5: fry the rice with vegetables.

We do not turn off the fire on the stove. We take the fried vegetables from the pan and transfer them to a plate. And in the vacated container we put the cooked rice, with the help of a kitchen spatula we evenly distribute it throughout the bottom, if necessary, add vegetable oil. And fry it for 2 - 3 minutes, then add black ground pepper and salt. Add the last component carefully, as we have already salted the water in which the rice was cooked. Next, mix the spices with rice with a spatula until smooth. After we return the vegetables back to the pan and mix everything with a spatula. The final touch, add soy sauce to taste and finally mix with a spatula. After we turn off the fire and close the pan with a lid.

Step 6: serve loose rice with vegetables.

Loose rice with vegetables is served hot as a side dish for any meat or fish dish. Such rice can be served not only for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but also on the festive table as an addition to the second. Your guests will certainly appreciate the new taste of the usual side dish. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - In addition to long grain rice, you can use steamed. But such rice will cook longer for about 20 - 25 minutes. Therefore, after 17 minutes, you can begin to taste the rice. The advantage of this type of rice is that it is very difficult to digest, and therefore it is suitable as a side dish and for cooking pilaf.

- - In addition to onions and carrots, you can add green onions, parsley, dill, as well as bell peppers, green peas and other vegetables to rice.

- - Rice is conveniently washed not all at once, but in parts.

- - For the preparation of friable rice, the amount of water in which it is boiled, should be twice as large as the cereals themselves.

- - Carrots do not have to be diced; they can be grated with large holes.