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Custard Milk Yogurt Pancakes

Custard Milk Yogurt Pancakes

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Ingredients for Making Custard Milk Yogurt Pancakes

  1. 2 eggs
  2. Milk 250 milliliters
  3. Drinking yogurt 250 milliliters
  4. Wheat flour 8-9 tablespoons with a hill
  5. Baking powder for dough 1 teaspoon with a slide
  6. Purified water 250 milliliters
  7. Sugar 3-4 tablespoons
  8. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  9. Vegetable oil for frying dishes
  10. Butter for greasing dishes
  • Main ingredients: Milk, Yogurt, Flour
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


Small casserole, Cooker, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Deep bowl, Scoop, Frying pan, Hand whisk, Measuring cup, Serving dish, Fork, Wooden spatula, Knife, Sieve, Medium bowl

Cooking custard milk-yogurt pancakes:

Step 1: prepare the eggs.

Using a knife, break the eggshell, and pour the squirrel and yolk into a deep bowl. Pour sugar and salt into the same container and, using a hand whisk, slightly whip all the ingredients until smooth.

Step 2: prepare the flour.

To make the dough airy and tender, you need to sift the flour with a sieve into a medium bowl. To do this, pour the ingredient into improvised stock and, stirring the flour with a tablespoon, sift it into a container.

Step 3: prepare the water.

In order for our dough to become custard, we need to bring water to boiling water. And for this, pour the ingredient into the pan and put the container on medium heat. When the water boils, turn off the burner, but immediately after that we start preparing the dough so that the water does not have time to cool. Otherwise, it will have to be heated again.

Step 4: prepare the dough for pancakes.

So, pour milk into a bowl with beaten eggs in a thin stream and, using the same manual whisk, beat everything well in parallel until a homogeneous mass is formed. After that, pour the drinking yogurt into the mixture and whisk everything again, but not intensively, but just a little. And now we start adding flour to the egg-milk mixture in small portions with a tablespoon. At the same time, we continue to whip everything with improvised inventory so that no lumps appear in the test. Attention: the dough should be consistency like thick sour cream, so if necessary we can add a little more flour. And now, when it would seem that the dough is ready, pour the baking powder for the dough into the bowl and immediately pour boiling water. This is where the process of brewing the dough and extinguishing the baking powder will occur. Again, mix everything well with a hand whisk until smooth and move on to the process of making pancakes.

Step 5: prepare the custard milk-yogurt pancakes.

We put a frying pan with a small amount of oil on medium heat. When the oil warms up well, use a scoop to pour the batter into the middle of the container. In this case, hold the handle of the pan with one hand and distribute the dough throughout the pan with quick circular movements. Attention: in order for the pancakes to be thin, only half of the scoop is enough, while the pan should be approximately 25-26 centimeters diagonally. Pancakes are cooked very quickly, so make sure that they do not burn at the base. To do this, just raise the edge of the pancake with a wooden spatula and see what color the underside of the dish is. If it is browned and turned golden, we quickly turn the pancake on the other side with the improvised inventory. We transfer the finished pancake to the serving dish and, having strung the butter on the fork, evenly lubricate it over the entire surface. After that, we repeat the procedure for making pancakes from the beginning until we have finished the dough.

Step 6: serve custard milk-yogurt pancakes.

Immediately after cooking, while our pancakes are still warm, the dish can be served. But with what fillings to treat your friends and relatives, this is at your discretion. For sweet pancakes, I usually cook custard and stuff the dish with fresh cherry berries. Well, for salted pancakes, my kids love stuffing like boiled chicken, slices of fried champignon mushrooms and grated hard cheese. All this beauty can be poured with condensed milk or sour cream, respectively. Although, the pancakes are so tasty, aromatic and delicate that they can be eaten with a cup of sweet black tea or coffee. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - When choosing flour, first of all pay attention to the variety, since it must be superior, also the flour must be finely ground and only the brand you have verified. After all, the quality and taste of the dish depend on the good quality flour.

- - As always, the first pancake almost turns out lumpy. So to prevent this from happening, be sure to heat the pan and grease the container with vegetable oil or even fresh bacon. It is then that the first pancake will easily move away from the surface of the pan and will not break.

- - For the preparation of pancakes, it is best to use a special pan for frying pancakes, since such equipment has low sides and pancakes not only easy to turn over to the other side, but also shift them to a serving dish.


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