Japanese beef

Japanese beef

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Japanese Beef Ingredients

  1. Beef (Thin or Thick Edge) 0.5 kg;
  2. Chili pepper (green) 1 pc;
  3. Leek 30 g;
  4. Asparagus (green) 3-4 pcs;
  5. Salad (Mixture of Japanese salads, Mitsuna, Tatsoy, Mangold, Belaya Dacha) 75 g;
  6. Dry white wine 100 ml;
  7. Soy sauce 40 ml;
  8. Sauce (Worcester) 30 ml;
  9. Tabasco 5 ml;
  10. Sesame (white) 5 g;
  11. Sugar 5 g;
  12. Lemon juice 10 ml.
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Knife ;, Cutting board ;, Frying pan ;, Knife for cleaning vegetables.

Japanese Beef Cooking:

Step 1: Clean the greens.

To start, finely chop the leek. But before you start this, we’ll rinse it under running water. Then we take asparagus and also wash. Then we remove her "ass". We cut it obliquely so that the cut comes out beautiful. Asparagus needs to be cleaned, and a special knife for cleaning vegetables will help us with this. Thus, we will carefully remove the skin from it. And we will cut slightly below half the stem. Cut asparagus, in this case, you need exclusively on the diagonal. So it is well-fried and retains a beautiful look. Each piece should get about 2 centimeters. In Japanese cuisine can not do without pepper. Therefore, now we will thoroughly wash it and remove its insides. After which we chop finely.

Step 2: Let's start processing the meat.

In order not to disturb the structure of the meat, we will rinse it under a thin stream of water. Then it is very important to dry it with a paper towel. And then cut into thin slices of 1 centimeter. It turns out pretty well. Then, if your pieces are a little thick, cut them in half.

Step 3: start frying.

Here are all the ingredients ready for frying. Pour the oil into the pan and let it warm up a little over the fire. Then toss the leek, fry it until soft. The onion has already fenced off, so immediately we throw the asparagus to it and mix well. The whole mass is fried for about a minute, do not hold any more, otherwise it will burn. We prepare ready greens in a plate. We wash this pan and wipe it dry. Throw the beef into the hot oil. If the amount of meat exceeds your ability to fry, divide it into several passes. The meat will be grilled for 4-5 minutes. Often do not bother him, let fry on all sides until fully cooked. So appetizing, it should turn out for you. And now a little salt and mix it. Add a little salt, because then add soy sauce, and its structure is salty. Do not dry meat on fire, because beef is very moody. The longer it fries, the harder it becomes. Only now add the fried gravy to the meat. Fry for minutes to give the pepper to fry. Now we throw a pinch of sugar and interfere. Constantly stirring, let it evaporate. Then add soy sauce, Worcestershire and Tabasco a few drops. All mass should be boiled 1/3. And in the end you will get the meat in a variety of sweet and sour and island sauce.

Step 4: We serve to the table.

Put meat in plates and decorate with salad. Pour over with olive oil and lemon juice. If there is no olive oil, add only juice. Sprinkle the meat on top with sesame seeds. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Be sure to remember to dry the meat with a paper towel. The lack of moisture will give it a better fry and cover with a delicious crust.

- - Watch the onions and leeks when frying, because they quickly fry and burn.

- - In no case, salt the meat until it is fried. Salt draws moisture from foods. If it gets on the non-fried side, then you will receive unprepared and tough meat.


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