Sour Cream Jelly

Sour Cream Jelly

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Ingredients for Sour Cream Jelly

  1. Sour cream (nonfat) 500 g
  2. Gelatin 30 g
  3. Sugar 1-1.5 cups
  4. Syrup or milk 150 ml
  5. Kiwi 1 pc.
  6. Peaches 2 pcs.
  7. Banana 1 pc.
  8. Grapes 10-15 berries
  9. Grated chocolate for decoration
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings


Crockery, Knife, Cutting board, Plate, Jelly form, Film, Blender or mixer, Metal mug, Water bath pan

Preparation of sour cream jelly with fruits:

Step 1: Prepare the base for the jelly.

The basis for our jelly is gelatin. Therefore, soak it with milk or cold water in a mug or a small bowl. Stir to break lumps and gelatin swell. It takes half an hour for gelatin to completely swell, during which time we will have time to prepare the fruits. Ready gelatin will need to be dissolved in a water bath. Don't let boiling gelatin! The fire should be small, and the gelatin needs constant stirring. When it is completely dissolved, you need to give the gelatin time to cool.

Step 2: Prepare the fruit.

We peel the kiwi from the skin, banana from the peel, peach from the seed, and grapes from the seeds. Of course, the fruit must first be washed. And then we cut them in any way pleasing to the soul - in rings, a semicircle, straws, slices, plates. Show your imagination and be pleased with the result.

Step 3: Cook the sour cream jelly.

In a blender bowl, mix sour cream and sugar, and then beat them until the sugar has completely dissolved. Some sugar will absorb gelatin, so if you like sweeter desserts, add more sugar. We begin to pour in the gelatin slowly, continuing to stir the sour cream. Jelly is done!

Step 4: Combine fruit and jelly.

To create a beautiful dessert, we need a form. Either one large, or many portioned. Depends on the quantity that we need. We cover the form with a film so that nothing sticks to it. We spread the first layer of fruits in the form - it can be a layer of bananas alone, for example, or a mixed layer of all fruits at once. Then add a layer of jelly. Spread the fruit again, gently squeezing them in the jelly so that they do not fall out. And so we alternate fruits with jelly until the form is filled, and the components do not end. If the fruit remains, they can be left for decoration or simply eat.

Step 5: Cook and serve the sour cream jelly with fruits.

Actually, the jelly is already ready, it remains only to send it to the refrigerator until it completely solidifies. This can take up to 3 hours. When the jelly hardens, we turn the form on the dish on which we will serve dessert, and remove the film from it. And the finished sour cream jelly with fruits is attributed to the festive table. You can decorate it with grated chocolate or coconut. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Another way of making jelly is not to lay fruit and jelly in layers, you can just mix everything together and put it in a mold.

- - Instead of film, you can use wet baking paper.

- - You can add berries to the fruit. Or replace them completely.

- - To make sour cream jelly sooner, use powdered sugar instead of sugar.

- - To change the color of the jelly or make it colorful, add cocoa in the jelly. You can divide the sour cream jelly into 2 parts, mix one with cocoa and pour them into the mold in turn.