10 Biggest American Wedding Cakes

10 Biggest American Wedding Cakes

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Check out these jaw-droppingly big and beautiful wedding cakes

Gaze upon the immense wedding cake in all of its glory...

Go big or go home is a mantra that can be adapted to apply to many of life’s tasks and challenges. After all, if we are going to do something, why not make it the biggest and best it can be? And when you are making a commitment as big as marriage, you have to make your wedding count. If you booked a big venue, a big band, and are wearing a big dress, don’t fall short on your cake.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to selecting a wedding cake that perfectly represents you as a couple. We have seen everything from cakes that make nerds swoon to beautiful works of art that just simply take our breaths away. But what about the brides who want to say how much they love their future partner (and cake) in a big way?

We contacted bakeries across the country and asked them to tell us what big orders brides have placed for their big days. What we got in return was a collection of jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring cakes that make your average three-tiered cake shake in its fondant boots.

Covered in glitter or overtaken by cascading flowers, these beautiful cakes made a huge impression with their style and their size. Check out our slideshow to see what cakes were just too big to ignore.

21 Gorgeous Layer Cake Recipes for Every Occasion

Some occasions just call for a cake. If you're looking for a delicious, impressive recipe, you're in luck: Here we're sharing 20 of our most flavorful layer cake recipes that will take you through every season and holiday of the year. Layer cakes are fan-favorites because they're so versatile. Take a base like Simple Layer Cake with Vanilla Frosting, for example&mdashit's basic on the outside, but each bite is extraordinarily moist and sweet. Top if off with any color icing or sprinkles you want, depending on the event, and you've got something truly special.

To transport your guests to cloud nine, try one of our light-as-air cakes. At the peak of strawberry season, there's simply nothing more enjoyable than Chiffon Cake with Strawberries and Cream. If you love strawberry shortcake or a bowl of berries and cream, then trust us when we say that this cake was made for you. Another recipe guaranteed to make it to the winner's circle? Our next-level Vanilla Sponge Cake with Strawberry-Meringue Buttercream. It's sure to make jaws drop with its stunning looks.

Ice cream cakes are also a type of layer cake that always draws applause from kids, both old and young. We have two very special recipes&mdashour Seven-Layer Ice Cream Cake, in particular, is attention-grabbing and will certainly live up to the hype. Choose a selection of berry ice cream flavors and add-ins for a patriotic dessert to serve all summer long. Two additional summertime favorites include a decadent Brownie Sundae Ice Cream Cake and the Meyer-Lemon and Coconut Layer Cake that's pictured here.

Whether you keep it simple and classic with a Carrot Cake with White-Chocolate Frosting or go all out by making our Salted-Caramel Six-Layer Chocolate Cake, everyone will want a slice of these layer cake recipes.

Give your wedding cake a little French panache with the citrusy flavor of Grand Marnier. The cognac provides dimension to simple cake flavors and adds a little je ne sais quoi. If you're not big on the Grand Marnier, any type of brandy can also be used to amplify the flavor of a wedding cake.

This flavor combination calls for a coconut sugar cake (which de Lung says tastes like graham crackers), coconut sugar caramel, and guava or passionfruit curd. "Coconut sugar does not liquify as easily as cane sugar," explains de Lung. "So be sure to use an inherently moist cake recipe."

10 Of The Most Popular Wedding Cake Bakeries In America

Can a single girl plan a cake tasting? Asking for a friend.

A good cake can make guests forget any other potential meal mishaps &mdash stingy appetizer trays, dry chicken, a cash bar &mdash so a top-notch bakery is important. WeddingWire looked into its network of local wedding vendors to find some of the top ones in the country. Brides and husbands-to-be: Here are ten to keep on your radar.

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The baker here has a background in chemistry, and she's used it to come up with the most delicious cakes in town. You can choose from one of 34 flavors to hide behind the mesmerizing designs.

Kristen Repa, Dessert Works' head pastry chef, trained in the cake-loving city of Vienna, Austria, before returning to Massachusetts. There she's made cakes for former president Bill Clinton, Aerosmith's Joe Perry, and the Kennedy family . Every couple's guaranteed to find a cake that fits the bill: The bakery will make vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free versions.

If you think Bittersweet Pastry Shop's wedding cakes are impressive, you should see their sweet tables. Couples can deck them out with tarts, tortes, mousse, and mini cakes.

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This bakery has been a Dallas fixture for more than 70 years, and customers love it for its creativity. Every cake is made from scratch, so bakers can whip up any custom flavor you desire.

Every season ushers in a different cake flavor menu, which you can check out here. Summer brides can enjoy vanilla cake with lemon curd and strawberry buttercream, while winter couples can cozy up to a slice of pumpkin cake with candied cranberries and cinnamon buttercream.

Owner Nadine Moon could fill your computer screen with her list of achievements: Her cakes have been featured on Food Network and TLC, and she's made custom ones for Matthew McConaughey, Elton John, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan . Her specialty is extra-tall cakes that tower above the happy couple.

Geode cakes, naked cakes, tree bark cakes &mdash there's not a trend this bakery hasn't tackled. Its name is a nod to the most universally loved cake flavor and also to the fact that bakers use Madagascar vanilla beans in all of their desserts.

The chef at Butterfly Bakeshop hails from Bogota, Colombia, and his cake designs are just as colorful as his home country. You can let him dream up something custom for you or choose a base, trim, and design extras from his a la carte menu.

The second generation of cake makers just took over this family-run bakeshop, but that hasn't slowed down business. The Master's Baker churns out 1,500 custom wedding cakes every year, plus cupcake tables and mini desserts.

Kelly O'Brien has done it all: She's been a line cook, a pastry chef, a sorority house chef, and now the chef and cake designer of Glass Slipper Gourmet. She's all about the details, with a Pinterest page for clients to get inspired by and made-to-order cake stands to finish the look on their big day.

Tips For Success (trust me, you want to read this)

    • Measure out all of your ingredientswith a scale. Baking is a science and because you can accidentally add too much flour or have not enough flour when you use cups, a scale is needed for accuracy. You can purchase a kitchen scale in the baking aisle at most grocery stores for less than $20.
    • Bring your butter, milk, and eggs to room temperature. Room temperature ingredients will create an emulsion properly but if any of your ingredients are cold then the batter will not mix together properly and you’ll end up with a wet layer at the bottom of the cake. Click the link above if you need to know how to warm up your eggs, milk, and butter properly.
    • Don’t be afraid to mix. If you’ve never used the reverse creaming method before you might get freaked out about the mixing stage because we are going to mix for TWO minutes. When you’re making a cake in the traditional way, you would never mix that long because you would over-mix your cake batter and create huge holes (tunnels).
    • With the reverse creaming method, we coat the flour in the butter first which actually inhibits the gluten from developing. We are also using cake flour which isn’t as strong as regular flour so it needs to be mixed more. Reverse creaming also allows us to add more liquids and sugar to the cake than the typical mixing style which is why this vanilla cake is SO incredibly moist and tender.
    • Check your altitude – If you live above 5,000 ft you may need to reduce your baking powder a bit so that your vanilla cakes do not collapse.

    Whether it is a breakfast, luncheon, brunch, or dinner party, finger sandwiches never fails. They are a definite classic and always considered a favorite. They’re so easy to prepare, so you may want to add them to your wedding menu. There are so many combinations to choose from – salmon and cucumber, ham and cheese, tomato and beef, bacon and olive, egg and cress – the choices are endless.

    The Perfect American Buttercream Frosting for Cake Decorating

    If you look online right now for American Buttercream Frosting, you will probably find 22,394,798,705 results with the same exact ingredients, differing only slightly. So, why did your decorated cake look so different? Why does it look easier for other people to frost cakes? What makes American Buttercream smooth? What makes American Buttercream creamy? What makes American Buttercream white?

    I’ve been asked a million times over the years of blogging, cake decorating workshops, and owning my special cake order business: What is the best frosting for decorating cakes? Truthfully, I’ve been hesitant to put it on the blog because there are so many variables. I’ve made probably a million batches and they’re not promised to turn out the same every time.

    However, there are some tips, tricks, methods, and madness that I’ve learned over this last decade of caking. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

    The Perfect American Buttercream Frosting for Decorating a Cake

    • The temperature of the butter matters more than you think. Your butter temperature is the most important when it comes to American Buttercream. If it’s too cold, it will get clumpy in the mixer making it easier for air to get trapped. Butter should be around 68-70 degrees. You should be able to press your finger through the butter without using great force. Room temperature will differ from house to house so get to know your butter.
    • The less air the better. You might have been taught to whip your frosting. Please don’t! It will make decorating cakes way more difficult. The less air, the more silky-smooth. The less air, the less crusty over time. The less air, the better peaks. We keep the mixing minimal and on low.
    • When mixing, a paddle attachment is the way to go. A paddle attachment with a rubber scrapper is even better.
    • Take the time to warm up the whole milk. It’s a small step that helps out immensely. Warming the milk to room temperature allows the frosting to keep its form and prevents the butter from clumping again.
    • Adding too much milk can cause the American Buttercream to separate. So, add it slowly.

    Why isn’t my American Buttercream White?

    American Buttercream is yellow by nature because of the butter. If you use Whole Foods brand butter, it doesn’t have as much of a yellow tint to it. However, I just prefer to keep Americolor Bright White on hand.

    Why isn’t my American Buttercream Smooth?

    It’s more than likely because your butter was too cold to begin with. Try soaking a washcloth in warm water, ring it out and wrap it around the bowl of the standing mixer and mix for a little longer.

    Why don’t I get stiff peaks from my American Buttercream?

    It’s possible that you have too much air in your frosting. This isn’t impossible to fix. Take a rubber spatula and press the frosting against the bowl to release any excess air. Continue pressing until the buttercream is smooth and creamy. It might take around 10-15 minutes, but you’ll get there! Try working in smaller batches if it’s too hard.

    Why is my American Buttercream Grainy?

    A powdered-sugar-based frosting is by nature going to produce a grainy buttercream. Especially when compared to a meringue buttercream where the sugar granules melt completely into the egg whites. The longer it sits, the grainier it becomes. However, it’s also a sign that you may have used too much powdered sugar in your frosting. Try adding a little more milk.

    Why is my American Buttercream Separating?

    It’s a temperature issue. It’s called splitting. Don’t be discouraged, try to let it sit for about 10 minutes before mixing again.


    10 Traditional Cakes from Around the World

    Gastronomy is an art that, like fashion or music, varies tremendously from one country or region to another. These differences exist primarily in the type of ingredients available in each area and tastes developed throughout the centuries of eating certain kind of flavors.
    In the following article you&rsquoll find 10 examples of traditional cakes from different areas of the planet, all of them equally delicious, but different in composition.

    1. France: Galette des Rois

    The English name of this cake would be the &ldquoKing´s Cake&rdquo. Traditionally this cake is eaten after Christmas, during the first week of January, although lately, it has become so popular that many bakeries sell it during the whole month.
    Essentially this cake is made of layers of buttery puff pastry topped with powder sugar, which wrap around rich almond cream. Once everything has been prepared, it is baked until the outer layer acquires a toasted look.

    2. Germany: Black Forest Cherry Cake

    This type of cake is very traditional from the south-east of Germany, the Black Forest region. Although it is widely believed that the original form of this type of cake comes from Switzerland, Germans have perfected it and made it as famous as it is nowadays.
    The cake itself is made of a few layers of chocolate cake separated by cherries and topped by whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and some more cherries for decorative purposes. A Swedish version of the Black Forest cake also exists, although it has little to do with the original German recipe since it is made of meringue and whipped cream.

    3. Turkey/ Greece: Revani

    The Arabic world and especially Turkey are very well known for the baklava, a variety of sweets made from dried fruits, layered pastry, and honey. However, they have many other types of sweets and desserts, although they are not as well-known as the first one.

    Revani is a moist cake elaborated with semolina, a bit of lemon. Orange syrup is usually used to make what otherwise would be a rather dry cake into a smoother and tastier dish. Given the connection and similarity between Greece and Turkey, this kind of cake appears in both cuisines.

    4. Japan: Mochi

    The Mochi is a traditional Japanese cake made of rice paste that is usually prepared in New Year&rsquos Eve, although it can be found throughout the whole year in different varieties like ice creams or even soups. Given the fact that the rice paste is easily molded and can be combined with a wide range of ingredients, an unlimited variety of Mochi cakes can be found.

    5. India: Mawa Cake

    Mawa cakes are milk based cakes with a touch of cardamom and nuts like almonds or cashews. The Mawa is solidified milk obtained through the process of cooking the milk very slowly so that the liquid evaporates. This Cake is especially traditional in Mumbai where the almost disappeared Irani cafes that populated the city would serve it. Those cafes could not survive the new fast food chains and new age restaurants, but their cakes still remain as one of the favorite treats for Mumbaikars.

    6. New Zealand & Australia: Pavlova

    Named after the famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, this meringue cake was created during her visit to New Zealand, although the origin of this dessert has always been a source of argument between Kiwis and Aussies. The Pavlova is cooked in many different ways, usually being garnished with fruits, usually kiwis and strawberries. The addition of corn flour to the traditional meringue ingredients allows the cake to have a crisp shell that covers a marshmallow-like center.

    7. Mexico: Tres Leches Cake (Three Milks Cake)

    This moist, milk based sponge cake is traditionally from Mexico, although it has become a very popular cake all over South America. The base of the dish is a butter sponge cake that will later be soaked in three kinds of milk, condensed, evaporated and regular. Usually, it is topped with whipped cream or Meringue. The combination is a very moist and rich cake, with a very different taste from usual sponge cakes.

    8. South Africa: Vetkoek &ldquoFat Cake&rdquo

    Adopted from the first Dutch immigrants that arrived in South Africa around 1800s, the so-called &ldquoFat cakes&rdquo have become very popular in the African country. This &ldquocake&rdquo in reality is more like a pastry made from cake dough containing raisins and currants. That dough is molded into small rounded balls and deep fried in oil to be finally topped with syrup, sugar or honey. The pastry can also be filled with jam, cheese or even different types of meat to have a more savory version.

    9. Scotland: Dundee Cake

    The Dundee cake is a traditional Scottish fruit cake made with raisins and currants, although depending on the recipe different cherries can also be used. Despite the spongy look, the Dundee Cake has a very light texture and a very rich flavor. To add some flavor and moisture, Scottish whiskey is usually added to the cake. The cake is usually decorated with almonds placed in concentric circles.

    10. Italy: Panettone

    The Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread loaf from the north of Italy. Despite having a very similar texture to bread, it is considered as a dessert cake which is eaten at Christmas and on New Year&rsquos Eve. Inside the Panettone, we find several types of candied fruits, as well as raisins.
    Usually, the Panettone is served with sweet liqueurs such as amaretto or, alternatively, with hot drinks like hot chocolate.

    Trust us: This simple berry-studded cake recipe is a real keeper.

    Recipes you want to make. Cooking advice that works. Restaurant recommendations you trust.

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    Making These Cake Layers in Advance and Storage Tips:

    • Make your cake layers in advance and freeze them: It breaks the process up and make it more approachable.
    • Make your frosting ahead of time too, or save any leftover frosting! It can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a month, or in the freezer for up to 3 months. Be sure to give it a good stir once it thaws to get the consistency nice and smooth again.
    • A frosted cake can last in the fridge for up to a week, or in the freezer for up to a month. The buttercream locks in all the moisture, keeping the cake fresh and delicious!
    • If you cut into the cake and have leftovers, use any remaining frosting to cover the cut section to keep it moist and store in the fridge for up to a week.

    How do you get a truly white cake?

    1. Egg whites in the recipe. There should not be egg yolks in a white cake recipe.

    2. Butter color. I try to use a pale butter. There are many brands of butter that have the most glorious, rich, and vibrant yellow tones. I don’t use those when trying to make my cake white. You can also whip butter on its own for 3-5 minutes to lighten its color.

    3. Imitation clear extract. Vanilla can add a dark tinge to your batter, taking away from a vibrant white. Imitation clear vanilla extract helps to keep the batter colorless.

    There is just something beautiful about a naked cake, you know?

    I think my heart skips a beat when I see a white on white cake. This is the “after” of my naked cake above.

    One of the MOST common questions I get about this cake is:

    Can I make it into cupcakes?

    Yes… kinda. You will need to adjust cooking times dramatically. Start checking at 15 minutes you want to cupcakes to no longer appear “wet” in the center and to spring back when touched. If the edges are brown(dark) the cupcakes may be overdone.

    Watch the video: Epic Wedding Fails failed marriage!!! (August 2022).