The Best Gifts for Cocktail and Wine Lovers in Your Life

The Best Gifts for Cocktail and Wine Lovers in Your Life

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Whether you’re looking for something to gift a wine enthusiast or a budding mixologist this year, we’ve got something here for you.

Best Gifts of 2018 for Cocktail and Wine Lovers

This holiday season, pamper the mixologist or wine aficionado in your life! From elegant bar tools, to (actually delicious!) pre-made cocktails, we've collected a range of items we'd be happy to give—or receive.

Rabbit Compact Bar Tools

For the aspiring mixologist on your list—this super-compact tool kit includes everything you need to turn out a proper cocktail, bundled up into this sleek, purse or pocket-ready case. A must for camping trips or vacation rentals.

The Mini-Bar: 100 Essential Cocktail Recipes

PUNCH is a noted authority on all things cocktail-related. This cute set, comprised of eight volumes, is organized by primary ingredients—by spirit, liqueur, or wine. If you’re looking to gift a cocktail recipe book, this one not only covers all of the essentials, it’s also just a darn cute accessory for any bar cart or tray.

Sagamore Spirit Cask-Strength Rye

Any mixologist worth their salt will love this rye to mix with—it’s got an assertive black pepper finish that adds richness and heft to a cocktail. Make no mistake, this is not a sipping whisky—it’s cask-strength, so it really needs other flavors to temper its bite. Try this Maryland rye from Sagamore Spirit in an Old Pal or other classic rye cocktails.

4-Piece Bar Tool Set

We love the rustic look of the contrasting handles on this bar tool set. The sleek design and two-tone coloring make this gorgeous—and functional—addition to any cocktail cart.This simple set is just right for someone starting out, and handsome enough for an addition to a veteran mixologist’s kit.

This bottle is a boon for the active wine drinker. We love that this keeps wine at just the proper temperature—and yes, it will hold an entire bottle of wine! Silicone grips on the bottom help guard against spills, but the super-tight lid also guards against them. The matching tumblers each hold a generous 10 ounce pour and will keep your wine or cocktails at optimum temperature for hours.

Chill Barware Tumblers

These elegant tumblers are just right for chilled digestifs or other cocktails. The marble base is an attractive and super-functional touch: they get stored in the freezer, and cleverly keep your cocktails cold, negating the need for ice that will water them down.

Pampelonne Sparkling Wine

This sparkling cocktail starts with wine from the sun-drenched Côtes de Provence region of southern France. These canned-for-convenience cocktails are a cut above the bevy of sparkling hard waters and cocktails that have recently made a splash. This fruity sparkler has nicely-defined notes of pear combined with a hint of cardamom, for a festive drink that even the most discerning of your cocktail-and-wine loving friends will enjoy.

Joss & Main Circa Bloody Mary Garnish Divided Serving Dish

For the host who's a true bloody Mary lover, this serving dish is essential for any festive brunch spread. The clever "in a pickle" fork is paired with the sectioned tray to make DIY bloodies as easy—and adorable—as can be.

PackIt's Freezable Double Wine Bag

Gift this handy cooler to your friend who insists on perfectly chilled wine. The wine carrier features freezable gel packs to keep wine chilled for hours, whether they're headed to the beach, a picnic, or on a weekend getaway. Bonus points for holding two bottles, and the convenient shoulder strap.

Rabbit Wine Chiller

The steel beverage cooler can keep any bottle of wine chilled for up to 24 hours. Any wine lover will appreciate this brilliant find any time they head to the beach, or out for a picnic. The cap also doubles as a bonus cup, so there's no need to pack glasses.

10 Cocktail Books That Make Great Gifts

Cocktail lovers can always use a new drink in their glass, a new recipe to try, new boozy histories to recount. So it's never a bad idea to give cocktail books for the holidays. But we understand, of course, that there’s not just one kind of cocktail drinker. So we’ve got categories to ensure you’re getting the exact right thing: Your friend who loves to lounge in his Eames chair, daiquiri in hand, would love Mod Cocktails, while your brother who wishes he worked behind the bar at Death & Co will love doing a deep dive into Cocktail Codex. Just make sure the ultimate beneficiary is you: insist on being invited over for drinks while they start testing the recipes in each volume.

8 Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers and Cocktail Enthusiasts

Stuck on what to get the budding wine or cocktail enthusiast in your life?

Forget funny wine stoppers and personalised coasters this year, and instead feast your eyes on this selection of gadgets, gimmicks and sophisticated stuff that'll surprise, delight and confound your wine loving friends come Christmas time.

Whether you like to plan ahead or leave shopping to the last minute, a little inspiration never goes amiss, expecially when it comes to finding unique wine gifts.

Take your pick of our great gift ideas below for wine and cocktail lovers:

The Ideal Gift Set for That Golf & Wine Enthusiast in Your Life

What do you get the avid golfer in your life? The perfect collection for wine and golf lovers. Three premium wines from the wineries of legendary golfers Ernie Els, Greg Norman and Arnold Palmer, paired with a sleeve of three golf balls or the best golfers christmas gifts available on the market. This collection is truly par excellence!

Wine Gift Set Includes:

  • Arnold Palmer Cabernet Sauvignon
    Golf legend Arnold Palmer, in collaboration with Luna Vineyards, has expanded his portfolio of privately branded offerings to include Arnold Palmer Wines. This is a classic California Cab – rich, smooth, and tasty!
  • Greg Norman Limestone Coast Shiraz
    Fine wine is one of Greg Norman’s great passions, and Australian wine in particular. This passion and curiosity led him to launch Greg Norman Estates, a collection of wines from his native Australia. From the beginning, I have been committed to the promise that every bottle of my wine delivers exceptional quality and value.
  • Guardian Peak Frontier Red or Shiraz
    Ernie El’s is a true connoisseur of South Africa’s finest wines and has formed Guardian Peak with renowned winemaker Jean Englebrecht.
  • Festive Greet Sheet(as pictured)
  • Sleeve of three Wine.com logo golf balls

Please note that due to the popularity of this product, we reserve the right to substitute like wines and vintages of equal or greater value.

Santa Margherita Wine

Not only does Santa Margherita bottles of wine come in gorgeous tins, but they're also a company always looking for a way to help those in need. This year alone Santa Margherita wine donated $250,000 to multiple charities to help the fight against COVID-19, including Meals on Wheels and the National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Employee Relief Fund and Direct Relief. Their bottles range from $22 to $30.

40 Best Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers That They'll Happily Raise a Glass To

You love your friends, your friends love wine, and Christmas is coming up. You do the math! This year, if you really want to show them how much you care, we suggest speaking their language and throwing in a few wine gifts. Why not go all out when it comes to shopping for your favorite vino lover?

Luckily, we're here to help with a few of our favorite gift ideas for wine lovers right here. These affordable gifts are an excellent mix of festive, practical, and funny. Whether you're hoping to find a few great gifts for Mom (hello, brand new set of wine glasses!) or are trying instead to impress your significant other with some fabulous gifts for husbands (or gifts for boyfriends!), there's something for you on our list&mdashwe can practically guarantee it. From a red wine sheet mask that ticks all the boxes to a stylish galvanized metal wine holder and a lavish "Rosé All Day" facial serum, we're going to help you pamper your loved ones with the best gifts for wine lovers out there. And should you be in the mood to really spoil your recipient, we've even got a personal-sized countertop wine cooler.

Here's to snuggling up on a winter's night with a bottle of red, a bottle of white, and one of these fabulous wine gifts!

Who wouldn't want "Pairing Notes and Recipes from the New York Times"? Any wine lover will get a kick out of this gorgeous book.

We can't get over the adorable design of this mulled wine gift set. If you're lucky, they might just pour you a glass of their homemade concoction!

What's better than a cookbook filled with delicious new recipes to try? One that includes your favorite spirits in the fun.

If the beautiful design of this Bath and Body Works candle doesn't thrill them, then the aroma surely will. It features a blend of mulled apples, fresh fig, and cedarwood.

It's one thing to be able to write on your wine glasses. It's another to be able to do so in fashionable metallic ink. Too fun!

"Wine!" reads this hilarious sign. "Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad." We completely agree.

This "genuinely helpful guide" to wine will keep your recipient learning from glass to glass. We love the chic, minimalist design of the cover too.

This necklace isn't just a fun nod to their favorite beverage. It's also genuinely pretty in its own right.

How chic is this wine carrier? It comes with the glasses you see here.

This gorgeous book is subtitled, "A Totally Approachable Guide by a World-Class Sommelier." It should be on every wine lover's wish list this season.

Does your recipient like wine and coffee? You've got to surprise them with this gift.

They're comfy and funny. Now, that's our kind of gift.

If they most frequently consume their wine on the couch, this is the gift for them! This red wine stain remover has got to be the most practical item on our list.

What an awesome gift for any burgeoning wine appreciator. This notebook will help them keep track of their favorite finds in style.

"Does running out of wine count as cardio?" reads this funny tank. This one's so cute, you might have to buy an extra for yourself.

Save the day (literally) with this wine saver! It's small enough to fit into any kitchen cabinet.

Don't just upgrade your friend with a wine gift&mdashupgrade their pooch's life too! This wine dog toy is too funny.

This pack holds two bottles and includes glasses and a cheese board. Your friends will be picnic-ready in no time!

Indeed, it probably is. Give this cute tumbler to your wine-loving girlfriends, and watch them giggle!

The best wine gifts

Octopus wine holder

An eccentric wine bottle holder can become a table centrepiece in itself when cradling a bottle. This octopus is designed with a bottle in mind, and is sturdily built so that bottles can rest safely in its tentacles. The size means it’s an unobtrusive but eye-catching addition, even to small tables.

Upcycled wine bottle hydro herb kits

Fresh herbs are a game-changer for adding flavour and freshness to recipes. The novelty of an organic kitchen garden grown hydroponically in an upcycled wine bottle is marvellous, and there are nine herbs to choose from, including classic basil, mint and coriander. This innovative, wine-related gift will literally keep on giving.

Available from: Etsy (£19)

Moleskine passion wine journal

For those who like to savour every aroma, a wine journal becomes an archive of every bottle that has stirred the senses. Think of it as a diary – somewhere to record the grape, year, place and what it was paired with. A wine journal is a great gift for those who like to jot down tasting notes, are building their own collection, or associate memories with the drink they had at the time.

Available from:

Personalised grapevine gift set

For a wine lover who has everything, a pair of vines could be the perfect gift. British brand The Gluttonous Gardener selected two particular varieties, one white and one red, because of their ability to thrive in the UK’s fickle climate. They can even be grown in large pots. Just personalise the wooden crate with a name or personal message.

Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker

What’s the big deal about wine? When professional journalist and self-proclaimed amateur drinker Bianca Bosker discovers the world of elite sommeliers, she dives headfirst into the life where taste reigns supreme. Cork Dork is a witty retelling of her fervour-fuelled adventure that takes the reader from underground tastings to a Neuroscientists fMRI machine in her pursuit of the answer to that question.

Available from:

Ullo wine purifier

The Ullo contains four filters that help purify wine by removing sulfites and residual sediment. The former is a preservative widely used in winemaking that can cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive. This little gadget simply sits on top of a glass, and also has an optional ‘aerate’ function for enhancing the flavour of reds.

Available from:

Dibor vintage embossed wine goblets

These are a cheerful choice for slow summer dinners, and would add colour to anyone’s glass collection. On a practical note, different coloured glasses also make it easier during dinner parties to distinguish what drink belongs to which person.

Uashmama wine holder

Uashmama creates durable and washable paper bags that make nifty kitchen storage solutions. This wine holder has a removable interior cooling pouch for sitting snugly around bottles, and a thick stitched leather handle. This would be a practical and plastic-free gift for minimalistic wine lovers.

Available from: Trouva (£28.99)

Nkuku Obra industrial wine rack

Rated the best freestanding option in our test of the best wine racks, the Obra, by sustainable brand Nkuku, is sturdy and durable enough to double as an extra surface in your kitchen, or side table in the living room. Smaller bottles and cans sit comfortably between wine bottles, so don’t consider its 12-bottle capacity its limit.

Available from: Nkuku (£180)

Recycled wine glasses

These unique wine glasses are also some of our favourite sustainable gifts, and are each a little unique as they’re hand-blown from recycled glass. The robust design is a nice alternative to traditional thin-stemmed bowl glasses, plus they’re dishwasher-safe for fuss-free cleaning. They’re available in green or clear glass.

Available from:

Le Creuset instant aerator wine pourer

Red wine decanters are decadent but not always practical, so for those times when pouring directly from a bottle into a glass, this two-in-one gadget should help that bottle of red breathe by aerating while you pour. Just push it into the bottle neck as you would a stopper.

Available from:

Corkcicle AIR wine chiller and pourer

When eating outdoors, it’s handy to not have to keep going backwards and forwards to the fridge to refill glasses. Resembling an icicle, this wine chiller is a slimline gadget filled with a non-toxic freezable gel that slots straight into an open bottle. The result is wine chilled from the inside out. Hollow in design, the wine will flow through the icicle once it’s inserted. Just make sure to give it a good clean between uses.

Available from:

Woven wine tote basket and glass holder

Wine glasses can be a tricky thing to transport for picnics and outdoor adventures because they don’t stack easily. A caddy like this could be the perfect solution to the problem. Six glasses and a bottle slot into the woven sections, so even if there are dregs remaining, all will remain upright in transit. All elements are made from handwoven water hyacinth, but the handle is wire-reinforced for sturdiness.

Ocean cocktail sticks

Cocktail sticks are a good way to serve nibbles like cheese and olives without getting dirty fingers. It helps that they’re smaller than traditional forks, too. This set of four is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Available from: Nordic Nest (£10)

Le Creuset wine cooler sleeve

Le Creuset claims that when stored in the freezer, its WA-126 cooler sleeve will chill a bottle from room temperature in 20 minutes. If the wine was chilled to start, this should keep it cold for hours. This could be a great addition to a backpack for picnic adventures, al fresco eating with friends, or simply on the side table in the living room. Available in black, burgundy, cerise, shell pink and volcanic orange.

Available from:

Barcraft zinc-fired glass champagne bucket

The swirling burnished design on this champagne bucket’s glass exterior is achieved by hand, with a zinc-firing process. The resulting effect makes it a nice contemporary alternative to the classic brushed champagne bucket.

Available from: Wayfair (£30)

Cathy’s monogram wood wine trough

For a cooler that’s a little more personalised, initials can be carved into the exterior of this rustic wooden drinks trough, perfect for holding three bottles of wine or a collection of beers and cans.

Available from: Nordstorm (£99.16)

Conundrum 1-litre decanter

The swirling design of this glass decanter has two practical functions. The first is to oxygenate your bottle of red as it’s poured in and out, and the second is to give you purchase on the decanter as you pour its contents into glasses. The result is a glass of red that should have an enhanced bouquet.

Available from: Wayfair (£27.99)

Vintage wine poster print

This vintage French liquor poster has been retouched and reborn into the kind of print that would sit quite happily in a variety of interiors. Sizes vary, and there’s the option to purchase it framed and ready for hanging.

Available from: Etsy (from £11.14)

Valley wine cooler

This is a little bit of the outdoors, inside. Carved from natural stone, the textured exterior remains untouched while the inside has been carved and polished to hold a bottle. Filled with ice, the stone’s density maintains the cooled temperature for hours. Like oysters? This is a great way to present them.

Available from: Nordic Nest (£55)

Wine cork letters

Wine corks make great keepsakes. Whether it’s from a favourite bottle, special occasion, or simply invokes a memory you don’t want to forget, saving them can feel important. So here’s a wine gift that’s also a way to display them. Letters are available in uppercase or lowercase.

Available from:

Distinctly Living red wine carafe with oak stopper

The broad bowl base and narrow neck of this glass carafe is a classic decanter design for aerating reds at room temperature. What sets it apart is the polished wood sphere that sits as a stopper for protecting what’s left from dust. Not only does this arrive gift-wrapped, it’s also an elegant bit of kit to have on the shelf.

Available from: Trouva (£27)

Marble wine bottle holder

Bottle holders needn’t be a boring wine gift. There are actually multiple benefits to having one – tables are protected from drip marks and wine-bottle rings, the bottle remains in a spot that can be reached by everybody, and it’s protected in part from spilling. Frankly, they can also enhance your tableware collection. This smooth, green marble bottle holder would be a simple and stylish table addition. Plus, it would look great holding a chunky candle.

Available from:

Personalised picnic table wine carrier

Some things taste better when eaten al fresco with friends. For wine lovers who enjoy the great outdoors, this nifty wine gift transforms from a food caddy to a low picnic table, and can be engraved to make it more personal – great for days when you’re not straying too far from the car or kitchen.

Available from:

Reclaimed wood bath caddy

These scaffolding planks have come a long way. With a stand for resting your book on, two notches for tealights and a slot for safely holding a long-stemmed wine glass, these bath caddies retain bags of character while fulfilling their new role. Choose from 70cm, 80cm and 90cm lengths and various features.

14 Gifts for Rosé Lovers

For those who consider "rosé all day" a lifestyle manifesto.

When rosé exploded onto the wine scene in the 2010s, many people viewed it as a short-term fad, but our love of the pink drink has continued and shows no signs of stopping. Whether you're a blush wine devotee yourself (and at this point, who isn't?) or just shopping for your favorite "yes way, rosé"-er, these rosé-inspired gifts offer plenty to raise a glass over.

Combine their love of rosé with their love of shoes in one perfect gift.

Inspired by the rich pink shades of rosé, these balms are the ideal shade for leaving lip prints on your glass.

Lauded sommelier Victoria James sets out this charmingly illustrated tome that includes everything you need to know about the history of rosé, the secrets to the perfect pairings, and even rosé recipes (because we all need more wine cocktails in our lives.)

This ruby balsamic from Napa is blended from new and older rosé vintages for a zippy tang and fruit-forward sweetness you'll want a splash of in everything.

Related Items

City-Inspired Cookware

Le Creuset's destination colors like Caribbean and Marseille evoke feelings of wanderlust through their bright hues, bringing locations from all over the world right to your kitchen. Even the new Cosmos collection can make the well-traveled stargazer long for the road again. Every destination-inspired color is available in kitchen staples, from spatulas to stockpots, as well as unique presentation pieces like trivets and egg cups.

Buy it: $8-$400 lecreuset.com

Functional Footwear

Any foodie who likes to travel has to have dependable footwear to carry them through vineyards, culinary tours, or down the street to pick up dinner. Shoes that are waterproof in case they spill a cocktail by accident or get caught in inclement weather are preferable. Olukai's sophisticated style, with the comfort of a sneaker and the durability of a rain boot, is where fashion meets functionality. Available in multiple colors and for women, consider these the "perfect fit."

Buy it: OluKai Hawai'iloa Manu Hope, $150 zappos.com

Bottle Service

What is better than a wine tasting? A wine tasting delivered right to your doorstep. Treat your friends and family to the finest vineyards with a wine gift box tailored to their tastes. You can create a custom box, or a simple "Palate Profile" assesses their unique likes and dislikes, followed by a list of recommendations. Not sure about their preferences? Start with a gift card.

Buy it: Prices start at $15 winc.com

Collagen Boost

Collagen continues to be a buzzword, touting benefits like improvement in joint, ligament, and tendon health, as well as hair, skin, and nails. No jet setter has space for a tub of peptides, which means Vital Proteins stick packs are ideal. These portable peptides are available in both mammal and marine collagen, as well as a beauty-based varietal in a lavender lemon flavor.

Buy it: $34/20-count Box vitalproteins.com

Powerless Slow Cooker

No battery or plug required, this travel-friendly slow cooker is an adventure enthusiast's dream. The use of insulation technology allows food to slow cook for up to 12 hours without a power source. The perfect gift for the person who loves to go off the grid without veering from their meal plan. The bonus? For every Wonderbag purchased, one bag gets donated to a family in need within a designated community in a developing country.

Buy it: Wonderbag, $59 wonderbagworld.com

Barista-Level Beverages

We all have the neighbor who recounts the amazing espresso they enjoyed in Florence or the aunt who raves about the latte art she saw on her last trip to Seattle. Turns out, upgraded coffee is just a touch (of a button) away. Breville's compact Bambino Plus takes three seconds to heat from a cold start and features an auto-foaming steam wand to ensure milk is frothed at the appropriate temperature and texture for your taste buds.

Buy it: Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine, $500 williams-sonoma.com

A Gastro-Generational Journey

Where eat like a local meets grandma's home cooking: In Her Kitchen shares recipes from grandmothers around the globe, coupled with James Beard-winning photography by Gabriele Galimberti. A compilation of anecdotes and dishes from over 60 countries, this gift is equal parts mouth-watering and heart-warming.

Buy it: In Her Kitchen by Gabriele Galimberti, $35 amazon.com

Geographic Glassware

A favorite destination can now have a happy spot on the bar cart with these urban map tumblers. Available in more than 30 metropolitan city map designs ranging from Atlanta to St. Louis, these etched glasses are a no-brainer. Just add your favorite beverage.

Buy it: Urban Map Glass, $16 uncommongoods.com

Flying Colors

Keep your passport, boarding pass, and ID all in one place with this sleek wallet. Available in four colors, it's great for any jet-setter when they take off again.

Buy it: Slim Leather Passport Holder, $28 mochithings.com

Straw Man

These straws make sustainability chic. Each set of five folds to fit in compact carrying cases, and included squeegees make cleaning easy.

Buy it: Silicone Straw Set, $7 target.com

Keep It Clean

We're all about washing our hands and staying healthy, at home and on the go. The Pocket Hand Sanitizer is not only compact, it's organic, moisturizing and smells good, too, infused with essential oils for a bit of aromatherapy wherever you find yourself. The pocket sprayer will last awhile, too - each provides more than 330 spritzes.

Buy it: Bergamot Pocket Hand Sanitizer, $10 noshinku.com

Hot and Cold

Keep hot food hot for up to four hours, and cold food nice and frosty for up to eight hours in the vacuum-sealed stainless steel RIGWA bowl. The bowl holds one and a half quarts of food, and those who like to keep their food separated can add on the Divide & Conquer insert.

Buy it: RIGWA 1.5, $40 (insert sold separately) rigwalife.com

Road Trip Refueling

Rather than pulling over for a meal on the go while road tripping, simply plug this five-cup Mini Oven into your car with the included adapter and enjoy a healthy and hot meal on the go. The self-locking dish ensures your food doesn't spill out on any bumps you may encounter, so you can reheat or cook your meal with peace of mind and keep your attention on the road.

Buy it: Hotlogic Mini Oven with 5-Cup Lid Locking Glass Dish + Car Adapter, $70 hotlogic.com

Chocolate Zen

Give the chocolate lovers in your life a sense of zen when you gift them with these Ayurveda-inspired, sustainably sourced and fair trade chocolate bars from Elements Truffles. Each bar is organic, pure, raw, vegan, and dairy free, and made by hand in micro-batches by meditators who are surrounded by high vibrational music. What's more, 25 percent of profits are donated to the holistic development of children in India.

Buy it: Aura Gift Box, $40 elementstruffles.com

Mask Up

Share the traveler in your life's love of exploration, but instead of wearing it on your sleeve, wear it on your face. This colorful Flight Tags mask, which features airport codes from around the world, inspires wanderlust.

Buy it: Flight Tags Face Mask, $23 airportag.com

Flavor Blast

Umami-rich flavors arrive in your kitchen with a new chef-quality product line from Momofuku. Rooted in tradition with a modern style, the sauces, seasonings, and condiments are all made with natural and organic ingredients, and work with all types of dishes. First up, Momofuku Chili Crunch, Momofuku Seasoned Salts (Savory, Tingly and Spicy) and Momofuku Liquids (Soy Sauce, Tamari and Sesame Oil).

Buy them: Prices range from $10 - $30 momofuku.com

Barista on the Go

The coffee lover in your life can make their own drip coffee wherever they go with the Collapsible Coffee Drip. Simply set it up atop a cup or mug, pour hot water over ground coffee beans and there it is - a perfect cup of joe. Once brewing is finished, disassemble into six small pieces to tuck away into a backpack or glove compartment.

Buy it: Collapsible Coffee Drip, $30 snowpeak.com

Barista on the Go, French-Style

If the coffee lover in your life prefers a French press but finds it hard to craft a good cup on the go, the Steel Toe may be the answer. The 20-fluid-ounce travel mug stops coffee grounds from continuing to brew when it's fully pressed down. Ooh la la!

Buy it: Steel Toe 2.0 with Bru-Stop, $33 planetarydesign.com

A Cherry on Top

A taste can transport the senses, and wouldn't we all like to be transported somewhere else? Serve this Pistachio Cherry Syrup atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream, blend it into whipped cream, or or mix it into a holiday cocktail punch. Whichever way, the naturally sweet-meets-meaty pistachio flavor will be a delight.

Buy it: FloraLuna Pistachio Cherry Syrup, $19 floralunaapothecary.com

Tastes of the World

While we await the day when we can jet to faraway lands again, send global tastes to the traveler in your life. Choose one box of goodies, or subscribe for three, six, or 12 months, and a variety of sweet and salty snacks from the country-of-the-month is delivered right to the doorstep. A booklet comes along to guide the flavorful adventure and includes trivia, recipes and more, too.

The Best Gift for Bartenders

For the bartender that is tired of plastic straws defiling the environment, StrawExpert has this Set of 16 Reusable Stainless-Steel Straws with Travel Case. These reusable straws are made from premium, silver-colored 18/8 stainless steel that are safe to use and environmentally friendly. These amazing straws are color-coded so each of your guests can have their own and there are a variety of sizes so you can use them for different drinks and glasses or cups.

The best thing about these straws is that they can be easily washed with the scrub brushes that also come with these straws. This makes them eco-friendly for the environmentally conscious bartender. They also come in a neat little travel case so if you are a frequent traveler, you can take them with you wherever your services are needed.