Celebrate the Sunshine: 4 Easy Citrus Recipes for Summer Entertaining

Celebrate the Sunshine: 4 Easy Citrus Recipes for Summer Entertaining

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Add a sunny dessert to your tabletop with these citrusy recipes

You'll love this sweet taste of citrus.

Nothing says summer like the crisp, refreshing taste of citrus. The flavor of lemons is especially seasonal, creating a light, palate-pleasing freshness for all recipes.

Celebrate the Sunshine: 4 Easy Citrus Recipes

Meyer lemons, in particular, are the darlings of the season, with a slightly sweet quality that brightens any dessert. For a burst of lemon flavor without the bite, try some of our favorite recipes using Krusteaz’s New Meyer lemon pound cake mix. Pound cake can be a delicious option for a summer dessert.

Coconut Lemon Dessert Waffles

Did you know you can make breakfast staples for dessert? These coconut lemon dessert waffles are made with the Krusteaz Meyer lemon pound cake mix, coconut water, and coconut milk. Served in slices and topped with a decadent lemon glaze, these waffles will make it so you’ll never look at your waffle iron the same!

Lemon Berry Trifle Push Pops

Push pops are another fun treat for summer. Perfect for kids or to impress guests when entertaining, these homemade layered pops are great for portion-controlled dessert. Simply layer your lemon pound cake in mini plastic trifle pop molds with lemon cream and fresh berries, then top with whipped cream to complete these DIY handheld trifles.

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