One-Ingredient Ice Cream

One-Ingredient Ice Cream

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Believe it or not, you only need one ingredient to make rich and creamy mock ice cream — frozen bananas! Once the...

One-Ingredient Ice Cream

Believe it or not, you only need one ingredient to make rich and creamy mock ice cream — frozen bananas! Once the purée reaches soft-serve consistency you can fold in your favorite add-ins; chopped nuts, chocolate chips, creamy peanut butter, and crushed biscotti all taste great with this ice cream.


Don’t be worried if the bananas appear gooey or chunky as you purée them; in just a few more seconds they’ll blend into a smooth and creamy treat.


Calories Per Serving206

Folate equivalent (total)46µg12%

One-Ingredient Ice Cream

An easy non-dairy treat made using nothing but bananas. You can customize it with additional add-ins to make the ultimate cold vegan soft serve.

I've come to realize bananas are magical. They're so versatile and the perfect filler for anything. I love them in my smoothies, mixed into my cereal, and as my ice cream. Yes, you heard me right. Ice cream. It's a dream come true. A healthy dessert, an oxymoron, is now becoming more common. And you don't have to sacrifice the flavor you've come to expect from your sweets just because it's deemed "healthy."

Here's how you accomplish this simple sweet.

One Ingredient Ice Cream – So Easy and Tasty, You Won’t Believe It!

This frozen banana ice cream is such a game changer! This easy ice cream recipe is a total hit with kids and all you&rsquoll need is a blender and a frozen banana!

I know it seems a bit crazy to be sharing an ice cream recipe in the middle of February, but yesterday it was 45 degrees outside! I was so hot and sweaty that I put on my swimsuit and went out back to sunbathe by the big pile of rapidly melting snow! Then I died of hypothermia. True story.

Honestly, though, I had planned on holding on to this recipe until it warmed up outside for real, but I just haven&rsquot had the time to get in the kitchen lately. I&rsquove been busy with contractors making a mess of my house and staring at the pictures of my brand new nephew. What&rsquos that? You wanna stare too?

He&rsquos even sweeter than this frozen banana ice cream recipe I&rsquom about to share with you.

Before I share though, I would like to take a moment to assure you that my children do not, in fact, sit around and eat sugar by the spoonful all day long. I know it seems as though all I do is bake goodies filled with sugar (and butter and, sometimes, bacon), but I&rsquom actually pretty strict about my kids&rsquo diet.

They get one of each treat that I make and then the rest gets shipped off to work with my husband. Every now and then I&rsquoll keep something around long enough for them to get two or three pieces, but that&rsquos pretty rare. I figure they get enough sugar in the breakfast cereal they eat every morning, so I honestly try to limit sugar for the rest of the day.

You can imagine their surprise when I offered up ice cream for a snack, both because it meant something more complicated than me handing them a banana (the usual snack of choice) and because it was ice cream! At ten in the morning!

What they didn&rsquot know was that their snack was still just a banana. My version of &ldquoice cream&rdquo was just a frozen banana pureed in a blender. They were so excited that I felt a little bad for them and sprinkled some chocolate chips on top. They gobbled it up.

I&rsquove since made banana ice cream with a big spoonful of peanut butter mixed in. It gives it great flavor and the kids get a little protein. You could also stir in a bit of honey if you were feeling particularly nice, or better yet, drizzle in some chocolate syrup.

One-Ingredient Ice Cream - Recipes

This month we’re featuring simple desserts. Today’s recipe, from The Kitchn Cookbook, uses just ONE ingredient to create creamy ice cream. Can you guess what it is?

Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream
from The Kitchn Cookbook

We have some theories about why a recipe will go viral. There is a certain combination of easy, cheap and weird that causes a recipe to get passed from hand to hand, screen to screen, in an explosive train of links, growing more popular than it would with any promotion we could throw at it. So it was with this one-ingredient ice cream, which calls for nothing but bananas and your food processor.

Blend the bananas long enough, and the fruit morphs into creamy ice cream, with the texture of soft serve and the natural sweetness of fruit. It’s time you tried it.

Recipe: Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream

2 pounds very ripe bananas

Peel the bananas and cut them into small pieces (the smaller the better). Place them in a freezer-safe container. (Line the container with parchment paper or wipe a little oil inside to help the pieces release more easily, if desired.)

Freeze the bananas overnight or until they are completely solid. Place the frozen bananas in a food processor. Blend for 2 to 5 minutes, stopping frequently to scrape down the sides of the bowl. At first the bananas will simply turn into smaller chunks, and then into a fine grit. Keep blending, and add a spoonful of water if the banana pieces get stuck on the blade. They will suddenly turn into soft, creamy ice cream.

Eat the ice cream immediately, or return it to the freezer to harden a little more, if desired. Banana ice cream can be stored in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.

For flavor variations, blend bananas in a food processor until they are the consistency of soft serve ice cream, and then add the additional ingredients.

Nut and Honey Banana Ice Cream
Blend in 1/4 cup almond or peanut butter and 2 tablespoons honey.

Nutella Banana Ice Cream
Blend in 1/3 cup Nutella spread.

Dark Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
Blend in 6 tablespoons cocoa powder, ¼ cup heavy cream, and 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Cinnamon Dulce Banana Ice Cream
Blend in 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk and 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.

Orange Dreamsicle Banana Ice Cream
Blend in 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/4 cup heavy cream, and 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Strawberries and Cream Banana Ice Cream
Blend in 2/3 cup chopped frozen strawberries and 1/4 cup heavy cream until smooth.
Thanks so much, The Kitchn!

(Reprinted from The Kitchn Cookbook. Copyright ©2014 by Apartment Therapy LLC. Photos by Leela Cyd. Thanks to Caroline Donofrio for her help with this series)

One-Ingredient Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month! Since our love of ice cream is well documented at Williams-Sonoma, I want to share with you the easiest “ice cream” recipe you’ll ever find — no custard base or ice cream maker necessary.

This recipe is dairy-free, nut-free and completely vegan, so almost everyone can enjoy it. All you’ll need is one very ripe banana and a food processor or blender.

Peel the banana and chop it into slices about 1/2 inch wide. Place in a ziploc bag or container and stick it in the freezer for at least 1 hour (I usually leave mine in there overnight).

Once it’s frozen, remove the banana from the freezer and drop the pieces into a blender or food processor. Puree until smooth.

Enjoy! Frozen bananas have a natural creaminess that gives this snack or dessert a surprising richness.

Feel free to jazz up your banana ice cream with add-ins, such as the ones suggested here. Put the ingredients in the blender along with the bananas and then puree.

One-Ingredient Ice Cream

Did that title pique your interest?

It did mine when I first saw it on the internet . In fact, this little phenomenon has been popping up on food blogs all over the place lately. If you’re like me you’re probably wondering what could possibly possess all of the properties necessary so that just the item itself could be enough to magically transform into ice cream. Right? Apparently bananas.

I’ll admit I was very skeptical. When I think of banana ice cream, I think of something more like THIS. And obviously a frozen banana isn’t going to compare. But I have to say I was very surprised and very pleased with the results. Somehow whipping up frozen banana chunks creates some magical reaction and really does turn it into a creamy-smooth ice cream-like substance. Wanna see how?

One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Bananas can tend to get a bitter taste to them after freezing and it’s intensified if they’re under-ripe So definitely use very ripe bananas for this. They shouldn’t be brown-mushy-banana-bread-ripe, but ripe. I found the best ones to be like the ones below, where the outsides were spotty but the insides weren’t brown yet at all. They were super sweet.

Try it with about 3 medium bananas. Slice or dice into small pieces (to make the blending part easier) and place in the freezer. Place frozen banana chunks into a food processor.

Can you guess the next step? Ya, blend those babies up. Depending on the size of your food processor, the amount of bananas, and how frozen they are, you may have to stop it a few times and scrape and mush the mixture around. I’ve had to do that every time.

The first time I tried this I was concerned when my mixture never turned into anything resembling ice cream. It just looked like tiny little grains, much like cous cous !

But all I had to do was grab a spatula and when I stirred them even the tiniest bit, ta- da !

Sure enough it was smooth, creamy, and looked just like ice cream!

Now looking like ice cream is one thing, but what about the taste and texture? I was very surprised to find that this stuff actually feels like ice cream in my mouth. It tastes like- let’s be real here, bananas. But it’s still quite delish . One of the great things you can do is add some mix-ins to the food processor along with bananas. Sure it won’t make it “one” ingredient ice cream anymore, but it’s sure yummy. I tried one batch with some cinnamon-sugar, one with a spoonful of peanut butter, and our personal favorite: a scoop of heaven. Er…I mean,

It’s really amazing how much frozen bananas can resemble ice cream.

Not only was this 4 year-old super happy to be eating a treat, he had noooo idea it was just bananas. Muah ha ha ha ha. Total victory moment for Mommy. Plus I won super-mega-cool-Mom-points by saying, “Why yes son. Yes, you can have ice cream for breakfast today”

Try it out and let me know what you think! If you’re trying to eat healthier this new year, this might be just the sweet treat to get you through those tough times when you really want this, this, this , or this!

If you are looking for some healthier frozen treat options, try these Frozen Pudding Pops (in 6 different flavors!) or go for a Sweet Fruit Sorbet

Make Ice Cream in 5 Minutes With 1 Ingredient

Did you know that all you need to have sweet, thick, creamy ice cream in five minutes is a blender and a single ingredient? Frozen bananas.

Blended frozen bananas are the perfect vegan alternative to ice cream. Instead of breaking up into slush like most frozen fruits put in a blender, bananas have more sugar than water, so they achieve a dense consistency just like dairy-based ice cream. The frozen sweet treat is the healthiest possible way to satisfy your ice cream craving, and there are countless ways to serve it up. Below, I've provided a list of 14 different ideas to try, but the creative options for this ice cream are virtually endless. For the photos shown here, I've added in frozen strawberry slices to the blender to make a delicious (and colorful!) summer strawberry flavor.

Ready to try it? All you need is three very ripe bananas. Make sure they have at least a few little brown spots on the peel, since the more brown on the peel, the more ripe they are. And the more ripe they are, the sweeter.

Peel the bananas and cut them into one-inch pieces. Put them in an air-tight container, pop them in the freezer and leave them overnight until they are frozen solid. I actually keep a stash of frozen banana slices in the freezer for any time a sweet frozen treat craving pops up, so I don't have to wait. When the banana slices are frozen solid, break the pieces apart with your hands or a spoon and put them in a blender or a food processor. Blend until totally creamy, about two to three minutes. You'll have to stop the blender every so often to push down some pieces and make sure everything is getting blended evenly.

This makes about three two-scoop servings. You can enjoy the ice cream right then, or place it in an air-tight container in the freezer to harden up a bit more before scooping into bowls or cones. Here are a few recommended variations:

Pineapple and Macadamia Nuts
Top with a few chunks of freshly sliced pineapple and chopped macadamia nuts.

Hazelnut Spread and Raspberries
Add one tablespoon of hazelnut spread to the bananas in the blender, and top with a handful of fresh raspberries.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip
Add one cup frozen chopped strawberries to the blender. When blended, stir in 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips (or carob chips, or cacao nibs).

Cherries and Chocolate
Top with a couple of spoonfuls of canned cherries and a sprinkling of chocolate chips or cacao nibs.

Cinnamon Peanut Butter
Add two tablespoons peanut butter and one teaspoon ground cinnamon to the blender.

Cinnamon Pecan
Add one cup chopped pecans and one teaspoon cinnamon to the blender.

Mango Peach
Add 1/2 cup frozen chopped mango and 1/2 cup frozen chopped peach to the blender.

Raspberry Almond
Add one cup frozen raspberries to the blender. When blended, stir in 1/2 cup chopped almonds.

Chocolate Banana
Add two tablespoons of vegan chocolate sauce to the blender.

Apple Pie
Simmer chopped apples with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Let thicken and cool, then pour over ice cream scoops.

Strawberry Pistachio
Add one cup frozen chopped strawberries to the blender. When blended, stir in 1/2 cup chopped roasted, unsalted pistachios.

Chai Spice
Add one to two tablespoons of condensed chai tea mix to the blender. Top with a small sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Blueberry Banana
Add one cup frozen wild blueberries to the blender. Top with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts or almonds.

Salted Caramel
Top with a tablespoon of caramel sauce and a sprinkling of coarse sea salt.

One Ingredient Ice Cream Recipe

by Kate August 24, 2012 1 Comment Baby/Infant, Child Nutrition, Kids Health & Safety, Recipes, Toddler

I can hardly call this a “recipe” but I had to share this idea because it’s been such a big hit in our house. A while back I’d seen posts on a bunch of different food blogs about one ingredient ice cream using slightly overripe bananas. It looked good but I highly doubted it could be as smooth and ice cream-y as the bloggers professed. Then a few weeks ago we found ourselves with a few overripe bananas and with no plans to make banana bread in the near future, I decided to try the one ingredient ice cream trick. I cut up the bananas, froze them on a plate and threw them in the food processor. I got nervous because at first it looked crumbly and gross. But after a few more pulses I was left with a smooth soft serve consistency treat. It was delicious right out of the food processor but I liked it even better after I put it back in the freezer and it took on more of a true ice cream consistency.

I’m sharing this little recipe for two reasons:

1.) As I’ve written about, I’m a little concerned about weight creeping on as I wean Liam. I’m also not one to skip ice cream on a summer night and this little concoction is perfect for taming my dessert/ice cream craving without doing too much damage (although I have been known to throw a few mini chocolate chips on top).

2.) Liam LOVES it. He too is a big ice cream fan (he’s just like his Mama) but I don’t like to give it to him often or very much so this recipe is great for giving both of us a post dinner treat.

Now the only trouble is we’re going through bananas like we’ve got a monkey habitat in our backyard.

Any treats you’ve found that both you and your baby enjoy?

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One Ingredient Ice Cream…

Summer is in full swing and hands down I have to say, it’s been a really great one so far. So wonderfully great that this mommy has eased up the reigns a bit on our usual healthier eating habits. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to deprive my children of sweets, because I believe everything in moderation. But in saying that, my moderation meter may be slightly prejudiced toward frozen sweet treats this time of year! We are in sunny California after all, and these fun warm days just beg for some good ole ice cream every now and again.

The beautiful thing is that I did come across an ice cream recipe that is completely guilt-free. But not only that, it’s really yummy and so simple to make. My kids love it and they think it’s “real” ice cream so that’s a win/win. Who would have thought you could make a incredibly delicious non-dairy ice cream with one ingredient!

Because I have a slight Pinterest addiction, I created a board specifically for banana ice cream . Who knew there could be so many variations and topping options?! I even found (and pinned) a natural “magic shell” recipe! I knew I loved coconut oil for a reason.

To make banana ice cream all you have to do it take very ripe bananas (about 4), slice them and toss in a ziploc bag or storage container and place them in your freezer overnight (or at least 5 hours). Sidenote: Frozen bananas are actually great to have on hand to make this ice cream at a moment’s notice, but also are a perfect item to add to smoothies. You get the creaminess of milk without the dairy and you couldn’t ask for a better natural sweetener.

Once your bananas are frozen, place in a food processor and blend. Some people say you can use a blender, but unless you have a really powerful one I don’t suggest it. As the bananas begin to break down, they will start to look a bit grainy like large pieces of rice. Keep blending! Also make sure to stop from time to time and scrape down the sides of the bowl. Ultimately you will get a consistency smooth and silky like ice cream. When you get to the desired consistency that’s when you toss in your toppings if you’d like, and pulse a few more times to blend everything evenly. This time I added a spoonful of peanut butter.

Now if you’re interested in something that is even easier than that, then I suggest this banana ice cream maker . All you do is add the frozen bananas and out comes soft serve ice cream.

How do you handle sweet treat moderation in your home? What is your favorite healthy dessert recipe?