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Sarmalute in the nest

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Separate the cabbage leaves and put them in cold water, leave them to salt for about 1/2 hour so that they are not too sour. Choose the rice, wash it well, then put it in a sieve to drain. Likewise, the cabbage leaves are drained in a sieve.

Meanwhile, clean the onion and wash well. Finely chop the onion, pour oil into a pan and fry. After the onion is soft, add the rice and tomato juice and let it boil together for approx. 10 to 15 minutes, stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

After the onion, rice and tomato juice mixture has cooled, mix with the minced meat and add salt, pepper and paprika to taste. If desired, you can also add tomato paste, or tomato juice, to the composition and mix well. If necessary, an egg is put to bind, when the meat is too fat!

The small and thin leaves are used for cabbage rolls and the large ones for nests. If they are too large, cut the cabbage leaves into two or four pieces and remove the ribs and stalks. The ribs and stalks together with the “heart of the cabbage” are cut into small pieces and placed on the bottom of the pot in which we will boil the stuffed cabbage, so that it does not smoke. When boiling, you can put (optionally!) Pieces of rind, smoked bacon, or any other smoked to give the sarmales good taste.

Fill the cabbage leaves with the above composition, but do not squeeze too hard so that it can boil as well as possible. Make the sarmales as small as you can. On a large sheet of cabbage put 5 cabbage rolls, like nests and fold well. Place the “nests” in a bowl as high as possible, and place whole or finely chopped cabbage leaves on top. You can also put a smaller lid or a plate (possibly made of tin) on top to prevent the “nests” from rising to the surface and always being covered, so that they boil well. Pour water until it covers them and bring them to a boil over low heat, so that the composition does not come out of them. If the water decreases, it is added so that they are always covered. After 2/3 hours, turn off the heat (taste if the sarmales are cooked!) And leave to cool with the lid on the pot.

Sarmales in the nest can be served with cream (or yogurt), polenta and hot peppers.

Good appetite!

Vegetarian sauerkraut

Consistent, tastes, but vegetarian! Didn't you think it was possible? Try these vegetarian sauerkraut and you will see that not only meat dishes are tasty!


3 cups of water
1 cup brown or white rice
1 small onion
1 red bell pepper
& frac12 carrot
4-5 mushrooms
& frac12 l borscht or water
vine leaves
1 cup broth
a little bit of oil
salt pepper
sm & acircnt & acircnă or yogurt & ndash optional

Method of preparation

Put 3 cups of water in a saucepan on the fire. When it boils, add 1 cup of rice, washed well beforehand. Allow it to absorb water, but it is best not to be too soft.

Then take it out in a bowl and add here a small, chopped onion, a diced red bell pepper, a finely chopped carrot frac12 and 4-5 mushrooms hardened for 5 minutes beforehand, also cut into cubes. Salt and pepper to taste.

The vine leaves can be pickled and then you use them as such or they are fresh and then you resort to the following procedure.

You wash them well. Chicken & frac12 liters of borscht or boiling water. When the water boils, put out the fire and dip the vine leaves here so that they soften a little so that they can roll. Leave them for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Then place 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture on each leaf and roll.

Place the sachets in a round saucepan and add borscht and water over them, in equal proportions, so that the liquid covers the sachets a little.

Put in the oven and, before removing them for 5-10 minutes, pour over a cup of broth and a little oil.

A history of bird's nest soup

Bird's nest soup is one of the most famous, but also the most controversial delicacies in Chinese cuisine. Many people are willing to spend small fortunes on this soup because they believe that eating bird's nest soup will help them keep the last of their youth, as well as have a long and healthy life and a strong body. It is believed that a solution for these is to eat a bowl of bird's nest soup.

But the nutritional truth is if you want bird's nest soup to work your magic, you will need to eat this soup regularly.

Just consuming a small bowl of bird's nest soup will not bring you back to your youth and will not give you a long life. Some promoters of bird's nest soup say that a regular diet of 10 grams a day is necessary.

Edible bird's nest

Edible bird nests are made of saliva, and saliva is produced by glands under the tongue. Swiftlets are small birds commonly found in Southeast Asia. The breeder lives in dark caves and like bats uses echolocation to move. Instead of twigs and straw, the nest makes its nest from its own saliva, which hardens when exposed to air.

This is where the controversy comes in as well. Swiftlets are an endangered species and several nests that are consumed closer to the head swiftlets to extinction. Winds are especially threatened in areas such as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There are also places like Dazhou Island and Hainan, where the Chinese government has banned the harvesting of bird nests, as rows are almost extinct in these locations.

Harvesting nests

Today, in many places, such as Malaysia and Thailand, people have begun to cultivate the heap to gather their nests. These farms use empty houses like Swiftlet's houses.

Some of the nest harvesting processes are extremely dangerous. The nest collector usually uses a very narrow, strange and long ladder, which climbs to the top to reach the nests that are usually at the top of the caves.

Many nest collectors lost their lives because of this.

The history of bird's nest soup

Chinese people began consuming bird's nest soup during the Ming Dynasty, and in some stories it is believed that Zhen He (鄭 和), who was a Chinese explorer, diplomat, and fleet admiral, was the first person in Chinese history to ate bird's nest soup.

There are different degrees of bird's nest that are red, yellow and white. The red bird's nest is known in Chinese as the "red bird's nest of blood" (血 燕). The red bird's nest is the rarest. Some people believe that the red-blooded bird's nest is made of blood, but this is not true at all. The reason why the bird's nest turns into "red blood" is due to a different diet and it contained more minerals and a different kind of diet.

Consuming the Bird's Nest

The bird's nest does not taste much and the texture is a kind of gelatin and soft jelly. Chinese people usually make bird's nest soup with rock sugar and serve it as a sweet dessert soup. Some people prefer to cook bird's nest without rock sugar, but mix it with warm milk. The cooking process is extremely important for cooking the bird's nest. Microwave cooking or boiling on a stove will lose any taste it has and will lose any of its nutritional values.

The common way to cook bird's nest soup is to steam it slowly and lightly after soaking it in water.

Recipe Goat ribs with peas in the nest

- 4 goat ribs
- 2 pcs. carrot
- 1 red onion
- 1 pc. green pepper
- 1 pc. garlic puppy
- 2 tablespoons oil
- 100 ml of white wine
- 1 pinch of salt
- 1 tip of pepper
- 1 thyme tip
- 1 rosemary tip
- 1 magf tip
- 500 ml of bird soup
- 1 handful of peas
- 4 tablespoons Malay


Step 1

The cabbage is unwrapped in sheets, washed and left to dry if necessary, the sheets are drained.
Peel an onion, wash it and cut it into small pieces, clean the carrot, wash it and grate it finely.
The soybeans are soaked in 100 ml of water for 20 minutes.

Step 2

Put the frying pan on the fire and pour the oil, when it has heated add the onion and the carrot, mix until the onion has a golden color, then put the rice and a little water (about 100ml) let it boil. When the rice is slightly boiled, add 2 tablespoons of broth dissolved in a little water, mix with a spoon, leave for a few minutes (3-4) and turn off the heat. Let the composition cool.

Step 3

In the cooled composition we add the soybeans drained and squeezed by the excess water, dill, salt and pepper. Homogenize and season if necessary.
Cabbage leaves are portioned about the size of the palm.

Step 4

We put the sheet in the left palm and with a spoon we take it from the composition and we put it on the leaf then we roll it taking care to cover the ends. In a large saucepan, place the cabbage leaves and the sauerkraut side by side in layers. Chop a few cabbage leaves over them, put water and put them in the oven heated over low heat. After 30 minutes, while we look in the oven (if the water has dropped, we add a little more) we put the borscht, broth, a hot pepper and salt after tasting the juice. Let it boil, checking that the juice does not drop, boil it over low heat.

Step 5

They are ready when the cabbage is soft and the rice is cooked. We take out a sarmaluta on a plate and taste it.
It can be served hot with polenta and hot peppers, but also cold.

Sarmalute in the nest - Recipes

Preparation time: 3 h 30 min.

Ingredient: 1.5 kg sour cabbage, 1/2 kg pork, 200 g smoked pork neck, 50-100 g rice, 100 g onion, pepper, allspice, 100 ml tomato juice, a bay leaf, thyme, dill .
Home delivery! Great to buy the ingredients for this recipe!

Method of preparation: For cabbage rolls, only thin-leaf cabbage is good. Small sarmales are made only from the tip of very thin leaves, without thick ribs. Cabbage that is too sour or too salty is washed in 2-3 warm waters, both whole and chopped leaves.

Pork or mixed with beef and pork neck are passed through the mincer, along with onions hardened for 2 minutes with 2 tablespoons of oil. To the mince, add the washed and drained rice and a pinch of pepper or a teaspoon of allspice, which is not too hot and gives the cabbage a very good taste. Salt is not added, because smoked meat and cabbage leave enough salt.

If it is fatty meat, add 150 ml of water per 100 g of rice, and if it is lean meat, 200 ml of water per 100 g of rice beat well until it is incorporated into the mince, so that it is fluffy and the rice has liquid in which to boil, before the meat coagulates around it otherwise, the meat will no longer allow the water from outside to enter the rice, so that it increases its volume when boiled and softens.

Place a sheet of cabbage in the palm outstretched or on the table, put a teaspoon of chopped, placed like a roll on the width of the leaf, so that at both ends of the chop leaves 2 cm of free leaves. Turn a narrow end of the leaf over the roll and bring a long end of it over the meat, rolling it together to the other end of the leaf and then inserting the free end with your hand. Wrapped in this way, the sarmales do not open when boiled. When all the sarmales are ready, the remaining leaves are cut next to the middle rib, several are overlapped and rolled, then cut thin, like noodles.

For boiling the stuffed cabbage, prepare a 4-5 l pot, so that they do not catch fire when boiling. Half of the chopped cabbage is placed on the bottom of the pot, and the other half on top of the stuffed cabbage. Among the sarmales you can put pieces of fresh or smoked pork ribs, salted shortly before, which is served with the sarmales, giving them a very pleasant taste. Also for flavor and taste put 1-2 bay leaves and about 20 peppercorns, a sprig of thyme and finely chopped dill, and, for color, 100 ml of tomato juice, which will pleasantly color the fat that will rise above cabbage. Pour enough boiling water to cover them, cover and simmer over medium heat until boiling, then reduce the heat. The stuffed cabbage can be boiled in the pressure cooker in about an hour, calculating the time when the first vapors start to come out through the valve at that moment, the fire is reduced to a minimum. Put the water up to half of the sarmales, because it will not decrease when boiled (only as much as it absorbs the rice).

No sarmale sauce is made. Serve with sour cream at the table.

Sarmales can be prepared with meat from any animal - beef, sheep, rabbit, breast from any bird, chopped with thick skin, or fish.

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4 places recently opened in Cluj: Cucina Turea, Papanini, Cuib and Ioi Coffee

You can consider this list of new premises our Christmas present for you. Not for another, but we ran for gifts on the run from one place to another, we gave up serious amounts of chocolate to test the goodies in the restaurant, we even had to say "no" to mulled wine, because we had more tempting options. Luckily we know how much you love to find out what's new and visit right away, otherwise we & # 8230 would hear each other in 2021. But let's not dwell on the fact that we have a lot of work to do during this period!

The first stop I made was at Turea cuisine, on Ioan Rațiu street, no. 2, a place we feel we will go to quite often from now on. Especially since I'm close to the office. Their operating schedule is harder to find online, so we tell you: from Monday to Saturday, between 10:00 & # 8211 18:00. If you are the kind of person who is constantly looking for reasons to come to Italy just because you are crazy about their food, you might join our gang. Cucina Turea is not exactly the typical place we are used to, it is basically a grocery store where you can stock up on quality ingredients to prepare your own food, but also a place where you can dine to convince yourself of the taste of the products. offered. The design is that of a classic shop, with shelves where the goods are displayed and where you can serve yourself with pasta, sausages, cheeses and bakery products, oil, but also many others, you see on the spot what recipes you start reinterpreting. But, as I already mentioned, that's not all.

They have four places where you can enjoy their dishes and the even better thing is that they have two new appearances on the menu every day. In addition, you can prepare a panini yourself with what tempts you from the cold showcase. As a first option they always have pasta (spaghetti carbonara, penne all & # 8217amatriciana, ravioli al formaggio, tortellini quatro formaggi, the list goes on long and well and it's delicious head-to-tail), the second being slightly more special, based on meat in general (Uruguayan beef with guattro formaggi sauce, fried bacon and roasted capsicum peppers, baked beef neck with embers and potatoes with rosemary, etc.). There are also sandwiches already made, as a suggestion, but also desserts. For lunch, the location is a more than suitable location, the food is prepared on the spot, you can also start creating a panini and you have no complaints later that your order was wrong, and the prices are more than ok, the kinds main being between 10-30 lei.

On Heroes, at no. 42, where I used to sweeten with Creole eclairs, opened Papanini, a place with healthy food, made from boring ingredients. You see, a change from heaven to earth for my brain, used to going in there and getting a sugar shock. The space, which many of you certainly know, has remained just as small, only that, things being arranged a little differently, you will have the impression that they brought a few extra square meters with the crispy sandwiches. Especially since there are three tables where you can sit if you want to enjoy leisurely dishes - sandwiches, bites and desserts. Every morning I make dough and bake fresh bread, make sauces and take a walk through the market, to keep an eye on local ingredients. Mozzarella, olive oil, mortadella, prosciutto, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes are brought from Italy, they boast quality ingredients and special attention to them.

In the menu you will find 11 types of sandwiches, ready to satisfy any pretentious - mozzarella, mushrooms, chicken / tofu and guacamole, chicken, prosciutto crudo, mortadella, pulled pork, beef, chickpeas, but also an option specially created for children, smaller in size and that comes bundled with a fresh orange. My friends chose a panini with pulled pork and one with beef, to which they added a coleslaw salad, respectively a mini salad, with tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and green salad mix. I felt extra healthy, so I opted for a chicken salad, and for desserts, even if they made us look aggressive, we didn't even look. I end my calculations with that apple tart and caramel sauce another day. They also have lemonade, natural fresh and drinks based on coffee, tea and hot chocolate, we visited them for lunch and left very satisfied. The portions were filling and tasty, I personally think the location is worth considering if you are passing through the area and want to eat something made quickly, healthy and tasty.

Friday night I arrived at Nest & # 8211 for cravings and noses, on Emil Isac, no. 11, which opened in place of the Flowers Cafe. It was full of eyes, I even caught the last meal, so the first reaction was extremely surprising - "Did we find out about this place too late?" In a short research, we find out that no, their Facebook page has only existed since November 22, and the place opened its doors even less than a month ago. It seems that as we would realize during the evening, the good news circulates as fast as the bad news. From the door you find out that the place is pet friendly, information that will automatically snatch a honey "awww". We have a classic design, with many shades of wood and warm light, which together form a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. The wine bottles, positioned in several corners of the restaurant, subtly suggest the numerous labels from which you can choose and pay attention to this liqueur.

The menu is built according to the operating hours of the location, as it is open in the morning, from 08:00 to 13:00, and then in the evening, from 18:00 to 23:30. That during the week. On weekends you can find them there from 11:00 to 23:30. For breakfast and lunch they have several egg dishes, grilled sandwiches and some kinds of waffles, both sweet and savory, but also two kinds of soup (celery and chicken). For dinner you can choose between a few light snacks and appetizers (cheese platter, sausage, etc.), but also main courses. I opted for the pork tenderloin with fondant potatoes and I was very happy with the choice I made. What I noticed in the menu and I can't help but mention is that they have a lot of options for vegetarians, so it's really a nest for all cravings and noses. In terms of drinks, even if the emphasis is particularly on wines, there is no shortage of beers (glass or draft), cocktails and anything else that would tempt you. From what I found out, he regularly organizes wine tastings.

I made the last stop at ioi coffee & snacks, on Ploiești street, no. 12, just opposite the NTT Data Romania headquarters, which is why it operates according to office hours: Monday to Friday, from 07:00 to 16:00. Being warmer outside today, people enjoyed their coffee outside, inside being quite airy. I liked the place, it's a little bigger than the size of the coffee shop we're used to, which means there are places to sit down for about 10 people. They also have two very instagramable swings, but also a light sign that will definitely become a story in your story. The decor is pleasant, with a mix of light wood and dark walls, but warmed by several light sources.

In terms of products, the focus is on coffee & espresso drinks, americano, cappuccino, flat white, ice coffee, latte, decaffee, but not the lightest ones are missing, such as lemonade, fresh, smoothies, teas, hot chocolate and soft drinks. If you are hungry, this is not the place to be, serve only desserts (muffins, cookies, puff pastry, etc.) and packaged sandwiches, which are probably not your first choice for a serious meal. I can't comment on coffee, because I opted for a hot chocolate. From the feedback received on the feed, I understand that there were no complaints about the coffee, and know that for 4 coffees purchased, regardless of their type, the 5th is free.

Culinary art with Doina

1 sweet cabbage of 2-2.5 kg
400 g minced turkey
100 g smoked sausage
2 onions
50 g of rice
2 tomatoes, 1 small red pepper
50 ml ketchup of tomatoes and peppers
300 ml broth
1 dill connection
salt, pepper, paprika, spices for sarmale
3-4 teaspoons flour, 50 ml oil

Method of preparation:
Put water to boil in a pot. When it boils, put the cabbage in it and turn it on all sides. After 3-4 minutes, remove with two forks in a bowl and gently unfold the leaves from the outside, like a flower. The middle part is cut lower, leaving only the higher edges and the nest is hollowed out to make room for the sarmalute.
From the side you took out, the sarmalute sheets are unwrapped and the core and what is left of the hollow are finely chopped.
Prepare the filling: sauté the finely chopped onion in oil, add ketchup, chopped red pepper and a little water. When they have softened, add the chopped greens and rice, season and leave on the fire until all the juice is gone. Add them in a bowl over the turkey meat, add the chopped greens and spices, to taste, and mix.
In a larger saucepan put a bed of tomato slices, place on one side or in the middle of the nest, then start wrapping the sauerkraut. Place them in the nest as tight as possible and place the rest of the cabbage rolls radially around the nest or to one side, as you see fit.

Put chopped cabbage, slices of sausages, tomatoes, greens and water, 200 ml broth over the sarmalute, just enough to cover them a little. Put them in the preheated oven, on low heat, for about an hour, until they brown nicely.
Prepare a flour sauce dissolved in 100 ml of broth, chopped dill, spices and pour it on top. Leave in the oven for another 10 minutes.

When they are ready, place them on a plate: take the nest completely with two larger paddles or spoons, next to it place sarmalute, sauce, browned sausage slices and garnish with a little sour cream, greens, hot peppers.
Good appetite.

Method of preparation

Alexandra's salad

Put the bacon slices on the grill, to make them a little crispy, then cut a slice into 2-3 pieces

Rice salad with surimi

- boil the rice & icircn water with salt and a little oil after boiling, & icircl cool

The egg weighed 150 grams

After finding the giant egg, the owner decided to film the whole experience to post it on social networks, and the result was really surprising. After weighing the huge 150-gram egg and comparing it in size to a normal egg, the owner decided it was time to break it to find out what was inside it.

Recording the step by step, the person carefully broke the egg using a knife. From the beginning it could be seen that the egg had a very thin shell, although it was the size of a goose egg, but it certainly belonged to a hen. After the eggshell cracked, the owner poured the contents of the egg on a plate, and the family's reaction to the result was appropriate.

Video: Sarmale in foi de varza. Sarmale pas cu pas. JamilaCuisine (May 2022).