Albina cake

Albina cake

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- Make the sheets: in a saucepan put eggs with sugar, lard, honey, oil, milk and baking soda and put on low heat to melt all ingredients. When it starts to boil (be careful not to stick to the bottom) set aside to cool a little and then add flour. Knead well and divide into 4- bake the sheets on the back of the tray where with oil and powdered with flour (about 7-8 minutes each). Take them out on a towel and let cool. I made the sheets the day before I filled them.

- For the cream we will boil the milk and when it starts to boil we add semolina in the rain, always stirring with a whisk. When it thickens, set aside to cool, stirring occasionally. Keep the butter at room temperature and put it in cubes in a bowl with the sugar and rub it in the foam, until the sugar dissolves and becomes frothy. Gradually add the semolina cream and mix well. Add vanilla and peel and lemon juice.

. Assemble the cake in a rectangular tray: half-sheet of cream-sheet-jam-sheet. Cream-sheet.

- It is good only the next day when the sheets will soften and before serving they are powdered with powdered sugar.

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