Ziggy Marley on Roasted Hemp Seeds, Closing Down South Beach with Guy Fieri, and Opening a Restaurant in Los Angeles

Ziggy Marley on Roasted Hemp Seeds, Closing Down South Beach with Guy Fieri, and Opening a Restaurant in Los Angeles

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Festival closeouts can are tricky. The big parties are over and most everyone is full and tired from (if still not of) eating and drinking good food and drink for days. But for those who refuse to let the party end, there's one last ticket, one final chance to enjoy the comfortable weather and to snack and sip on flavorful bites and boozed-up beverages. This year's South Beach Wine & Food Festival features a closeout party highlighting Guy Fieri and none other than reggae star Ziggy Marley, who is looking to make his own inroads into the world of food and wine.

In this interview previewing the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, musician Ziggy Marley talks about his upcoming South Beach set, his line of organic foods, and gives word that he's thinking about opening up a restaurant. Where? Read on.

You'll be closing out the South Beach Wine & Food Festival with Guy Fieri. Can you tell us how this came about, a little about your set and the event in general? Will you be playing both your own songs and your father's?
Yeah, well I kind of recently entered into the food industry, that's the way I would put it, with some food products. We're making a coconut oil, and hempseeds. The line is called Ziggy Marley Organics. So I've been trying to promote the idea of using the coconut oils and also using that platform as an opportunity to talk about GMOs and organic food. So I've been trying to visit as many of the food festivals as I can, and I was invited to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, and you know, music and the food kind of go together. Good music, good food, organic music, and organic food. We'll just play some music and enjoy ourselves.

So what will you play during your set? Your music? Some of your father's music? A mix?
Yeah, a little mix. Just a mix — have some fun. You know.

You'll be introducing your line of organic foods… which you launched back in March (coconut cooking oil and roasted hempseeds), what was the impetus behind the food line?
We launched it about a year ago. So it's the world's first flavored organic culinary coconut oil, and it's also the world's first flavored roasted hempseeds, which are roasted in the shell. It's cool. It's non-GMO, organic, you know

So what was the inspiration for launching these products?
Well, I want to expand what I'm doing and where I am. Music is one thing and food is the next thing. I cook and food is very important to me healthwise, you know being on the road. Everything works together, you know my music and my food. If I eat good food, I play good music. It really helps me when I'm on the road to have healthy food. So when I was approached me with the idea of doing the organic coconut oil, I was like, yeah, because in Jamaica when I was growing up, coconut oil was a main thing. We used to cook with coconut oil every day. So it was very natural for me to do something with coconuts — for me growing up it was drinking water, eating the meat, and cooking with the oil of the coconut. And the hempseeds, the idea of hempseeds, these are some of the most surreptitious seeds on the planet. In some ways it's very important to me, because not only the seeds but the hemp plant can be very beneficial to the planet.

And where can they be found?
In some stores. Check your local good grocery stores that sell organic food, and it's online at Ziggymarleyorganics.com. Don't forget to check us out there, and there's a Facebook page, too.

Any new products in the pipeline that we can look forward to?
Nothing right now to speak of. Slowly but surely we're trying to expand. We're not trying to bum-rush. We're just keeping it easy and organically as I say. We're keeping everything organic, even the way we're doing things. If I'm going to do something it has to be close to my heart, something that I can feel good about. So we're taking it very slowly.

You said before good food means good music for you, so what's the best food for you to make the best music?
Well you know usually I have some good vegetables. Some vegetarian food, some fou fou and curried coconut using my coconut oil. And I use that with my tofu. It's light and it doesn't make you feel weighed down and heavy. And it doesn't take away your energy. You know, sometimes when you eat food, it takes away your eneergy. When I eat, I want to feel like the food has done something good for me. That's how I eat.

Are you vegetarian?
I'm not vegetarian. I eat fish. But I do eat vegetarian most of the time. But I will eat fish. I'm not totally against that.

So what's your favorite fish to eat?
Well, I like sushi. I do like to eat raw fish. But when I do cook fish, I steam fish. In Jamaica we do a lot of steamed and roasted fish. Good seasoning, though — the seasoning is the most important thing because I like flavor. It has to have good flavor — I need a little kick, a little spice... flavor.

And how do you most often add that?
Well I use what I grew up with. You know, in Jamaica we use a lot sof spices. I think you guys call it all-spice. We call it pimento... pimento seeds, crushed. You call it scallion, we call it green onion. You guys have different names for these things in America than we do. Lots of garlic! Garlic. Thyme. We use thyme, garlic, green onions, peppers, some salt, and anything that will add flavor to the food, man. Those are the basic seasonings, the green onion, onion, garlic, pimento, thyme, and pepper.

You've said previously that growing up as a kid, "We had the garden, we had the ocean, and we had the farms. Everything was fresh and everything was organic." What kinds of things do you remember eating from the garden, the ocean, and the farms. What were the iconic dishes of your childhood?
I used to grow my food in Jamaica as a teenager in the garden. I used to eat a lot of cabbage, steamed cabbage. We used to have a lot of that. But the iconic food in Jamaica for us was going to the ocean early in the morning. The fisherman would come in with boats and we would help bring the boats in, we'd push the boats up on beach, and then we would look at the fresh catch that they had, and we would take whatever fish they had that we liked and then we would go running, and then when we'd get back from running, we roasted the fish right there on beach and had it for breakfast. We actually used the sea water as our seasoing because we didn't have all that other stuff. So we would just pour a little sea water on the fish and that was it: ocean water and roasted fish.

You're also a vocal supporter of the Just Label It campaign, an effort to persuade the federal government to require that foods with genetically engineered or modified ingredients be labeled accordingly. Can you talk a little about how people can be more aware about this issue in their daily lives?
I mean you just have to educate yourself. Do research. The Internet is a great tool for that now. And you have to be aware of what you're putting in your body because we don't know the effect of GMO foods that have been modified genetically on our bodies, and our childrens' bodies. I think maybe 10 or 20 years from now we'll find out this is what the GMOs did to us and we didn't know. Usually that's how things work unless we take a stand. You know? And have the freedom and have the choice of what to put in their bodies. The more knowledge people have the better. I don't understand why the information about the food should not be in your face and out front.

Do you think Jamaican cuisine is underrepresented in America? And should it be more popular?
Well, you have Jamaican cuisine and then you have the way we used to do it, which is Rasta cusiine. Rasta cuisine is a much more healthy way of cooking your food — less oil, more raw food, and just like a told you man, we'd go to the ocean and get a fish and roast it. That's Rasta-style cooking, which is still Jamaican, but it's derivative of the traditional style of Jamaican cooking. There are a lot of different elements to it — Chinese and Indian, for example — in Jamaican food. I think maybe it is underrepresented. And maybe one day I might open up a little joint. I'm thinking about opening up a little restaurant with some Jamaican food, but with a twist — with my twist on it. It's something I have in my mind.

Is there a specific place where you'd like to open up that restaurant?
Well, I think in Los Angeles. I would start there. It's just something in my head right now. I'm telling you for the first time. I haven't even told anyone. I'm still thinking about [laughs].

You've said, "The argument against marijuana is confusing and hypocritical and stupid. It is a natural resource that we should use." Obviosuly America is making at least small steps toward marijuana legalization, and I was hoping to ask a few food related questions about that. You've said you cook — have you ever experimented with cooking with cannabis on your own?
In Jamaica we used to make tea. We made tea with the leaves of the plant. I would cook with it, but with the hempseeds, but I wouldn't cook with marijuana. We used to drink tea. That is how I use it.

The Marley name is so deeply associated with cannabis are there foods/recipes you favor which include this? Anything passed down?
Just tea. We never even cook with it in Jamaica. We just drink the tea.

Is there something that you like to eat when you're high?
Not really. Usually if we're smoking marijuana, usually we'll listen to some music. It's very spiritual thing for us It's for meditation. I think about deep things. I don't smoke marijuana... I'm not a chain-smoker. It's a very special thing. It's almost a ritual. And rare. I don't smoke herb every day. That's not how it's supposed to be used.

What are your favorite foods when traveling?
Oatmeal. Yeah, that's my go-to food [laughs]. With my oatmeal I do lots of things with it though, you know? I add nuts and fruits. I don't buy that prepackaged stuff. I do my organic oatmeal. I cook it and then I add some almonds and some nuts and some frutis, and some flaxseeds. And I make it a really rich meal. It keeps me going for the day.

Any one brand of oatmeal that you favor? Is it steelcut oats that you get?
Just organic. I don't do the quick oats. I don't like the quick, one-minute oats.

What do you drink? Do you drink coffee? Water? Energy drink fiend? How do you keep going and hydrated between sets?
Water. I don't drink coffee.

Arthur Bovino is The Daily Meal's executive editor. Read more articles by Arthur, or click here to follow Arthur on Twitter.


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1994 Edit

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Side Stage: The Flaming Lips, The Verve, The Boo Radleys, The Frogs (first six dates only), Guided by Voices, Lambchop, Girls Against Boys, Rollerskate Skinny, Palace Songs, Stereolab, Fu-Schnickens, The Pharcyde, Shudder to Think, Luscious Jackson, King Kong, Charlie Hunter Trio, Shonen Knife, Blast Off Country Style, Souls of Mischief, Maggie Estep. Angelo Moore aka Dr. Madd Vibe and members of Fishbone performed in the poetry tent with the Beastie Boys at the Shoreline show in CA. Poet Thomas R. Peters, Jr. read poetry on all three stages at the Denver show, where poet Jason Stoneking also performed a poem on the main stage. Poet Tracie Morris, among others, was hired by Lollapalooza to perform in the spoken word tent for the New York to Texas leg of the tour. The poetry tent was actually called "The Revival Tent" at the time. The Flaming Lips performed in The Revival Tent in Denver, going so far as dragging an upright acoustic piano across 100 yards of grass to do so.

Several of the artists, including Green Day and Cypress Hill, skipped at least one Lollapalooza date to appear at Woodstock '94 instead. Nirvana was scheduled to headline but officially pulled out on April 4, 1994 [ citation needed ] , amid rumors that the band was on the verge of breaking up. Frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead in Seattle, Washington four days later on April 8, 1994. Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, made surprise guest appearances at several shows, speaking to the crowds about the loss. [1] In New York, she greeted the crowd with "Hello, Generation Ecch!", a reference to Jason Cohen and Michael Krugman's Generation Ecch!: the Backlash Starts Here (Prentice Hall & IBD, 1994). Having met the authors at a party, she deemed the book hilarious, saying, "Kurt would have loved the mean stuff." [8]

1995 Edit

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"Lab Stage": Shallow, Lucifer Wong, Clod Hopper [9]

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"The worst thing was the venues," observed The Prodigy's Liam Howlett. "They were all seated. Obviously people don't sit down to watch The Prodigy, but the security people were making them sit down. You had all the expensive seats at the front and the moshpit at the back. It was all wrong." [12]

  • Never have confirmed that G. Love and Special Sauce played the festival. All reports had said it was Damian and Julian Marley and the Uprising band.

2003 Edit

Dates: July 5, 2003 – August 24, 2003

Main Stage: Jane's Addiction, Audioslave, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age (7/5-8/13), A Perfect Circle (8/15-8/23), Jurassic 5, The Donnas, Rooney, The Distillers (The Distillers moved up to the mainstage on the dates that Rooney could not play both bands were replacements for the band Cold)

2004 (Cancelled) Edit

A North American tour was planned with a two-day festival taking place in each city, scheduled to begin on July 14, 2004 and continue through to August 25, 2004. The following acts were scheduled, but the tour was cancelled due to low ticket sales (most of these bands scheduled shows on the same dates as what would have been the Lollapalooza touring schedule following the tour's cancellation—this caused problems for many fans, who now had to choose which band to see):The Pixies, Morrissey, PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, The Killers, Wilco, The Flaming Lips, The Von Bondies, The String Cheese Incident, Modest Mouse, Le Tigre, Gomez, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Danger Mouse, The Polyphonic Spree, Broken Social Scene, Ross Golan, The Datsuns, Bumblebeez 81, The Secret Machines, Brayndead Freakshow, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Elbow, Wheat, The Coup, Wolf Eyes, The Dresden Dolls

2005 Edit

Dates: July 23, 2005 – July 24, 2005

(Artists listed from earliest to latest set times.)

Budweiser Select Stage

2006 Edit

Location: Grant Park, Chicago

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(Artists listed from earliest to latest set times.)

Friday: Bon Mots, Cameron McGill and What Army, Makeshifte, Kelley Stoltz, Jon McLaughlin
Saturday: Musical Outfits, St. James Inc., Lanz, Elvis Perkins, Kill Hannah
Sunday: Katie Todd Band, Catfish Haven, Manchester Orchestra, Moses Mayfield, Assassins, Deadsy

Friday: PlayStation Competition 1: SingStar, Battle Royale 1, The Second City (Comedy). Guadalajara Joe, Battle Royale 2, Mission IMPROVable [13] (Comedy), PlayStation Competition 2: Guitar Hero, Battle Royale 3, Mindfield Mini Movies, Schadenfreude [14] (Comedy), Battle Royale 4, Mindfield Electronic Ambush-VHS or Beta DJ
Saturday: PlayStation Competition 1: SingStar, Battle Royale 1, The Second City (Comedy), Guadalajara Joe, Battle Royale 2, Mission IMPROVable (Comedy), PlayStation Competition 2: Guitar Hero, Battle Royale 3, Mindfield Mini Movies, Schadenfreude (Comedy), Battle Royale 4, Mindfield Electronic Ambush-DJ Rashida
Sunday: PlayStation Competition 1: SingStar, Battle Royale 1, The Second City (Comedy), Battle Royale 2, Mission IMPROVable, PlayStation Competition 2: Guitar Hero, Battle Royale 3, Super Sunday Superhero Pageant, Mindfield Electronic Ambush-Mix Master Mike, Mixin' Marc

Friday: ScribbleMonster, Kelly McQuinn and KidTribe, The Candy Band, Alvin Ailey Dancing Workshop, Remo Drum Circle, Peter DiStefano, The Blisters
Saturday: ScribbleMonster, Kelly Mcquinn and KidTribe, The Candy Band, Alvin Ailey Dancing Workshop, Ella Jenkins featuring Asheba, Remo Drum Circle featuring Asheba, Justin Roberts, Peter DiStefano's Guitar Workshop, Chutzpah, breakdancing with the Brickheadz, Remo Drum Circle
Sunday: Paul Green's School of Rock All-Stars, Kelly McQuinn and KidTribe, Perry Farrell and Peter DiStefano, Patti Smith (surprise appearance), The Candy Band, Q Brothers and Chutzpah, Asheba, Remo Drum Circle

Oregon rock band The Standard were set to play, but decided to pull out due to recording duties. [15]

2007 Edit

Location: Grant Park, Chicago

Dates: August 3, 2007 – August 5, 2007

(Artists listed from earliest to latest set times.)

Friday: PlayStation Competition: "Buzz" Triva, The Second City (Comedy), Battle Royale rd. 1, PlayStation Competition: SingStar, Mission IMPROVable (Comedy), Battle Royale rd. 2, Matt Roan, Mickey Avalon
Saturday: PlayStation Competition: "Buzz" Trivia, The Second City (Comedy), Battle Royale rd. 1, PlayStation Competition: SingStar, Mission IMPROVable (Comedy), Battle Royale rd. 2, Josh Hopkins, DJ Klever and DJ Craze
Sunday: PlayStation Competition: "Buzz" Trivia, The Second City (Comedy), Battle Royale rd. 1, PlayStation Competition: SingStar, Mission IMPROVable (Comedy), Battle Royale rd. 2, Flosstradamus, Kid Sister

Sean Lennon appeared on the initial lineup for Lollapalooza but was eventually removed.

2008 Edit

Location: Grant Park, Chicago

Dates: August 1, 2008 – August 3, 2008

(Artists listed from earliest to latest set times.)

Friday: Willy Joy, Zebo, Holy Fuck (DJ Set), James Curd, Million $ Mano, VHS or Beta (DJ Set)
Saturday: Dani Deahl, Devlin & Darko, Dash Mihok, Perry Farrell & Special Guest (Slash), Does It Offend You, Yeah? (DJ Set), DJ AM, DJ MomJeans
Sunday: The Glamour, Smalltown DJs, E-Six & Roan, DJ Mel, Franki Chan, Flosstradamus

Friday: We Go to 11, Magic Wands, The Parlor Mob, Electric Touch, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, Your Vegas, Cadence Weapon, The Cool Kids
Saturday: Krista, The Postelles, Innerpartysystem, Steel Train, Serena Ryder, DJ Bald Eagle, Uffie
Sunday: Ha Ha Tonka, Wild Sweet Orange, Tally Hall, Newton Faulkner, Eli "The Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves

Santigold appeared on the initial lineup for Lollapalooza but was eventually removed.

2009 Edit

Location: Grant Park, Chicago

Dates: August 7, 2009 – August 9, 2009

(Artists listed from earliest to latest set times)

Friday: DJ Pasha (Last Band Standing Winner), Nick Catchdubs, DJ Mel, Dark Wave Disco, Hollywood Holt, Rye Rye (cancelled), La Roux (cancelled), The Bloody Beetroots (DJ Set), A-Trak, Simian Mobile Disco (DJ Set), Crookers, Kid Cudi
Saturday: Punky Fresh (Last Band Standing Winner), Moneypenny, Kaskade, Animal Collective (DJ Set), Prophit, Perry Farrell and Special Guest, Hercules and Love Affair (DJ Set), LA Riots, Diplo, Bassnectar
Sunday: Yello Fever, Car Stereo (Wars), He Say, She Say, The Hood Internet, The Glitch Mob, Boys Noize, MSTRKRFT, Deadmau5

2010 Edit

Location: Grant Park, Chicago

Dates: August 6, 2010 – August 8, 2010 [16]

(Artists listed from earliest to latest set times)

Kidzapalooza Stage
Friday: The Happiness Club, School of Rock, The Candy Band, Tim and the Space Cadets, Rocknoceros, Ed Kowalczyk, Recess Monkey
Saturday: Tim and the Space Cadets, The Candy Band, Rocknoceros, The Verve Pipe, The Happiness Club, Dan Zanes and the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, JP. Chrissie & the Fairground Boys
Sunday: School of Rock, Q Brothers, Recess Monkey, Dan Zanes and the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, Peter DiStefano & Tor, Thenewno2, Perry Farrell, The Verve Pipe

2011 Edit

Lollapalooza Chile Edit

Dates: April 2, 2011 – April 3, 2011

(Artists listed from earliest to latest set times)

Kidzapalooza Stage
Saturday: Magic Twins, Power Peralta, Los Pulentos, Achu
Sunday: Cuchara, Joe Vasconcellos & Fractal, Los Plumabits, Power Peralta, Los Pulentos

New Order at The Troxy | London, England | 12/10/2011 (Concert Review)

This is the second in a series of photojournals covering concerts during my trip to England and France. Tonight’s performance was New Order, which was held at the Troxy in East London, England on December 10th, 2011.

Who: New Order
Venue: Troxy
Where: London, England
When: December 10, 2011
Seating: General Admission (front row center)

PLEASE NOTE: This article first appeared in different form on the Original Prop Blog ( click here for original ), and has been copied to the Rock Subculture Journal after the fact.

Articles that are part of this London/Paris/Liverpool Journal can be found within the “England/France Journal 2011” category:

I have been a huge New Order fan going back to the early 80s. For those unfamiliar with the band, they were formed by the surviving members of Joy Division after the 1980 suicide of their lead singer, Ian Curtis. Bernard Sumner took over vocals, Stephen Morris and Peter (“Hooky”) Hook continued with bass an other instruments, and Gillian Gilbert joined the reformed band, which had a strong electronic pop change in direction from Joy Division’s post punk sound.

Being a British band and breaking up a few times over the years, many have never had an opportunity to see them perform live, and the last break-up, with a division between Peter Hook and the other members of the band, left most fans suspecting that they may never see the band play together again. The last time I saw them in concert was at Shoreline Amphitheater in 1993, and they have not even played in their homeland of England for five years until tonight.

The recent reunion all began with two concerts (one in Paris, one in Brussels) to benefit their friend and filmmaker Michael Shamberg, and tonight’s show was a “one off” performance. The reunion was not without controversy, with founding member Peter Hook, no longer involved in the band, being publicly vocal about his disagreement with the new line-up.

Original members Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, and Gillian Gilbert have been joined by Tom Chapman on bass guitar and Phil Cunningham as an additional guitarist. All of them, save Gilbert, are also involved in the Bad Lieutenant, a band formed following the last break up of New Order (also involved are members of Jake Evans, who opened for New Order at the gig tonight).

In any event, giving the above and fortuitous timing, I was able to go to the concert tonight, and it was an incredible experience.

Coming off of the great Coldplay concert last night, friend and fellow hobbyist (and music aficionado) Oz went with me to this show, and we were extremely lucky on several fronts.

The tube/metro serving the Troxy is shut down this weekend, and poor planning on our part left us scrambling to find a way to the venue. Ultimately, we were able to secure a taxi, and actually arrived late to the venue. However, because I purchased my tickets from outside of England, they could not be mailed and I was to pick them up at Will Call. There were many long lines, so I asked security which line we should wait in for Will Call, and he directed us off to an independent queue space… with no one else waiting in it.

Less than a minute later, we were directed into the venue. We went to Will Call and I presented my passport – the employee knew my name immediately and handed us our tickets. We were directed into the concert area, where we had general admission/floor/standing tickets. It was empty. We literally walked up to the front center position below the stage, and looked at each other, astonished.

As noted, Jake Evens provided a fantastic opening, and at one point, to my surprise, at one point I looked to the right of the stage, behind a curtain (that I could easily see past given my proximity to the stage), only to see Bernard Sumner himself watching the opening act, and then looking over to me and sharing a nice smile. A surreal moment.

It was a genuine thrill to finally see New Order come out on stage, to the sounds of ‘Elegia’, which then transitioned into ‘Crystal’ (for which the official video, which played as backdrop here, served as the inspiration for the name of the band, The Killers – with the more hip and youthful faux band performing in the video as a bit of commentary on the music business). Both of these run continuous in the embedded video below. We were so close, I couldn’t fit the full stage into the frame of my camera for photos or video (even pushing the zoom out wider/further than what we were physically seeing).

Below is an additional video, for ‘True Faith’:

Video of ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’:

New Order has such a fantastic catalog of songs, it was no surprise that much was left out but what was played was done with great spirit, energy, and fun. There were some surprises as well – after getting over the notion that I was actually seeing New Order play again, before my eyes, out they came with the song 5-8-6 – a non-hit favorite of mine, that I would never have imagined that I would ever see live.

Below is a partial video recording of one of my all time favorite songs, Blue Monday (partial because my digital camera ran out of batteries):

The band closed out with Joy Division’s biggest hit, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, which was released right before Ian Curtis’ death. It is also one of two songs I will see performed live during my European trip that was featured in the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

A few good bits of memorabilia were tossed into the audience – Bernard Sumner tossed out his guitar pick, which bounced off my hand and was rescued by the gentleman standing next to me, who was thrilled. Drumsticks, set lists, more guitar picks… I was lucky enough to secure two pieces. The first I asked a roadie to get for me, which I assumed was Bernard’s set list, as it was taped to the monitor at his feet, but ended up being the typed out lyrics to the aforementioned encore closing song, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ (it was originally written and sung by Ian Curtis for Joy Division, which would explain the assist). After most had cleared out, I also spotted one last played and discarded guitar pick on the stage, which a roadie was kind enough to retrieve for me (this one used by Phil Cunningham. Photos of all below.

As with the Coldplay concert, below are photos taken by me at the show. I will also be uploading videos, but again, the hotel WiFi is very slow, so the article will be updated in the future as I am able to share more videos.

An empty stage save for the phenomenal DJ providing into and intermission between supporting act and New Order

The venue slowly starting to fill in…

Still waiting for New Order – awesome DJ set…

Jason and Oz (photo taken by press on other side of the barricade)

The Mojo barricade – the only thing keeping us from being smashed against the stage…

Life In Heidi&rsquos New Studio

Heidi realized that she could definitely afford to live alone once she did research and jumped at the opportunity. She ultimately settled on a cozy studio nearby campus. Once settling upon her new place, Heidi had to move out of her old room and into her new home.

Facebook/Heidi Alice Savitt

On the way out, Heidi met her outgoing home&rsquos new tenants to pass off her keys. In a rush, she handed the new tenants her keys, flashed them a quick smile, and ran off to keep moving and decorating her new studio apartment. As she watched her old home disappear in the rearview mirror, she thought she had put her days in that home behind her. But she would be back sooner than expected.

Published: 17:15 BST, 5 August 2015 | Updated: 22:21 BST, 5 August 2015

Ivanka Trump has the kind of flawless skin that draws the envy of women everywhere.

And now, the 33-year-old entrepreneur is finally sharing her 'unconventional' tips on how she achieves a flawless make-up-free look, thanks to her friend, nutritionist Maria Marlowe, who revealed the top seven foods the heiress eats to ensure a perfect complexion on Ivanka's lifestyle website.

'My friend, health and wellness coach @maria_marlowe, constantly preaches that beauty comes from within,' wrote Ivanka on Instagram. 'Today on IvankaTrump.com, she tells us what to eat for flawless, glowing skin.'

Flawless: Ivanka Trump, 33, has undeniably incredible skin, and now her health coach is revealing her top diet secrets to looking amazing with or without make-up

Blue steel: The entrepreneur regularly posts incredible make-up-free photos to social media, showing just how radiant her natural complexion is

Maria, a certified health coach who specializes in plant-based recipes, focuses on the natural ingredients that contain certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are conducive to a flawless complexion.

'While most people think that gorgeous skin is the result of a special beauty routine, the truth is that our dietary habits can have an even greater impact on our skin than our products,' wrote Maria on Ivanka's site. 'Skin, after all, is our largest organ, and while it does need some TLC on the outside, it also needs the right nourishment from the inside.'

The first food recommended by Maria is the ever-popular health staple, the avocado. According to Maria, not only is this spreadable vegetable great on toast, it also provides biotin, a vitamin that helps the skin stay supple, as well as healthy fats that discourage blemishes from forming.


It was the ‘Ella effect’ that led to a 1,400 per cent increase in the sale of spiralizers (the kitchen gizmo that turns vegetables into noodles) kale sales shot up by 122 per cent, while partly thanks to her, the worldwide avocado market is now worth £2 billion.

Supermarkets have been quick to cash in, with every chain offering gluten-free ranges, bags of instant courgetti - the spiralized courgette that looks like spaghetti - and more nuts and seeds than you can shake a stick at. In other words, clean-eating is big business.

At the course - which Sadie Frost has taken - there were 'plenty of ordinary women in their 40s and 50s' and several 'middle class women with swishy hair'

What’s made Ella’s story so alluring is her lack of professional cooking qualifications. Her debut cookbook may have outsold Nigella’s How To Eat and Jamie Oliver’s The Naked Chef but Ella didn’t train as a chef or serve her time being shouted at by the likes of Marco Pierre White or Gordon Ramsay.

Instead, she did a course in nutrition - and plenty of others are now flocking to follow in her footsteps.

Nowadays, it seems, any pretty girl with an Aga - from The Hemsley sisters, Jasmine and Melissa, to Madeleine Shaw, the author of bestselling healthy eating bible Get The Glow - can earn millions from her recipes without any formal training as a professional chef.

No wonder so many women have decided they too want a slice of that (organic) pie and are signing up to learn how to become a nutritionist.

Courses are popping up all over the globe. Even Pippa Middleton is reported to have completed an online food qualification at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York.

So how easy is it? Twice Ella’s age and somebody who’d choose a KitKat over kale any day, I admit that I’m not an obvious choice as a guiding light in the clean and green movement. But maybe, with some expert training, I too can reinvent myself.

And what better place to learn than at the very place where Ella and Madeleine Shaw trained - London’s College of Naturopathic Medicine?

After scrutinising their website I opt for their month-long Nutrition for Everyday Living course at a cost of £375 - a course actress Sadie Frost has done and endorses on the website. One day a week is devoted to lectures and I’ll be given homework as well as sitting a final exam.

In the space of two years Ella has published three best-selling recipe books - the ‘Ella effect’ led to a 1,400 per cent increase in the sale of spiralizers

I arrive for my first class and all those horrible school day insecurities come flooding back. Will I fit in? Will anyone talk to me? Will the teacher like me?

There are 38 students (37 women and one man) and much more of a cross section than I anticipated.

Yes, there are a handful of Ella clones - pretty middle-class girls in Breton tops with swishy hair, who I suspect bounce from one course to the next, but there are also plenty of ordinary women in their 40s and 50s.

Looking around the class I notice nearly everyone has brought a flask from home containing herbal tea or a revolting-looking green juice. By contrast I have a supersize Starbucks latte and a blueberry muffin that I’m too ashamed to take out of the bag in case I set off an alarm.

In our first module we discuss the biochemical reaction of enzymes. As somebody who failed her O-level biology, it’s tough going and calls for some frantic note taking.

Claudia went to the month-long course at London's College of Naturopathic Medicine (pictured)

By the time we break for lunch, my head is thumping. I understand about the good and bad carbs, I think I’ve wrapped my brain around proteins, but by the time we reach fats, oils and all the different Omega groups, I might as well sit at the back with the dunce’s cap on.

The course leader, Yuwa, tells us all not to worry and that by the end of the course things will fall into place. I hope so.

We break for lunch, and although some of the students go off in groups, I want to be alone to read over the notes for the afternoon session. Just in case I bump into anyone from class I head to a Greek deli and order a healthy salad and water.

In the afternoon session we study each of the vitamins and minerals in turn - their sources, their functions and the side-effects of deficiency.

I notice that, just like back in school, it’s the same two or three women who raise their hand to answer every question. If they already know so much, why are they here? Meanwhile, I doodle in my notepad and gaze out of the window - just like I did 30 years ago.

What’s made Ella’s story so alluring is her lack of professional cooking qualifications - instead, she did a course in nutrition - and plenty of others are now flocking to follow in her footsteps

By going-home time I’m feeling the effects of my meagre lunch and scoff a bag of popcorn on the train back, telling myself it’s not great but at least it’s better than crisps.

My homework is to create an immune-boosting recipe suitable for somebody recovering from illness and also to keep a food diary calculating the grams of protein I consume every day.

When I’m recovering from illness I want to eat toast and ice cream, but I suspect that’s not what they’re looking for.

Instead, I settle on an avocado salsa served with wholemeal pitta followed by baked salmon with sweet potato mash, oven-dried tomatoes and green beans. I’m confident I’ve covered every vitamin even if I have pinched the recipe from Jamie Oliver.

Deliciously Ella, was Amazon UK’s best-selling of 2015, the fastest selling debut cookbook of all time

When it comes to writing my food diary, I am surprised to see that on five days out of seven I don’t come anywhere close to eating the 70g of protein I should be consuming as my diet is far too carb-heavy.

At my second lecture, a week later, we start with Yuwa asking which of us regularly skips breakfast. Mine is the only hand raised.

I can feel the disapproval of my classmates who speak of the poached eggs they eat (laid by their own hens) the berries they grow on their allotments and the milk they make from oats. I am desperate to ask how you milk an oat, but I bite my tongue.

I read out my food diary to the class where my insufficient water intake is noted as well as my poor protein levels. I’m starting to feel like the one nobody ever picks for the netball team - especially when I realise that my immune-boosting recipe has omitted vitamin E.

Our second module focuses on diet and anti-ageing and my own vanity has me hanging on Yuwa’s every word. If there’s a nutritional equivalent of Botox I want to know what it is.

I’m relieved to learn that I do eat plenty of the things I should be (berries, nuts, avocado, oily fish) but I certainly don’t eat seaweed to boost collagen production.

We also discuss the wonders of Matcha tea - a Japanese green tea I’ve never heard of but that (yet again) everyone else seems to know all about. A powerful, anti-ageing superfood, it has more antioxidants than spinach and carrots combined. (Guess what I’ll be buying on my way home?)

Later we discuss ‘food as medicine’ and some of the women in the class share very moving stories. Cathy, a 45-year-old housewife from Kent, has a husband with Ankylosing Spondylitis (an autoimmune condition that attacks the spine and joints.)

Through her research she has found how key diet is to relieving symptoms, and she hopes to go on to get a degree in nutrition.

Courses are popping up all over the globe. Even Pippa Middleton is reported to have completed an online food qualification at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York

Another lady, Barbara, a glamorous 32-year-old beautician, tells of how she helped her mother lose 3st and give up sugar, wheat and dairy after she was given two months to live after a cancer diagnosis. Three years on her mother is alive and well, and Barbara is convinced it’s down to her diet overhaul.

One of the reasons Deliciously Ella started to eat healthily was due to a rare illness (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) that caused a racing heart, dizziness and fatigue. Overnight she eliminated gluten, meat, fish, dairy and refined sugar from her diet and felt the benefits.

Homework is to try to sprout our own seeds. This is, apparently, easy. You simply soak the seeds and wait for the magic to happen. I choose mung beans, but after three days there is not a sprout in sight and I bin the mushy mess. We are also tasked with experimenting with seaweeds. I can’t stomach spirulina shots (which just taste of mud) but I’m rather taken with a type of seaweed known as Kombu.

I’m also the proud owner of a jar of surprisingly refreshing Matcha tea. It may have set me back £20 from Waitrose, but if it’s the miracle worker people say then it’s a worthwhile investment.

At the halfway stage I’m enjoying my course far more than I thought. Slowly the information is sinking in and I am making a determined effort to drink more water and eat less sugar. I doubt I’ll ever be someone who gets excited by lentils and prunes, but at least it’s a start.

By week three the competition over the green-sludge-filled flasks has really heated up. Someone has brewed her own artichoke tea, but Charlotte has everyone beat. She’s scoffing a bowl of Bircher muesli she made at home and brought in with her.

Our morning lesson is all about the importance of detoxing - something that pricks my curiosity, as my understanding was that detoxing is widely accepted as hokum.

However, I quickly learn that we’re not talking about the sort of ‘dry January’ approach most of us consider a detox. Instead this is about detoxing through liver-cleansing foods.

Claudia was surprised by how much she learned and has made tweaks to her diet, includng drinking Matcha tea and hazelnut milk and munching on seaweed

We’re given a liver detox salad to try at home (beetroot, carrot, coriander, parsley, avocado and hemp seeds). I prepare it, but choose to eat it dry rather than with the tahini, ginger and prune dressing that’s meant to go with it but sounds a little too ‘cleansing’ for my liking.

During our afternoon session we are split into groups and told to devise a macrobiotic three-meal menu - and it leads to a fallout with my classmates.

They decide on a brown rice congee for breakfast, miso soup and a nut and seed salad for lunch, followed by tofu and cabbage with buckwheat noodles for dinner. I protest, saying it’s inedible slop, but I’m outvoted and sit in huffy silence for the rest of the lecture.

The groups all read their menu plans out and, for the first time on my course, I feel like running to the nearest KFC. No poor eater will be converted if the diet suggested to them is unappetising. Another criticism levelled at clean eating is the focus on cutting out ingredients, something which recently led some experts to claim it’s fuelling a rise in eating disorders.

For our last lesson I volunteer to make some cakes and am handed a sweet potato brownie recipe by our patron saint, Deliciously Ella.

I’m oddly fascinated to know what on earth a brownie that contains no gluten, eggs, sugar or melted chocolate is going to taste like. Instead, the recipe is made up of ground almonds, maple syrup, brown rice flour, medjool dates, raw cacao powder (cold-pressed, unroasted cocoa beans) and organic sweet potato.

For the last lesson in the course, Claudia was handed a Deliciously Ella brownie recipe - made up of ground almonds, maple syrup, brown rice flour and raw cacao powder

The ingredients come to a staggering £26 - highly impractical for anybody on a budget, and roughly the same as a meal for two in Pizza Express.

The night before our final class I’m up until 1am baking Ella’s brownies, which take far longer to cook than the 20 minutes the recipe states. I taste one. It’s rich, sweet, gooey and incredibly tasty, even if it works out at about a fiver a mouthful and is as heavy as a brick.

We’ve reached the end of our course and the exam is looming. Having spent so much money I don’t want to fail - plus, I really want the pass certificate. I fit in some frantic, last-minute revision and decide that, if in doubt, I will give the answer ‘avocado’ because - chances are - it will be right.

Our test consists of 36 questions, and my heart sinks when I see the first two. I don’t know the different types of amino acids and I can’t give examples of complete and incomplete proteins.

Thankfully, the questions get easier. I’m clued up on my vitamins, minerals and food groups and feel positively giddy when we’re asked about anti-ageing foods. My specialist subject.

Our papers are marked and I’m delighted when I get 72 per cent, which (I decide) makes me an A student, choosing to ignore the fact that some of my classmates scored more than 90 per cent.

The exam over, it’s clean, green party time. Everyone has bought in a healthy snack and we tuck into corn bread, cranberry bites, hummus and the world’s most expensive brownies - for which I receive many compliments.

I make my way home glowing in the knowledge that after one month I am now the proud holder of a certificate stating I have studied nutrition and passed the course.

So am I a new recruit to the clean-eating crew? I’ll admit I did briefly flirt with what I might call myself: Cleanly Claudia and Deliciously Connella were my top choices. But I know myself too well and there’s no way I can promise that a Pringle or Percy Pig will never again pass my lips.

But I was surprised by how much I learned and have tweaked my diet. I’m drinking Matcha tea like there’s no tomorrow, I’ve developed a taste for hazelnut milk and I’m still munching on seaweed.

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Feb. 15 Fri - The Charlatans UK : "This America's Seen Witnessed '91", (special guest: The Cavedogs ) @ Ackerman Ballroom, UCLA, Westwood,
Los Angeles, CA. my crew, ARM's (Alternative Rock Movement) first concert together with Barnard "gager" & Andrew "deth".
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Apr. 14 Sun - The Sisters of Mercy : "Tour Thing", (special guests: Gene Loves Jezebel / Lush / Danielle Dax *) @ Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA. we went to see this show with Xeres Anicete , ex- I.O.V. - [ ad ] [ ticket ]
* I missed this act

Apr. 18 Thur - Caustic Monkey : Free Noontime Concert @ Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA

May 24 Fri - KROQ's "Rock At The Beach '91" (debut show!) : The Alarm , (guest: The Leslie Spit Treeo ) (live-acoustic performance), Hosted by KROQ jock, Jed The Fish @ Venice Beach, Venice, CA - [ photos ] [ audio recordings: The Alarm / Leslie Spit Treeo ]

June 2 Sun - Morrissey : "Kill Uncle", (special guest: Phranc ) @ Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA. special guest appearances by David Bowie (during Morrissey's set) and Syd Straw (during Phranc's set). - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ audio recording ]

June 19 Wed - KROQ's "Rock At The Beach '91" : The La's , (live-acoustic performance), Hosted by KROQ jock, Richard Blade @ Venice Beach, Venice, CA - [ photos ] [ audio ]

July 10 Wed - KROQ's "Rock At The Beach '91" , Hosted by KROQ jock, Jed The Fish @ Santa Monica Beach, Santa Monica, CA

July 23 Tue - I saw Billy Idol when I watched "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" @ Cinerama Dome, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. He was seated two rows behind us. After the movie, he left riding his Harley Davidson.

July 25 Thur - "KROQ Noontime Free Concert" : Ned's Atomic Dustbin , (special guest: Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff ) (live-acoustic performance)
@ The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA - [ audio recordings: Ned's Atomic Dustbin / Miles Hunt ]

Aug. 8 Thur - "Santa Monica Pier 7th Annual Twilight Dance Series 1991" : The Untouchables @ Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA
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Aug. 21 Wed - School of Fish : In-store performance @ Music Plus, Redondo Beach, CA - [ photos ] [ autographs ] [ audio recording ]

Aug. 31 Sat - "KROQ Free Concert " : Too Much Joy @ Shark Club, Los Angeles, CA - [ photos ] [ audio recording ]

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Sept. 7 Sat - The Candy Skins : In-store performance (live-acoustic) @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
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Chapterhouse : In-store appearance @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ autographs ]

Sept. 20 Fri - "KROQ's Free Food Frenzy" with The Poorman @ AM-PM Mini-Mart (Hollywood & Vermont), Los Angeles, CA
. I won two "Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers" concert tickets for Sept. 22nd at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre but I never got to use it
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Oct. 3 Thur - The Damned : "I Didn't Say It" Tour 1991 (featuring all-original members), (special guests: 7 Seconds / The Doughboys )
@ Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ]

Oct. 11 Fri - Premiere of the "KROQ Dance Party" @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. Broadcast live on 106.7 FM KROQ. we were among the first 50 people in line! (so we could get in for free. ) - [ ad ] [ ticket ]

Oct. 15 Tue - Big Audio Dynamite II : "The Globe Tour", (special guests: The Farm / Downtown Science) @ Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood,
Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ audio recordings: B.A.D. II / The Farm ]

Oct. 31 Thur - The Zeros : In-store performance/Free Halloween Concert @ Music Plus, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
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Nov. 14 Thur - "KROQ Noontime Free Concert" : Blur @ The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA. this was Blur's first ever (unofficial) LA show!
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Dec. 4 Wed - Lloyd Cole (with Neil Clark *) : "Unplugged!" In-store performance @ Tower Records, Sunset Bl., West Hollywood, CA
* He is also an ex-Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
[ ad ] [ photos ] [ audio ]

EMF : "Smoke The Banger World Tour", (special guests: Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine / Tribe ) @ Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City,
Los Angeles, CA. Jover "zorlac" & I got to meet CUSM's members (Jim Bob & Fruitbat) at the venue's gate before the show.
[ ad ] [ ticket ]

Dec. 15 Sun - Siouxsie & the Banshees : In-store appearance @ Tower Records, Woodland Hills, CA. too bad cameras were not allowed!
[ ad ] [ autographs ]

Dec. 18 Wed - I met Budgie ( Siouxsie & the Banshees / The Creatures ) in my work at the El Capitan Theater, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. He & his friend came to see "Beauty and the Beast" (10:30 PM show). I got his autograph once again! - [ autograph ]

Jan. 17 Fri - Ned's Atomic Dustbin : "On Tour 1992", (special guest: Calypso ) @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
- [ ad ] [ ticket / guestlist 'comp' ticket ] [ photos ]
. The show was sold out and we got our tickets thru our friend Bong's "hookup" with Goldenvoice, hehe

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Jan. 30 Thur - The Cult : "Ceremonial Stomp 1991-92", (special guest: Lenny Kravitz ) @ Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles, CA
. my first ever "party in the pit" at the Universal c/o Barnard "gager". - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ "Party In The Pit" wristband ]
[ audio: The Cult / Lenny Kravitz ]

Jan. 31 Fri - I met Danny Dangerous (The Zeros, bassist) at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. He came to see "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" (7:30 PM show).

Feb. 14 Fri - "KROQ Valentine Dance Party" @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 27 Thur - Nitzer Ebb : In-store appearance @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ] [ autographs ]

Apr. 12 Sun - Lush : In-store appearance @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ] [ autographs ]

Apr. 13 Mon - U2 : "Zoo TV Tour", (special guest: Pixies ) Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ]
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Apr. 16 Thur - The Verlaines : Special in-store performance @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ] [ autographs ] [ audio ]

May 11 Mon - Catherine Wheel : Special acoustic performance on a sidewalk outside the MARS-FM 103.1 bldg, Santa Monica, CA. It was a bring-your-own-radio event! - [ photos ] [ autographs ] [ audio recording ]

May 29 Fri - Ride : "Going Blank Again" Tour 1992, (special guest: Slowdive ) @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
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. The show was sold out and we got our tickets thru our friend Bong's "hookup" with Goldenvoice, hehe

June 21 Sun - The Cure : "Wish Tour '92", (special guest: Cranes) Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ]

June 27 Sat - The Cure : "Wish Tour '92", (special guests: Dinosaur Jr. / Cranes *) @ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ audio ]
* I missed this act

July 5 Sun - My Bloddy Valentine : In-store appearance @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ] [ autographs ]

July 24 Fri - Chicago @ Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - [ ticket ]

Aug. 27 Thur - I met John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants) at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. He came to see "The Gun In Betty Lou's Handbag" (10:25 PM show). I got his autograph! - [ autograph ]

Sept. 18 Fri - "KROQ Dance Party" with special guest DJ, Graham Massey of 808 State @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ticket ]

Oct. 2 Fri - Revolver & Drop Nineteens : In-store acoustic performances @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ] [ autographs ]
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Oct. 9 Fri - "KROQ Dance Party 1st Annual Extravaganza" @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ]

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Nov. 17 Tue - I met & chat for a long time with Gary Kemp (ex- Spandau Ballet , actor) at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA after the 5:45 PM show of "Alladin". I got his autograph! - [ autograph ]

Nov. 23 Mon - The Soup Dragons / James * @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ photos ]
* James did a special acoustic set

Nov. 28 Sat - I met Flea ( Red Hot Chili Peppers , bassist) at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. He came to see "Alladin" (8 PM show). I got his autograph! - [ autograph ]

Dec. ? - I think I may have spotted Adam Ant at the El Capitan Theatre but I wasn't quite sure!

Dec. 13 Sun - "The 3rd Annual KROQ Acoustic Christmas 1992" (Night 2) @ Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ]
Duran Duran / Michael Penn / The Cult / Toad the Wet Sprocket / Seal / The Rembrandts / Adam Ant / The Soup Dragons / dada / The Farm *
Highlights: Duran Duran & Adam Ant's comeback performances after years of hiatus The Cult's first ever semi-acoustic performance Seal's debut American performance
* I missed this act

Jan. 8 Fri - dada : In-store acoustic performance @ Tower Records, West Hollywood, CA. this was the first time I videotaped a live show!
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Mar. 4 Thur - Inspiral Carpets : "Revenge Of The Goldfish" Tour 1993, (special guest: Sunscreem ) @ The Palace *, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
[ ad ] [ ticket ] [ photos ]
* Originally booked at The Whiskey A Gogo
. I might have seen a pre-Oasis Noel Gallagher here for the first time when he was still a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets!

Mar. 5 Fri - Volcano : Free Concert @ Student Center, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA - [ photos ] [ set list ]

Mar. 8 Mon - Black 47 : Free Concert @ Hard Rock Cafe *, Beverly Center, Los Angeles, CA. we met lead singer, Larry Kirwan at the door before the show! - [ ad ] [ photos ] [ set list ]
* this was the first ever Hard Rock Cafe location in the US. It opened in 1982 and closed in late 2006

Mar. 19 Fri - "KROQ Dance Party" - Special Pre-release Listening Party for Depeche Mode's "Songs of Faith and Devotion" @ The Palace, Hollywood,
Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ]

Apr. 9 Fri - Ocean 11 : Free Concert @ Student Plaza, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA

Apr. 16 Fri - "KROQ Free Concert" : Belly @ Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA - [ photos ] [ autographs ] [ audio recording ]

Apr. 18 Sun - Wool : Free Concert @ Aron's Records parking lot, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. it took so long to start, I had to leave early for work!
- [ ad ] [ Wool sticker ]

July 7 Wed - I met Anthony Kiedis ( Red Hot Chili Peppers , singer) at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA after the 7:40 PM show of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". I got his autograph! - [ autograph ]

July 23 Fri - "KROQ Dance Party" (Hosted by Jed The Fish & Doug The Slug) @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ receipt ]
. After almost 2 months of hiatus, it's back!

July 26 Mon - New Order : "Touring Republic '93", (special guests: X / 808 State ) @ Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
. this was New Order's final L.A. show to date. (a guy borrowed my pair of binoculars & jacked it. it kinda ruined my night!)
- [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ audio ]

Aug. 6 Fri - "Lollapalooza '93" (Day 2) @ Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, Irwindale, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ photos ]
Main Stage: Primus * / Alice in Chains / Dinosaur Jr. / Fishbone / Arrested Development / Front 242 / Tool / Rage Against the Machine
2nd Stage: Sebadoh **
* I only saw half of their set. We had to leave early ** Sebadoh was the only band I saw on the 2nd stage.

Aug. 23 Mon - Hollywood's "Walk of Fame" star presentation ceremony for Duran Duran in front of the Capitol Records bldg., Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 2 PM. This was the first for an "alternative" band!

Sept. 14 Tue - The Cure : "Show" (Concert film) @ Nuart Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 5:20 PM show. this was an exclusive special engagement only from Sept. 8 - 14 only. - [ ad ] [ ticket ]

Sept. 24 Fri - "KROQ Dance Party" featuring a concert by Moonwash Symphony @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ]

Oct. 14 Thur - despite strict security, I managed to get Danny Elfman 's ( Oingo Boingo musical scorer) autograph as he was being led to an adjacent building after the CalArts benefit premiere of Tim Burton 's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
[ autograph ]

Nov. 4 Thur - I met Perry Farrell ( Porno For Pyros , ex- Jane's Addiction ) after the 6 PM show of Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" at the
El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA - [ autograph ]

Nov. 17 Wed - Boy George (ex- Culture Club singer solo) : In-store appearance @ Virgin Megastore, Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA. it was from 7-8:30 PM only, the line was too long! He was supposed to play but he was tired already that he had to leave. I didn't get to see him & get his autograph! - [ ad ]

Nov. 23 Tue - Depeche Mode : "Devotional Tour", (special guest: The The ) @ Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA. "One Caress" featured a string quartet! - [ ad ] [ ticket / ticket sale wristband ]

Nov. 26 Fri - Depeche Mode : "Devotional Tour", (special guest: The The ) @ Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ]

Dec. 12 Sun - "The 4th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 1993" (Night 2) @ Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles, CA
Porno For Pyros / Smashing Pumpkins / Blind Melon / Violent Femmes / Rage Against the Machine / Belly / Primus / The Cranberries / Cracker / US3
. a special unannounced appearance by Henry Rollins , closing off the night with a recital of "The Night Before Christmas". after the show, local punk band, Minus Adam illegally set-up at the parking lot, played one song, moshing erupted, police came & stopped it!
[ ad ] [ ticket ] [ Minus Adam sticker ]

Dec. 31 Fri - "The Only Alternative New Year's Eve: Helter Skelter & Stigmata" @ 923 Cole Ave., (at Willoughby), Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. it was an illegal underground club that the LAPD eventually shut down at around 1 A.M. this was where I first heard Xmal Deutschland's "Incubus Succubus" played anywhere in the US! - [ ad ]

Jan. 5 Wed - "Stigmata" @ 836 Highland Ave., Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ flyer 1 ] [ flyer 2 ]
. My friends & I's first time at this regular club location

Jan. 17 Mon - 4:31 AM, KROQ jock Scott Mason was playing Bad Religion 's "Stuck A Nerve" when the Magnitude 6.6 "Northride Earthquake" struck. It was the worst since 1971!

Feb. 9 Thur - I met Gary Kemp ( ex- Spandau Ballet , actor) around the 7 PM show of "Iron Will" at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA - [ autograph ]
. He was waiting for his wife and kids outside the theater. It was a good 15-minute or so chat with him while I was assigned at the door. This was my 2nd time meeting him at the theater.

Feb. 10 Thur - Nick Heyward (ex-Haircut One Hundred solo) : "An After-Show" in-store performance @ Virgin Megastore, Sunset Bl., Los Angeles, CA. They actually played at around 12:30 AM (Feb. 11) - [ ad ] [ photos ] [ autograph ] [ audio ]

Mar. 3 Thur - Grand opening of "Doom!" featuring live performances by Babyland & Extra Fancy 836 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA - [ ad ]

Apr. 8 Fri - My friend Jover "zorlac" called me early in the morning & told me to listen to KROQ. At around 8:40 AM, an electrician found a body at
Kurt Cobain's Seattle home, believed to be of Kurt's. Around 2:35 PM, Seattle medical examiner positively identified the body as that of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the head. He was only 27. - [ download: KROQ broadcast ]
Update: July 30, 2016 - After watching the documentary, "Soaked In Bleach" (2015), I now believe that Courtney Love has something to do with Kurt Cobain's death. - [ official website / IMDB.com ]

Apr. 20 Wed - Prong : "Cleansing" Tour, (special guest: Course Of Empire *) @ Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ photo ]
* I missed this act

Apr. 27 Wed - Nine Inch Nails : "Downward Spiral" Tour @ The Palace, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. actually, I just saw glimpses of the performance from outside the venue. I only went there to get those KROQ/NIN bumper stickers. hehehe!

May 7 Sat - Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad : "Live In Concert: The First U.S. Tour" @ Tom Bradley Theatre, Los Angeles Theatre Center, Los Angeles, CA. this was the first touring "alternative" Philippine act that I saw in the US! - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ photos ] [ autographs ] [ set list ] [ audio recording ]

May 14 Sat - Jover & I went to Tower Records, West Covina, CA for the ticket sale of KROQ's 2nd Annual Weenie Roast & Sing-Along Festival. To our surprise, there were about 2,000 fans in line already. As the sale time closed in, the crowd became an unruly mob. The West Covina PD Riot Squad came & dispersed the crowd. The tickets went sold-out & none of us got one ticket! - [ news article 1 / 2 ]

May 29 Sun - I met Chad Smith ( Red Hot Chili Peppers , drummer) after the 10 PM show of "When A Man Loves A Woman" at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA. I got his autograph! Thanks to Andrew "murder" for recognizing him first! - [ autograph ]

June 20 Mon - "Bianca's Hole" featuring Chalk Circle / Lifter / Blow Pop @ Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA - [ ad ]

July 16 Sat - The Elastic Purejoy * : In-store performance @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. According to singer Dave Allen , it was their very first gig. & I have the one & only video footage of it in the whole world. =) - [ ad ] [ photos ] [ set list ] [ video ]
* This is Dave Allen's solo project. Dave Allen is the founding member of Gang of Four & Shriekback

July 23 Sat - Live & Dig : KROQ Free Concert @ Westwood Plaza, UCLA, Westwood, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ flyer ] [ photos ] [ video: Live ]

Sept. 29 Thur - Oasis * : (guest: Pink Noise Test ) @ Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA. the first time to see my all-time fave 90's band Oasis' first ever LA show! - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ autographs ]
* This was their debut LA show. A historical one, too! This was where the infamous "Gallagher Brothers" fight happened that almost cut their North American tour short. After the show outside the venue, I got to meet Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan, Tony McCarrol & Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs and got their autographs. I, with a couple of fans, waited a little longer for Liam and Noel to come out. They were probably still fighting, hehe. No wonder Liam looked messed up when he came out of the venue before I could ask for his autograph, he gave me that blank "what d'ya want from me mate?" stare. I just backed off. this was my "Liam Adventure Part 1". hehehe!

Oct. 14 Fri - Redd Kross : In-store performance @ Blockbuster Music, Huntington Beach, CA. a special surprise guest appearance by Richard Carpenter (ex- The Carpenters ) - [ ad ] [ audio recording ]

Oct. 28 Fri - Weezer : Free Concert @ Blockbuster Music, Los Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA - [ photos by Tara ] [ autograph ]
. we got there late that we only saw three songs from them!

Nov. 18 Fri - Henry Rollins ( Rollins Band , ex- Black Flag ) : In-store appearance @ Tower Records, Sunset Bl., West Hollywood, CA - [ ad ] [ autograph ]

Nov. 19 Sat - my friends' band, Angkan Ng Ipugaw 's first ever gig @ Max's Restaurant, Artesia, CA

Dec. 16 Fri - Pale Shelter / Solitary Dance / Stranger Death 19 : Coffeehouse gig @ Cup of J, Pomona, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ]

Dec. 29 Thur - Dance club grand opening: "CPU" featuring a live performance by a local industrial band @ Dragonfly, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
[ ad ] [ flyer ]

Dec. 31 Sat - "New Year's Eve: Stigmata / Velvet / Industrial / Helter Skelter" @ Park Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ]

Jan. 1 Sun - still partying 'til 4 AM at "New Year's Eve: Stigmata / Velvet / Industrial / Helter Skelter" @ Park Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ]

Jan. 14 Sat - my friends' band, Sisa's Veil 's* first gig @ Max's Restaurant, Artesia, CA
* Still without an official name, they played as "Saturday The 14th", then became "April's Fool", then finally settling with "Sisa's Veil"

Feb. 25 Sat - Dave, Gabe and Gary : Coffeehouse gig @ Cup of J, Pomona, CA

Mar. 15 Wed - "KROQ Free Concert" : Elastica @ Las Palmas Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - [ entry wristband ] [ photos ]
My friend Eric & I weren't supposed to get in anymore but they eventually gave out more "reserved" wristbands and we got in! After the show, we spotted two ex-Pixies, Joey Santiago (The Martinis) and David Lovering. also Pat Smear (Foo Fighters, ex-Nirvana tour sessionist, ex-Germs). I got his autograph!
[ Pat Smear autograph ]

Mar. 22 Wed - 3XDED / Brown Storm Satin * : Club gig @ Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood, CA
* Pinoy friends at Max's first gig in the LA scene

Apr. 4 Tue - Radiohead : In-store performance @ Tower Records, West Hollywood, CA. they didn't sign autographs anymore 'cuz they were already exhausted & they had to fly for England the next day. - [ flyer ] [ photos ] [ audio ]

Apr. 10 Mon - Duran Duran : In-store appearance @ The Wherehouse, Beverly Connection, West LA, CA. they signed for 2 hours only (6 - 8 PM). I didn't get to see them! - [ KROQ Duran Duran In-store Promo Sticker ]

Apr. 13 Thur - Siouxsie & the Banshees : Photo-shoot outside the Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA hours before their show later that evening. they took photos with the fans (including us!) for the cover of an upcoming single - [ photos ]
Update: I'm not even sure if this photo shoot came out officially

Sacrilicious : In-store performance @ Aron's Records, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Apr. 27 Thur - Our Lady Peace : KROQ Free Concert @ Tower Records-Alternative, The Lab, Costa Mesa, CA - [photos by Cynar Magno]
. I didn't go to this one!

May 6 Sat - "Skatefest '95: Banned From Orange County" (Day 1) @ Olympic Velodrome, Cal-State University-Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA
Main Stage: Sublime , Guttermouth , Social Distortion , face to face , No Doubt , The Vandals , Dance Hall Crashers , Fluf , The Joykiller , Excel , Unwritten Law , The Grabbers , Lidsville , F.Y.P.
2nd stage: Crash Kills
. a special guest appearance by Dexter Holland ( The Offspring ) during The Vandals' set. this event was originally called "Board In Orange County" & was supposed to be held at UC Irvine.
[ ad ] [ ticket ] [ program ]

May 7 Sun - "Skatefest '95: Board in South Bay" (Day 2): Bad Religion same venue as Day 1
Bad Religion drummer, Bobby Schayer , gave me his set list. I had to work all day that I missed all the bands except for Bad Religion. oh well!
[ ad ] [ ticket ] [ show program ] [ photos ] [ Bad Religion autographed set list ]

May 13 Sat - Weapon of Choice : "Artists For A Hate Free America" Free show (with: Lava Diva * / DCT * / Afreaka Nature * ) @ Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA - [ ad ] [ flyer ]
* I missed these acts!

Sisa's Veil 's first "impromptu/unofficial" (using this name) gig with Benjie, Andrew, Barnard & James.

May 15 Mon - I saw Mick Jones ( B.A.D. ex- The Clash ) at the Cinerama Dome, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. He came to see "Crimson Tide" (10:30 PM show).

May 29 Mon - The Stone Roses : "Second Coming" Tour @ Hollywood Palladium,* Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. This is the first ever (and only) Los Angeles show in their career! - [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ show schedule ]
* Originally booked at the John Anson Ford Theatre

June 8 Thur - My first ever homecoming trip to the Philippines in nearly 7 years!

June 10 Sat - Sisa's Veil @ "Fiesta Filipiniana" , Wagon Camp Stage (Stage 3), Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA. the first official gig!
[ video ]
. I was not at this gig though!

June 25 Sat - PBA Intermission * performance (lipsynch): Eraserheads & True Faith doing a cover of "Iskul Bukol" @ Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City, Philippines - [ ticket ]
* Basketball games, 1st: Ginebra vs Shell / 2nd: Alaska vs Sunkist

June 29 Thur - "Behold Thy Anarchy" @ Club Dredd, KM 19 EDSA, QC - [ venue schedule ] [ audio recording ]
Drastic Noise , Dying Accent , Screaming Beggars , Deceased , Dahong Palay , Public Menace , Violent Offenders , Chainsaw Abortion , Bangungot Ni Juan

July 5 Wed - I went to visit the "Rock & Rhythm" offices in Roces, QC & finally met BJ Cabaluna (editor)

July 6 Thur - Erectus / Loudwater : Club gig @ Club Dredd, KM 19 EDSA, QC - [ venue schedule ] [ photos ] [ audio recordings: Erectus / Loudwater ]

July 8 Sat - "NU 107 Pocket Concert #6" : Color It Red @ Isetann-Recto (Cinerama Plaza), Manila. It was stopped 'cuz there was a commotion between the crowd & security! - [ video ] [ audio recording ]

July 14 Fri - Tribal Fish / Keltscross / Mindrape : Club gig @ Club Dredd, KM 19 EDSA, QC. There was an unannounced, impromptu "all-star" blues jam featuring members of Eraserheads , Feet Like Fins & Tame The Tikbalang ). At that gig, I finally got to meet band manager Richard Tan (aka Ricky Tanco of Rock & Rhythm), along with Allan Montero ( Aspirin ), Robert Javier ( The Youth ) & Romel "Murak" Cagayon ( Sonnet LVIII , Dredd tech)
- [ videos: Tribal Fish / Keltscross ]

July 16 Sun - "Concert at the Park" : Mutiny @ Open-Air Auditorium, Rizal Park, Manila. I got to meet Andrew's cousin, Lawrence ( Mutiny drummer). the gig was somewhat plagued with "brownout" & rain
- [ video ]

Teeth : Club gig @ Mayric's, Manila. I got to meet Joseph "Erap" Carrasco of The Youth . Free admission courtesy of Richard Tan - [ video ]

July 17 Mon - Sonnet LVIII / Smashed Little Creatures / Detour : Club gig @ Club Dredd, KM 19 EDSA, Quezon City, Philippines
. Free admission courtesy of Romel Cajayon ( S58 bassist)
- [ venue calendar ] [ set list] / I have the master tape of their live recording. - [ download audio ]

July 25 Tue - The Youth : Club gig @ Mayric's, Manila. Free admission courtesy of Richard Tan - [ show schedule ] [ video ]

Aug. 4 Fri - I met up with Andrew's friend, Michelle Villanueva & she introduced me to George "Imbecile" Cruz ( G.I. & the Idiots ) & Jay Dimalanta ( Dead Ends )* at their work, Alta Power Productions, Inc., Makati. Both of them were gave me complimentary copies of their latest albums.
* sadly, Jay Dimalanta passed on in 1996. I remember him saying that one of his favorite punk bands was Bad Religion . I got him a Bad Religion postcard but I never got to send it! =(

Aug. 5 Sat - Flying back to America after 2 months of vacation

Aug. 12 Sat - Sisa's Veil 's first recording session @ Innersight Studios, Burbank, CA. They recorded "Confusion", "Uncertain Smile" & "Judas' Belt". Engineer was Ron Everett. Another session was held on the 15th.

Aug. 21 Mon - "Bianca's Hole" @ Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ]
Moonpools & Caterpillars, Candy Hateful , NY Loose, The Jon Easedale Project
* Tree of Love was canceled replaced by The Jon Easedale Project

Sept. 21 Thur - "KROQ Free Concert" : Seaweed @ Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood, CA

Oct. 6 Fri - The Charlatans UK (special guest: Menswear *) @ The American Legion Hall, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
- [ ad ] [ ticket ] [ photos ] [ autographs ]
* This was Menswear's first Los Angeles show!
. I got Menswear 's Johnny Dean & Chris Gentry's autographs as well as Eric Erlandson 's of Hole .

Oct. 16 Mon - "Bianca's Hole" Sideshow Party featuring: Goldfinger , The Lemons @ Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ]

Oct. 28 Sat - "Lokalpinoysila '95" @ FACLA Hall, Historic Filipino Town, Los Angeles, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ]
Featuring: Blatant Truth , PinkTable , Sisa's Veil , Mushroom , Signal 3
. Sisa's Veil released a 3-song promo cassette e.p. The first ever "mosh pit" in a pinoy music event happened here.

Nov. 18 Sat - Benjie & Allen's private birthday party: Sisa's Veil , PinkTable (plus an impromptu jam session) @ Marino's Private Club, Beverly Hills, CA

Dec. 1 Fri - KROQ "Free Food Friday" with Lightning @ Popeyes, Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 12 - 2 pm. I won a Jawbreaker "Dear You" cassette!

Dec. 14 Thur - "Pop Rocks" @ Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA - [ ad ] [ photos ]
The Shakes *, Atomic Boy , The Tories , Young Art , The Amys , Spanish Kitchen
* I missed this act Slip was canceled!

Dec. 15 Fri - Guitar Center grand opening with KROQ's Tami Heide, Brea, CA

Dec. 21 Thur - Love & Rockets : "The Big Ball of Confusion: A Very Special Unannounced Show" (Secret gig) @ Perversion, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
. Love & Rockets played at around 12:30 am for about an hour!
[ ad ] [ photos ]

Dec. 30 Sat - "Euro Manila Series 1.0" : Sisa's Veil & PinkTable @ Anjel's Club, Glendale, CA

An Invitation To Connect

After a few desperate messages sent from Dan, Wendy finally decided to answer. From there, the conversation surprisingly seemed to flow. Over the course of a few days, Wendy and Dan corresponded back and forth over Facebook getting to know one another.

Both Dan and Wendy were new to online romance, and so they both were a little unsure of where to take their conversation. After a few days of chatting, Dan decided to go for it and arrange a face-to-face meeting. He felt like a formal date would be a bit too much, so he decided to go a little more casual and invited her to a party at his apartment. There was just one slight problem with his plan.


They said small amounts of omega 3 are essential for good health – but these can be found in food and taking more than these tiny amounts do little to further improve health.

And taking too much may even reduce protective HDL cholesterol, they found, although evidence for this was limited. The main types of omega 3 fatty acids are alphalinolenic acid (ALA), which is found in nuts and seeds, and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are found in salmon and fish oils including cod liver oil.

The NHS advises that people should eat two portions of fish a week – including at least one of oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, because of its high levels of omega-3. Many people, however, do not eat oily fish and so choose supplements instead.

Around 100,000 people were trialled and only marginal differences were found among those who had taken the pills

The British Heart Foundation last night backed the study and urged people to focus on healthy food rather than pills.

But Dr Carrie Ruxton, from the industry-funded Health and Food Supplements Information Service, said: ‘Early studies of omega 3 fats, involving thousands of participants, found a protective benefit for the heart but in our highly medicalised age, where many older people are maintained on statins and blood pressure medication, it is much harder to pick up the modest effects of dietary change.

‘This doesn’t mean that it’s not worth taking omega 3s as we currently consume just half of the 400mg DHA and EPA a day recommended by nutrition experts…

‘Omega-3s are also used by the body to maintain the health of the eyes, immune function and brain.’

A £60million industry

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the functioning of the body, lowering fat levels in the blood, reducing blood pressure and stopping blood clots.

An estimated £60million is spent on omega 3 supplements in Britain every year – they are sold as capsules, pills and oils, available without a prescription in supermarkets, pharmacies and corner shops. Omega 3 types EPA and DHA are found in oily fish, such as salmon and another type, AHA, is found in nuts and seeds.

What Cass Elliot would look like now

No, Cass Elliot did not choke on a ham sandwich when she died, as has been popularly rumored. But if you&rsquore looking for an interesting tidbit about her death, consider that she and Keith Moon both died in the same room &mdash four years apart.

Getty Images / Sachs Media

Prior to her the opening of her solo career Elliot dropped from 300 to 200 pounds, then gained another 50 back. The fluctuation must&rsquove been hard on her heart, and as you can see, she kept a bit of her weight on in her later years. Her smile still shows through, and you can almost hear her laugh reach through the photo.

Watch the video: BOB MARLEY SPEAKING ABOUT MARIJUANA + Extra Footage (May 2022).